Friday, June 3, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #22

Let's jump right into...

How to Behave at the Airport  (I can assure you people need a refresher course.  We saw the worst of the worst recently.)

7 reasons one doctor stopped eating tilapia  (I didn't eat it much in the first place but yeah, definitely not now)

10 Trader Joe’s Beauty Products You Have to Try  (I can vouch for many of these but definitely want to try the rest of them)

At a Desk All Day? 6 Ways to Increase Your Physical Activity  (Guilty)

Psychologists Reveal One Of The Best Ways To Boost Your Mood  (Makes sense)

Everything You Need To Know To Beat Jet Lag  (We're in the final throes and I can't tell you how horrible it is)

What Is Arrowroot Powder, and Why Is It in My Food?  (Always wondered about subbing this for cornstarch.  Good to note on dairy though!)

4 Things I’d Never Know About Food If I Hadn’t Worked on a Farm  (Really interesting perspective)

Foods to Eat and Avoid for a Good Night's Sleep  (Bring on the nanas!)

The Rock's Emotional Story About Meeting a Fan With Special Needs Proves His Heart Is Just as Big as His Biceps  (Such a sweetheart)

Your Body Wants More Of These Anti-Inflammatory Foods  (Will do)

Kristen Bell: I’m Over Staying Silent About Depression  (It sucks, that's for sure)

Instagram's Latest Star Is an Extremely Well-Dressed Bunny  (Sooo cute!)

Well today I get to meet my new gynie since they had to reschedule me.  Thanks so much for upping my appointment so I've got about 20 lbs of malasada, sodium and stress bloat still hanging on me.  I can only hope to be normal weight by next visit...if I like her.

If not, I'm scooping my own ovaries out and then just not caring about the whole regular period/birth control thing and I'll be good to go.  Did I mention since the unnecessary callback mammogram and the airline hopping including an unnecessary scan due to a cancelled flight, I've been radiated by machines SEVEN TIMES in 5 1/2 months?  It's a wonder I'm not crapping glow worms.  Sorry.  As you can see, I probably shouldn't have written this after getting screwed by Budget, American Airlines and my doctors office.

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. No better way to get back into my routine than to have your Friday links available to me when I'm working!

  2. Oy, the dreaded doctor appointment. I so hope you like her and she's a great communicator. When you mentioned your mammogram it reminded me I need to make my appointment as well. I'm behind on mine but was told not to go during recovery from surgery. Now that's done with, so I need to hop on this.

    Not sure of the plans for this weekend other than house stuff. I'm in a packing and pitching mood so hopefully I'll stay motivated to keep doing that. I may meet up with a friend for breakfast on Sunday morning. I got the laundry done yesterday and my kitchen is still looking good so those are two big things I don't have to worry about. I'll send you pics of the cabinet.

  3. Thanks for all the good links. I love The Rock! And I couldn't agree with you more - I hate American Airlines. They left us for dead at Dallas last year and I vowed to never fly them again! Sorry your trip was spoiled. I was following you on Instagram and thought "those lucky ducks..." Oh, and thanks for the laugh - "crapping glow worms"! Enjoy your weekend!


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