Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A little appreciation

It was interesting.  Yesterday the Mr had to take a communication class at his job.  A bunch of other people from different parts of the same company that he doesn't always have direct contact with were in attendance.  The Mr wasn't particularly jazzed but any day not behind a desk is a good day.

It was like any class, the people who knew each other all came in and sat together.  After about 10 minutes of introductions and such, the teacher made everyone switch and sit next to strangers and that would be your partner for the day.  He was with a guy that he sometimes worked with but hadn't really talked to in about 2 years due to groups getting moved.  Apparently when he introduced himself, the guy's face lit up and was like "oh my gosh, you help us with so much!"  As usual, the Mr's reputation preceded him as it has at every job.   They had to talk about situations they wanted to change, how they would approach them, etc.

At the end, everyone was asked to write something they appreciated about each person in class whether it was something they learned that day or from their previous knowledge of the person.  The Mr got many nice notes like "supportive" and other things but the one that he kept and brought home to show me was one that was kind of for both of us.  He was in class with a woman that we sold my beloved car to 3 years ago.  Because I work from home, it never got run as much as it needed to and the batteries would constantly die but it was always fine as long as it was consistently driven.  We got a new battery a few months prior and replaced the cloudy headlights.  The Mr detailed it and I kept it pretty spotless so even 12 years later, that baby looked brand new.  When a local place that buys cars gave us an insulting price for her (she had 20,000 original miles), the Mr told a few people at work that we were looking to sell it if they knew of anyone.  Within a few days, a co-worker talked to him about it, we sent her pics and she was getting a loan so her daughter could have her first car.  She would say anytime she saw him how much she loved the car and wanted it for herself.  She did drive it that first year as her daughter only had her learners permit.  But then when it was truly hers, she loved it and still does.

We happened to see a car that looked exactly like it "in the wild" over the weekend and it was pristine, the girl was the same age the new owner would be, the dealer matched on the back and when we passed it, it had clear headlights.  I knew it was my baby!  When he saw the co-worker in the class, he asked if she had a particular license plate frame on it and she said yes and confirmed it was indeed my old car.  I was so happy to see it because I truly loved that car and I loved that she loved it as much as I did.  I was happy it got to be someone's first car that would truly have good stories to tell.  Now it's about to head south with the daughter as she heads off to college.  So that sighting, in a place we very rarely are, was meant to be and my last goodbye to it because I knew when I saw it that was it.

Back to the class.

The co-worker's note to the Mr, as far as what she appreciated about him, was "trusting in me for the car purchase."  They didn't really know each other before that transaction and it does take a certain amount of trust to sell a car to someone.  Thankfully it could not have gone smoother and we know it has a good home.  It was nice to have someone appreciate you took a chance on them and were all the better for it.

What has someone told you they appreciate about you that has meant a lot to you?

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  1. Yes it was definitely one of those classes that makes you think. But ultimately it was nice to get that note and I'm glad we did sell the car to the right people. Also glad we got to see it once more before it heads south!

  2. Aw, what a great story! I recently got a letter from a girl I sponsor in another country and she's just as cute as a button. She appreciates the letters I send and the stickers and bookmarks and says the letters help her to remember that God loves her. That always makes me feel good.


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