Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Polka went to Paris

Many of you may remember that in September the Mr surprised me with a trip to Sharon Springs, NY to go to the Harvest Festival and tour the Beekman Farm.  If you ever watched The Fabulous Beekman Boys, you knew of their drama llama, Polka Spot.  I used to laugh when they'd call her a diva, thinking it was just a term coined for TV.  When we got to see her in action though, she did truly have a presence.  It was a sight to see.

Polka Spot was figuratively and literally above the goats she surveyed
Sadly, yesterday Brent and Josh announced that after a short illness, Polka Spot "went to Paris."

She could not have lived a more glamorous life and I'm sure she felt the love from the people even if she wasn't quite a people person herself.  I remember when she came into the barn, several people going to the fence to snap pics and fawning over her.  She was having none of it.  She kept her distance but didn't mind the attention.  I was so sad to hear this news but so glad that we went for that long weekend last year so it wasn't an opportunity missed.

The Beekman site has been flooded with people sharing their own stories of meeting her and just a general outpouring of love.  In these times where so much violence and stupidity are highlighted and thrust in our faces, it's nice to see that one animal is mourned for just unapologetically being themselves.  We could all take a lesson from that.

Have fun in Paris,'ll be missed back home.

Has a non-traditional animal made an impact in your life?

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  1. It's a shame that Polka didn't get a long life but for a llama it was definitely a life in the spotlight and I think that was fitting. It's true that we both thought that whole thing about her being a diva was just something they made up on their TV show, but once we saw her in person there was no denying that she had that heir about her. Have fun in Paris Polka Spot!

  2. What an incredible story. And I love how they say she "went to Paris". That's such a cool way to frame it in your mind to ease the pain. I am more affected emotionally by animal stories than anything else. I think it's because of their innocence and unconditional emotions that really make my heart bleed. I'm such a goof that every time I see road kill I say a prayer that that animal/bird/etc., is in heaven now. And on some of these roads, that's a lot of praying! Thanks for sharing this and I'm thrilled they are getting such an outpouring of love. That will bring some good healing to them.

  3. No "non-traditional" animals, but so many dogs and cats have left their paw-prints on my heart over the years. For a time after we lost our last (of 3) Maltese dogs a few years ago, we had no pets. It was a quiet time at our house after so many years of always having a pet, and eventually my son talked me into a Bulldog. He paid for her, she was his dog, but hubs and I fell in love with Lola too. When we lost her after she got hit by a car (due to my own carelessness-I will never forgive myself) we were devastated, so son generously paid for another Bulldog puppy. Juno came into our lives almost three years ago and has become our daughter, we love her dearly, and after the sudden accidental loss of our first bulldog, we are overly protective of her. She went on vacation with us to Yellowstone a few weeks ago, we couldn't bear to leave her with anyone, and who would we trust? I'm glad Miss Polka Spot had such a great life and is now enjoying herself in "Paris."


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