Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Productivity and when is Fall again?

Yesterday was a pretty productive day.

I decided to put my money where my mouth was and do some prep for dinner.  I made turkey meatballs for the spaghetti I was going to make later.  So I used half for the meatballs and the other half I fried up some burgers for us to have for lunch today.  I took the leftover homemade baked beans I had and divided them up and ran 'em through the Food Saver.  I bought 4 ears of corn and baked them up and put one through the Food Saver and I need to grab the other two and seal those up too.  That way if we get a hankerin' for cookout food, I won't be burdened with having to deal with two pain in the rump dishes.  (I roast my corn in the husk turning it every 10 minutes so it's one of those things that needs babysat.)  Today I'll put together the spices and coating for my ahi fillets then I will have it ready to roll after our workout.  If we're lucky, we can squeeze it in earlier.  I think it's not supposed to be gross hot like it was yesterday.  If any of you saw Facebook, you know I'm not down with gross hotness of summer...

Last summer was awesome.  It rained a lot and then people complained we only had like 3-4 90+ degree days.  We've already beaten that.  I think last year was an El Nino year or something.  Does that mean that this weather pattern is supposed to be normal for Fall and Winter because I'd really love some snow where we're going for Christmas.  (Or just in general.  Using the snowshoes once a season really just sucks.)

I got in my 2 bottles of water and today should be an awesome food day and I need to decide what kind of strength we're going to do.  Definitely upper body because after kettlebells the other day, I was practically crippled yesterday.  We had to give each other butt massages before we could even start our workout!

Then we popped in Six Feet Under  (affiliate link) and watched a few episodes.  We're nearing the end of Lisa's time with us...thank God.  Though I must say, as usual, I find myself able to see other people's points of view again this time.  Oddly it is the people who irritated me the most on the show.  It's not that I agree with them but I can see their side on a few things where I dismissed them in the past.  Sadly, I can also relate to characters in ways I wish I didn't.  I guess in some way, we're all a member of the Fisher family to a degree.  There's a whole blog post in that, I'm sure.  If you haven't watched it yet, Amazon Prime that bad boy.  Life changer and not just in the first viewing but every subsequent viewing.

Here's to hoping my butt muscles have magically realigned overnight and walking won't have me looking like Quasimoto.

Have you been productive lately?

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  1. The spaghetti was a nice surprise and very yummy. I am glad you are doing some premade meals so you don't always have to do so much, especially after a workout, to get a meal together every night. Plus it's always kind of nice to get a surprise revisit from something you made awhile back that still tastes amazing because it's been sealed up properly and frozen.

  2. Not as productive here as I'd like. I need to do a better job of tackling chunks of my big projects so I don't end up scrambling to last 2 weeks of summer.

    It's predicted to be 105 here today. What fun.

  3. I haven't been too productive lately - even though it has been unseasonably cool this spring/summer. We are restoring two rocking chairs for our front porch. One is almost done...hope we get the other one done soon as it looks weird to have one brown and one white! Working full time leaves me totally drained by the weekends. I, too, love Fall and can't wait for apple-picking season!

  4. I have been pretty productively lately and I find that if I pace myself, I actually finish tasks in a much calmer mood and don't sweat the small stuff as much. And I've gotten better about tackling the things I really don't want to do first. When I get those done in the morning, everything else feels like a breeze and my mood instantly skyrockets to give me energy for the afternoon stuff.

    Fall is the BEST time of year. I have never been a summer person, not even as a kid. I guess if I had a pool in my backyard I'd feel differently, but anything above 85 degrees and I'm indoors. To me high 60's and low 70's are the perfect temps.


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