Thursday, June 30, 2016

A walk in the wasn't

 Howdy do, all.

Thursday already, eh?  This week is flying by.  Between hard paddling conditions in general and a rescue mission, my body was already feeling it when I went to bed that night.  Yesterday, I could barely move.  My shoulders were both shot, which is to be expected but given the shoulder injury history, I was worried.  I didn't feel like I re-injured since I could feel the pain in the "compensatory muscle" as the doc would say but I was super aware.  I iced when we got home as well as yesterday to try to keep things less inflamed.  Honestly though, the only way I could not be inflamed after that is to be in an ice bath for 20 minutes like football players.

I knew a regular workout wasn't going to be possible for me since I seemed to be in more pain than the Mr, so a walk in the park, it was.

Too bad a walk in the park didn't feel like the phrase and how it eludes that it's somehow easy.  I talked about how that trail was harder when we got back from our trip and I expected it to be much easier going into the end of the third week of "regular" workouts.  Nope.  It was actually harder for both of us.  I'm going to chalk it up to the soreness of the paddling because I just can't believe we've made NO progress on stamina in that time.

We stopped by the video store and got Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Grandma. (affiliate links) I didn't realize WTF was a dramedy.  I'm not a huge Tina Fey fan but I thought she was outstanding in it.  Grandma was good as well but I love anything Lily Tomlin is in.

I'll be honest, I was dying to order a pizza.  Two movies, an aching, defiant body...who the hell wants to stand there and cook for 20-30 minutes??  I almost had us talked into mini English muffin pizzas and even checked the tracker to see what it would do to the numbers.  Totally would've fit.  But I made what was on the menu...

Mahi fish tacos and asparagus.  It wasn't too painful to prepare but switching it out would've taken away a lot of protein and I felt like maybe my muscles needed a little extra.  Sigh...damn you conscience.  No, actually thank you conscience.  Old me would've said eff it.

Did I mention we're paddling again tonight?  Yep.  My aunt asked if we could teach her and given she's a caregiver not just for grandma but her MIL too, I figured if anyone needs a relaxing hobby, it's her.  I was going to offer lessons but she beat me to it and I'm very happy about that.  So I pray that I'm feeling a little more recovered today.  We're going to a no wake zone where it's more shallow so there shouldn't be a 30 foot deep splash pit to worry about this time.  You can bet I'm watching the weather/wind like a hawk too.  (Insert hawk cry)

Happy last day of June!

Rented any good movies lately?

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  1. I was disheartened about how I felt on that walk too. I thought we had made some progress already but definitely not there yet. Paddling will help a lot though!

  2. Oh man you guys really took a beating. I had a similar feeling from Tuesday when I cut the lawn. Felt great afterwards, but by nighttime I was stiff and sore, which I kind of expected. Well, yesterday I STILL felt incredibly sore, kind of weak, and just all over aches and pains. How sad when all I did was push a self-propelled machine for an hour and twenty minutes. It's not like I was landscaping the yard for pete's sake.

    I hope you feel better today and enjoying the time with your aunt. Let's hope for water so calm you can see to the bottom! =o)


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