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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yellow river by I P Freely and scaling back

Happy Tuesday all!

As much as I love being hydrated, holy God did I wear a hole in the carpet going to the bathroom.  Not just up and down the stairs to wee all day yesterday but I was up every hour on the hour the night before so I made it so that I got most of my water in during the day.  I wanted to keep up the three water bottles worth I started on Saturday since it helped my middle sinuses not feel like the Mohave Desert.  I had a goal of "3 by 4" or three 36-oz bottles down by 4pm and I hit it.  108 sloshy ounces by 4pm and then filled it halfway for workout time so I had that down by 7:45pm so 126 ounces of pure water for the day and some tea with dinner.  I'm surprised my teeth weren't floating.

We had a nice talk before our workout.  My front tendon is back to tingle mode after last week and I was feelin' a little womp womp.  Then we started talking about things and how he was glad I put my foot down about Sundays.  He said he didn't even realize we'd gotten a sub the previous three weekends.  When we were at the grocery store I was eyeing the Butterfinger peanut butter cups that I couldn't find the day before on high cal day.  The Mr said I could get them and we could split them.  I said no, I didn't find them on the right day so I was out of luck.  I was kind of proud of myself but I couldn't let myself down on the first day of saying I'm going to watch it on Sundays.  (Don't get me wrong, many a stint started that way...failing on day one.  This wasn't going to happen this time.)

We think it might be time to mess around with portions again.  Our portions aren't really out of whack but if you look at our dinner from last night, the potatoes are two servings from the bag.

Now I gave him more than I gave myself so I'd say maybe cut the potato serving by 1/4 to 1/3 and it'd be a serving.  While we might boo hoo a little at first, it will force us to slow down and chew our food more thoroughly to make it last longer.  This is the strategy that worked for us in the beginning and while our portions are certainly way better, we just want to see if this will work to help things along.  Like on the weekends, we were told by a nutritionist that splitting a medium pizza was perfectly fine and would fit into a high cal meal nicely.  We've gotten used to that serving and honestly, it's probably too much for where we are now.  We're going to scale back to a small (not personal sized) and see how that goes.

So it's time to tweak the portions and see where that takes us.  We're ready.

How much pure water do you get in every day?  Do you think your portion sizes are in line with your weight goals?

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  1. I think we're finally on the right track with this. Sometimes you have to get real with yourself and even though we might have cut our portions in half (if not more) when we were at full capacity, it seems like if we want to get back on that weight loss train it's going to take a similar change again. However I want it to be clear, our portions aren't necessarily out of control, it's just that they are spot on for maintaining weight at this point. But we don't necessarily wish to maintain a weight that is still obese and that is why it is time to get the portion slashing going again. It won't be easy at times but I think if we both stay committed to it we'll be successful.

    1. No, our portions are definitely not out of control especially Sun-Friday. Saturday could use some help which we've discussed but we'll give this a go and see if we can scoot things in the right direction.

  2. My water is more a product of the water bottles I have than any real plan. I have a 32 ounce bottle, and 30 ounce bottle, and a 20 ounce tumbler with a straw. So that gives me 82 ounces by the end of the workday, and then more when i work out. I'm working on cutting portions, some meals are easier than others. With this wicked cold/flu/malaria thing I've got going right now I don't think portion control will be a problem for a few days. Choking down enough food to survive may be.

    1. That's a good plan, especially when you don't have to think about it, you just grab and drink. I hope you feel better soon and make sure you're eating enough to help that bod heal.

  3. I drink one gallon of water a day, except on weekends when I tend to really slack off. I find that I cannot drink really cold water, either. I like it cool or room temperature because it's easier to drink that way for me. Portion control is my issue more than anything else. My brain and eyes have been trained from years of overindulging that portion sizes are about 2-3 times what they should be. My brain refuses to acknowledge that a 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes or pasta is a true serving size. That's like two spoonfuls for my mouth! LOL Retraining my brain has been my mission this year so far. When I can overdue it even on vegetables, that's a problem.

    1. I'm getting there gallon wise and man is it weird. But I know I need to keep it up, I can't keep dehydrating myself just because I don't feel like drinking water. My body needs it, period.

      I don't know if you eat much pasta anymore, I thought you said you cut back but the half whole wheat pasta and half zucchini julienne sliced on the mandoline was AMAZING. I'm not saying replace all pasta with zucchini because it's not the same but it helps bulk it up and is only 3 calories vs. 210.


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