Tuesday, March 31, 2015

End of month report card

Okay so it's time for our report card on how our first month on our new plan has gone.


I've gotten in a gallon of water a day without fail except for the day we visited his brother because I don't drink on the road.  My bladder can't handle that and I'm weird about where I wee.  But from a girl who could barely get one water bottle down a day, three a day is some kind of miracle.


We've stuck with our 6 days a week unless we needed a rest day or now that I think about it we did skip the day we saw his brother.  So, wah wah.  But five days a week for sure for two of the weeks and six days the other two weeks.  Typical workout burned 450 calories.


My average over six days was 1600.

Weight lost:

The Mr: 9 lbs
Me: 11 lbs

Yeah, ain't no arguing with that.  We'll keep on, keepin' on and hope this month keeps following suit!

How was your March goal wise?

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  1. I think we definitely cracked the code to getting out of an ultra-long plateau and that is awesome. The nice thing is that even with a calorie deficit I am not hungry at all. I still feel like the food I eat is filling me up and a lot of that has to do with eating slower and all the water we drink too. Here's to a great April!

    1. I hope so! I'm amazed how full I get when I take a bite, then a drink of water, then another bite. We'll definitely have to implement that when we go on vacations.

  2. That's great that the new plan is working!! I have to agree about the more water is better, somewhat unfortunately because I also have a difficult time getting in the water.

    I've been diligent about honestly logging what I'm eating and now that I've recovered from injury/pain my activity level is much higher. Results are showing on the scale because of my efforts!

    Thanks for sharing what works for you! For the next month I'm going to make an effort to increase the water intake, but not so much on car trip days.

    1. I hate water but I know I have to drink it and in mass quatities.

      Congrats on the weight loss! I'll be drinking my water right along with you!

  3. Congratulations! That is AWESOME!!!! Wahooo!!!!!


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