Monday, March 16, 2015

Restocking, visiting and sucked in again

Happy Monday all!

Saturday's weigh in went well.  I lost 3 pounds and the Mr lost 2 pounds respectively.

We were very happy with that and know that we're on the right track.  My water suffered slightly over the weekend but not by much.  We did really well on our high cal day too.

It was time to pull the Christmas stuff off of the dog's graves now that the weather finally broke, so we did that and since it was close to my mom's place, we stopped by and visited for a few hours.  We left just before my aunt came so we didn't end up there all night visiting more but we'll be seeing the whole family for Easter so we didn't give her the cold shoulder.  That way they could get to their crafting and we could get to whatever we wanted to do.  I had to restock on some spices...ground ginger and berbere.  Then we made it our mission to find this park we always passed off the freeway and finally found it and walked the lake for about 20 minutes.  We'll definitely be going back and it's always nice to find a new place to stretch the legs.

Sunday we slept in and I made brunch then it was off to do our workout with a walk in the historic district.  We had to grab some fruits and veggies for the coming week at the store and a Target run.  I realized like half the stuff in our linen closet was expired so they needed to be replaced.  We had some work to get done and I'll tell ya ever since the time change, the night's seem to get sucked down pretty quick.  I'm used to it being darker sooner and my body is still set to that so when I see it's 7pm and it's light out, I feel totally off.  I know it'll only get worse as the days get longer.  Then it feels like it's sunset and then bedtime.  I think I might be the only person who likes it getting darker earlier.  (Like 6:30pm, not 5pm)

I made zucchini/whole wheat pasta for dinner and then got sucked into Beachfront Bargains or something like that.  I don't understand how that happens.  Four shows pass and boom...9pm.  I'm not interested in the Dominican Republic as a place to live yet there I am caring about what house these people pick.  *shaking head*

Now it's on to this week and hoping the downward trend continues where the weight is concerned!

What shows suck you into marathons before you know it?  What goals do you want to reach this week?

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  1. Those shows do reel you in, they are designed for that. Of course the one on Bar Harbor was really awesome to see after being there. That is a great place but I can only imagine the brutal winter they've had this year.

    1. Yes they are. It was nice to see Bar Harbor again and I couldn't help but tear up a little. I wonder how those people were enjoying "island living" after getting walloped storm after storm this winter as well. I hope they had the cords of wood ready like we saw people stocking up on in October!

  2. I can totally get sucked into those kinds of shows too. They're just fast-paced and pretty, and next thing I know the evening's gone.

    I agree with you wanting to to get dark earlier. I'm not a fan of full dark at 5, but 6-6:30 would be good for me. I'm guessing the universe isn't going to work to our recommendations though.

    1. It's like if you make it in the door of the first house, you're a goner. You can't go past the description of what the people want or you might as well kiss a few hours goodbye! HA!

      Well, there are a few states that don't observe daylight savings time so we could move there. Hawaii is one of 'em! :-D

  3. I hear you about getting sucked in the house shows! I find myself being very drawn to House Hunters International (I do NOT like the regular House Hunters one though...way too whiney) and recently I've gotten hooked on Buying Alaska. Those prices just blow me away!

    This week my goal is to get to the park with the dogs 5 days (did Sunday, then Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat). I did 4 days last week and lowered my time around the path with the dogs by 5 minutes by Saturday's trek. And my hips felt better every outing as well.

    1. Those shows are the devil...especially when you play them in a row!

      I'm so glad your hips are feeling better and doggie time is a plus! Don't forget to roll your feet afterward! :-)

    2. I just watched 2 straight hours of Buying Alaska! I couldn't help myself... =o)


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