Monday, March 30, 2015

Damn hipsters, weigh in and Easter pickin's

Monday, you saucy wench, you arrive entirely too soon for my liking.

Weigh in went well.  I was down 1 pound and the Mr was down two.  I will take that given we had our high cal day seep into this week (Sunday) and didn't exercise that day.

I was craving a burger for most of the week and when we got to the place we decided on, the restaurant was about 75% empty.  Most of their tables are normal sized chairs but six seaters (why?) and then two seaters are those horrible bar height chairs or at the bar.  We've had no problem getting seated at the low chairs when we ask to be.  The swill sucking witch hostess refused to seat us at anything but a bar height chair because they only had six seaters in the low chairs.  Um, yes.  I know this and we've sat at them before so what is your major malfunction?  She put the menus down like 'take it or leave it.'  We left it.  I said "let's go!" and walked out.  I was pissed because I had my mouth set on that burger and splitting their fries all week.  I'm sorry, I'm not going to sit there for an hour with my chunky legs dangling into oblivion whilst they take their sweet time with our food when it was an hour before the lunch rush.  We would've been out of there by the time people with more than two in their party would've flooded in.  Damn hipsters.  You can take your stained wood, industrial pipes and shove 'em square up your...oh, did I mention it's now the week before Aunt Flo arrives so yeah, I'm a little more hostile in my retelling.  Go elsewhere if you want unicorns this week.

So we went to this froofy place we wanted to try and when we saw they had a burger on the menu, I was sold.  So I got that and the Mr got their meatloaf.  We were going to split but as soon as he tasted the meatloaf he knew I wouldn't like it.  He was right.  It was heavy on sausage and the ol' pipes get less than thrilled with ground sausage.  Sorry...I know you wanted to know that.  Hee hee.  I tasted it but wouldn't get it.  I enjoyed my burger, what I could eat of it and the fries were those gross shoestring fries with no taste so I didn't eat too many of those.  But taking our business where it was appreciated was more important.

We walked the mall and the Mr picked up a shirt at Eddie Bauer.  I made my usual pilgrimage to Sur La Table and Anthropologie.  I'm a little irritated at how clothing-centric Anthro has become.  I miss their vast array of dishes and soaps/lotions.  It's at all of them too.  Of course it doesn't make me feel much better that I can't shop there at my size but even if I could, they are so ridiculously expensive that I just can't justify anything.  $80 for a tank top?  Pssht!  I don't think so.

Then we made a Target run and decided on the way home we'd better get our Easter candy since it's next weekend.  I usually get one of those 4 packs of Cadbury eggs but their quality has gone down along with their size the past few years and I'm not feeling as loyal to them.  A shame but probably better for my waistline that I only got two.  Give me those and a few Reese eggs, and I'm good to go.  What is it about Reese in the shape of whatever holiday it is that makes you HAVE to have it.  At least we do.  Eggs, pumpkins and trees.  We're all over 'em.  The only one that hasn't hooked us are those hearts because those look like a serious ripoff for the same calories.  They had some live band in there singing and they did Blurred Lines.  As I was jamming out, they began to sing different guessed it, it was "Got to Give It Up."  Gee, no mystery whose side they're on in the lawsuit.  I thought it was seriously disrespectful and almost walked up to give the singer a nut shot but decided he wasn't worth the jail time.  I bet you can guess whose side of the lawsuit I was on.  Then it was back home to work on some videos.

Sunday was pretty laid back for the most part and then we did our fruit and veggie refill for the week.  Exercise was stretching because Shaun T's 25 minute cardio really threw my legs for a loop and they needed to limber up.  My hips and IT band were so tight.  Ugh.  Then we had sloppy joe (with white ground turkey breast) and a sweet potato for dinner while the wind howled.  Spring doth laugh at us.

Oh yeah and I'm going to kick someone at CBS in the gonads if they don't stop making 60 Minutes start late and screw up my recording of Madame Secretary.  DVR's can't compensate you imbecile! you were.

That's about it on this end!

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. Every weekend goes by too fast. We did get some good stuff taken care of though so it's all good. Can't wait to eat some Easter goodies next weekend!

  2. My husband feels the same about Reese's. I do think he likes the Easter eggs the best, though.

    I am seriously annoyed with CBS too. Why does basketball run over anyway? I need to watch Madame Secretary and The Good Wife and be in bed at 10. I didn't make it last night (to bed by 10 that is).

    1. Yeah it's a toss up between the eggs and trees for me even though both have shrunk over the past few years.

      Oh I wish it was basketball time only. They were good for a while but sometimes for no apparent reason, it will be late and the heated screaming match at the TV begins. :-)

  3. Good for you on leaving the restaurant. I think I might have let the manager know what happened before leaving or even a phone call later. That kind of treatment is uncalled for. The swill sucking wench needs a good reprimand. By the that name...made me laugh.

    I prefer the shaped Reese's too. I always thought I was weird for that. Glad to see I am not alone. ;-) For me I think they have a softer texture and I think that is why I prefer them. I want one. lol

    1. Oh I Yelped them hard today so who knows, the manager could still get a hold of me. Like that name? She deserved it. She is the face of this establishment, they need to know she's turning people away that were semi-regulars.

      I keep seeing that huge ass Reese Egg that's like 2000 calories and I cringe but then I daydream too.

    2. Good!

      I've seen those in the store but I had no idea it had that many calories. Wow!

      Btw...I forgot to say earlier congrats to both of you on the continued weight loss! *high five* Do you mind my asking how much overall you have lost now?

    3. Way to go Idaho!! =^)

      (little Toy Story reference we use around here a lot lol)

  4. I'm totally with you on the Reese's holiday shapes (except the hearts) and the lacking quality of today's Cadbury eggs. I could see saving the 6 seaters if the restaurant was full, but well before the rush and mostly empty there's just no excuse.

    Didn't do much around here this weekend. Home from work with a sick kiddo today. We played Monopoly so that was fun.

    1. Hooray for falling for holiday shapes! :-) Yeah, there were literally 3 tables with people at them and the rest of the people were crowded around the bar.

      Hope the little guy feels better soon!

  5. It was a very relaxing weekend for me with a great meeting Saturday morning, bills paid, tax refund deposited, and laundry done early. Even managed to wash the sheets and towels and snuck in a lovely nap. I also finished a book, so I was glad to put that away. The weather was sketchy, but it was back into the high 60's today, so that was nice.

    1. I'm so glad you finally got the chance to relax and enjoy! You deserve it!


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