Monday, March 2, 2015

Compounding the damage and shovel fight

I wish I had some big ol exciting update from the weekend but we stayed mostly house bound.

I started out the weekend with a three pound gain.  Yep.  I know it was not the way I ate or my exercise because that was spot on.  (Didn't stop me from yelling "are you &%*ing kidding me!?" when I weighed in)  My legs and fingers were totally bloated for half the week so I wasn't exactly expecting a loss but it could've been a number of things.  I'm still on the nasal steroid, week three at that point.  Now I know you say, "you can't gain weight from nasal steroids, says so in the insert."  I know.  Tell that to every diet board out there that has people screaming at each other on both sides of the coin.  Then we thought maybe my sinus problem was more allergy related so I got a generic of a popular antihistamine.  I took it for 3 days and had all kinds of weird crap going on from abdominal cramps to uh...bathroom issues.  Oh I'll just say it, diarrhea to the point of ass powder by the time I was done, okay?  Then I did a little look up to make sure antihistamines didn't cause weight gain given how totally bloated I was on all three days and of course the one I chose has the highest percentage of that happening.  But then you'll have people yelling on both sides of the coin on that one too.  I seriously paid for my snowshoeing last weekend.  I knew the whole time I was walking that my arches were just screwed.  The Mr was too.  I didn't think much of it and then we racked up all of this insane exercise that didn't seem like much at the time but when it ends with you being awakened in the middle of Sunday morning by two screaming arches contorted in pain, then you tend to think perhaps you piled it on a bit much.  Oh yeah and then I basically dehydrated myself all week by getting in 40 oz of water every day and somehow thinking that was good.  You know how muscles need water to help repair themselves and such?  Jackass.  So I'm not too worried but I was still ticked at the time.

I thought it was supposed to rain and then looked out the window Sunday morning and there was snow everywhere.  Because we're weirdos, we fought over who got to shovel for cardio.


That is what my life has comes down to...wrestling my husband over the shovel.

I burned 450 calories in 30 minutes.  Yes please.

The most excitement I had was the breakfast I made for Sunday brunch:

I know, it looks like a buttload of food but we skipped breakfast so we could have this 600 calorie dream.  (Which if split would've been 300 cals for breakfast and 300 cals for lunch so neener neener.)  Speaking of 300 calories, that's how much I saved if I had something similar in a restaurant and lots more fat and sodium.  French toast made with Nickel's wheat 35 calorie per slice bread, dipped in egg whites sprinkled with banana slices, a serving of light syrup and two chicken apple sausages.  The Mr said it reminded him of a restaurant we ate at in Carmel.  Score!

I nipped a really bad habit we were getting into the past three weekends in the bud.  We were getting a healthy-ish lunch out like Subway or another sub place on wheat with as little as possible on it, within 50 calories of Subway.  Point is, we don't need Subway's or any other restaurants sodium laden crap.  At least with what we ate at home, I know all the ingredients that went into it and the sodium and fat are way lower.  I drank 120 ounces of water so staying at home was pretty much mandatory or I would've wee'd myself.  Well, we did go to the grocery store to refuel on fruits and veggies for the week but I was doing the urination dance by the time we got home.

Ooh, Safety Dance is on!  Gotta go!

*shakin' booty*

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. The weight gain definitely sucks but I am hoping it's one of those fluctuations that, in the scheme of things, resolves itself out when you pick up on the water again. Who'd have thought we would need 2 shovels, huh?

    1. It'd better. My legs feel even worse today from shoveling yesterday. I swear I just can't win!

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious and the mental picture of you wrestling the Mr for the chance to shovel literally made me laugh out loud. I thought of you this weekend because I was in Chicago for a girl's weekend. I love that city!! Have a great week!

    1. I hope you guys had a great time in Chicago! I love that city too!

  3. I had a laid back weekend too after a meeting Saturday morning and running a few simple errands. Did grocery shop yesterday, but I was in serious need of recovery time from last week, so I took it easy. I did wear my ankle compression braces and that make a huge difference with the pain. My legs were fatigued, but my ankles felt fine. I think just having that wee bit of stabilization helped tremendously. I did a load of laundry, washed dishes, paid bills and went through paperwork, and that's it. Read a book from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed my "quiet time".

    1. I'm glad you mentioned your compression braces because it just reminded me to slip mine on for my calves. I'm glad you got some quiet time, you deserve it!


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