Friday, March 6, 2015

Radiation Friday and what I'm reading this week

Tis Friday again!  Man, the way the weeks fly by really scares me sometimes.

If you're reading this early, I'm probably in getting a CT scan of my sinuses right now.  Yay radiation?  So I've officially been on nasal steroids for a month.  I'm looking forward to hopefully getting off of them.  I'm tired of having a dry crusty nose and the occasional headache with them.  I think I *may* have figured out that I'm allergic to our detergent so I've got some hypoallergenic detergent and dryer sheets coming tomorrow and I'm going to re-wash everything.  I noticed the morning after I slept on freshly laundered sheets I was more stuffy (and we even have a new air purifier in the bedroom) and when I stuck on a shirt with heavy scent on it from the laundry, my skin itched.  I think I may have other allergies too but I'm starting with that one first because if I wipe my freshly washed hands on a towel, then wipe my eyes and that makes my eyes itch then that could explain a lot.  I think I had something else but as the nasal steroids made my smell and taste come back, I noticed a major flare up in allergies with itchy eyes and a bit of stuffiness.  So, that's the next thing on the list because I'm not going on antihistamines.  Those things made me balloon up immediately.  (ie- last week's 3 lb gain for NO reason)  So eyedrops and no scent detergent I could totally be down with.  Cross your fingers for me.

I'm finished with my first full week of drinking a gallon of water a day.  I've never in my life drank that much at once and definitely not with any consistency.  It hasn't taken my bladder long to get used to the new routine.  Day one I was definitely up and down a lot more but now I can go about every 90 minutes or so before the call of nature says to get off my butt and to da bathroom.  

I've never eaten so little in my life and honestly, I've felt fine.  I'd say I'm about 300 calories lower than I was before.  I'm around 1500 calories maybe slightly more if we did vigorous cardio and can have 100-200 additional calories.  I used to be 1850-1950 calories most days.  So tomorrow will be interesting.  

But enough of that, lets get to...

WTF Are Barre Workouts and Are They Actually Worth Doing?  (I can vouch yes!  Your legs feel like jello afterward and it's usually all body weight!)

Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda on life without dad, continuing his charity work  (Great interview with her.  She's so mature and has a great outlook despite her grief)

How to Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen  (That would be a first)

Missouri Woman Loses Home to a Fast-Moving Dryer Fire   (A good reminder for us all.  Grabbing the vacuum)

Forget Weight Loss: Here's Another HUGE Benefit of Working Out Regularly  (This is honestly the reason we've kept up our workouts despite no real movement on the scale)

Maroon 5 Meets 10-Year-Old With Down Syndrome  (This is so sweet)

"Ugh, I’m So Fat!" The Perfect Response Every Time You Hear This  (So true.  Some really good comebacks in here)

The Diet That’s Better For Your Heart Than Exercise  (47% reduction in heart disease?  Yes please)

The 15 Struggles Of Being A Music Fan In The ’80s  (#3.  My mom still cringes at my 5th grade pic which was my "of course Olivia Newton John's Physical do will look good on my chunky face" look)

An Amazing Thing Happened When I Surrounded Myself With Junk Food  (Gotta say, I couldn't do this and don't know I'd recommend it but interesting in theory)

I Wanted to Live in a Duran Duran Video so I Went to Sri Lanka  (Pretty cool!  But all I can ever think of when that little kid was wringing the water into Simon's mouth on the rock is "that is the moment Simon LeBon got dysentery." )

Why Can't Some People See Magic Eye Pictures?  (The Mr can...I can't.  I don't care but in the 90's I almost put him through the wall a few times when he'd drone on about how cool the dolphin or whatever he could see that I couldn't was.  $10 says he will look at that pic and tell me what I'm missing.  Well now that there's $10 on the line he won't.)

Teens Watched ’90s Music Videos For The First Time And Their Reactions Will Make You Feel Old  (Ugh, just...ugh.)

We've got friends coming over tomorrow night.  This is like the third reschedule with them and we're exchanging Christmas gifts if that tells you how long it's been.  I'm under the impression that my disease is lasting as long as it takes for us to see them so they'd better show up because their presents are the only link to when my ailment started and now.  See how logical I am?

What tomfoolery you got on your agenda this weekend?

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  1. It sucks when you have symptoms but no clue as to what could be causing them. Thank God you thought about it and realized the detergent could be the cause. Easy enough to try something else. I know I have been in a similar situation and it is such a relief when you finally figure it out. Good luck today!

  2. This weekend is the typical grading paper and planning lessons plus housework. Blech. I will have to try to work in some fun somewhere.

    I'm not a big fan of scented anything so all my laundry items are scent free. It's amazing how something so innocent seeming can lead to such a major reaction. I hope your scan comes back clear.

  3. I so hope your CT scan went well and the detergent change will make some vast improvements for you. It is no fun having a stuffy snout, but it sounds like you might be on to something with the scented stuff irritating your nose and your skin. All hail clear sinuses! Have a great time with you pals this weekend!

    I'm leading a meeting tomorrow morning then have a few errands to run. I'm paying bills tonight (exciting stuff..hold on to your pantaloons) and will do some house stuff. I've put off a deep cleaning of the upstairs bathroom long enough, so I have to do that. What I'm really excited about is WARMER WEATHER and taking the dogs for a spin around the park this weekend! We'll all feel better in the fresh air.


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