Saturday, December 1, 2012

Expected Loss - Weigh In

I got what I expected for this week which was maintaining.  My body always does that after a big loss (-3 last week) so at this point I'm just glad it wasn't a fluke.  It was bouncing between one number and my goal number (for now) but bouncing means uncertainty and you should always side with the higher number.  That's okay, I've got somewhat of a shot this week.  I say somewhat because we're going to be having a decadent lunch and dessert out with a family member Monday so who knows what will happen next week.  At this point I'm just glad I'm 2 lbs down from what I started the month at, praying I can be 3-4 lbs down by the end of the year before we sneak off to a culinary mecca and have to work it all off again.  *rolling eyes*

But we're already throwing out some ideas for ourselves for the new year and at this point we're not going to beat ourselves up when time to enjoy family with a little higher calorie imbibing for ONE meal comes along, hope to just maintain through December at worst and at best maybe lose a couple.  I'm not going to give up family time that is more important right now that obsessing over weight.  We'll still be workin' it (as evidenced by my nightly Facebook updates of calories burned), we'll still eat our fruits and veggies and such and do everything we usually do with a few food exceptions.  I feel good about that and that's a lot better than beating myself up for not being perfect every second of the day that isn't a high cal day.  I'm going to enjoy cookies and count them into my calories and make other adjustments.  I've done it for three years, let's make it a fourth.

Now I'm off try to wake up and decide what we want to do today before a mini Christmas road trip.  After I open my first day on my advent calendar!  Woo hoo!

It's December 1st, do you have any goals for the month?  

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  1. Hmmm.. I never thought about setting goals for the month. I suppose my goals would be to plan ahead of time for every get together so I'm not taken aback by food and then binge because I wasn't prepared. I agree though, there is so much rich food that sometimes it's worse to stress about it. Just eat mindfully and hope for good losses.

  2. No goals here, other than to keep moving ahead. Celebrating my own 50-pound weight loss. Trying to focus on increasing my exercise (getting stronger with every workout), keeping up my protein and fiber (big problems for me), and letting the rest fall in place.

    Wait... I guess those would be goals. LOL.

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  3. To plan better and get more exercise. Weight wise I'll happy with maintenance or a small loss.

  4. I would looooove to be 307 by Christmas. That will be my "50 Pounds Lost" goal. I'm a 311.8 right now, so I only have a few pounds to go. I think I can do it, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't. I'll just change the goal to New Year's or something. :)

    I'd also like to start 30DS.

  5. I think you have changed your lifestyle, and it's now just what you do. There will be no going back to those old decadent habits of eating everything in sight in any quantity. A little taste is certainly okay--we all need to enjoy the holidays! I feel like I have established these new habits firmly now too. I can't imagine going to a restaurant and ordering any damned thing I want, something fried with butter or eating lotsa bread, etc. You know what I mean. Even when I have a bad day (our Thanksgiving was late this year due to the NYC trip--we had my family out on Sunday and I ate a lot), still I didn't just gorge myself until I was uncomfortably full. I stop way before then and never never never eat absolutely everything and all I want of it. The fact that this new lifestyle is so firmly ingrained I believe is what will keep those pounds off forever. At least I hope so....

  6. I obsessed my first Christmas on this different course, and I suspect I made the holiday a little less joyful for my friends and family. I know it was less joyful for me. Lesson learned. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. My main goal is to have a lower bp reading when I go to the doctor on December 20th. I've been working lowering my sodium intake by eating more fruits and vegetables (at every meal) and trying to stay away from more processed foods. My lunches last week for work were fantastic and I felt very much in control...and noticed I didn't have cravings during the day. If the scale is down from my last weigh in at the doc's, even by a few pounds, I'll be happy with that, too.

  8. Well, maintaining is better than a gain, so yay for that. :) My goal for the month is to keep my holiday indulgences at the end of the month and not use the holidays as an excuse to eat whatever I want all month long. We'll see how that goes!

  9. Just read about your weight-loss journey. WAY TO GO! :D
    P.S. I'm sure you've heard of Chris Powell... he'd be rooting for you!


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