Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Haul

What a nice Christmas!  

We got together with my mom Christmas Eve, enjoyed our spread, chatted for a while then opened presents.  I got the hip strap for my big camera I wanted, the Rod Stewart autobiography, a shirt I wanted, some movies and music, kitchen stuff and some stocking stuffers.

Here's my haul from my Santa on Christmas Day:

A Boos cutting board, marble cheese board, Rosewater dusting powder I've had on my list for 3 years, the Cookie Dough Lovers cookbook, Rick Springfield autobiography, John Taylor from Duran Duran's book (of which I'm about 150 pages in), a shirt from Duke's Canoe Club on Kauai, The Police in concert since we missed them live, a tin cake plate, The Big Year, Jack, Heathers, Teen Witch and The Witches DVDs.

Today will be filled with reading my books while the Mr plays video games.  I'm so glad he took today off.

How was your holiday?  What did you get?

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  1. I really enjoyed the Rick Springfield autobiography. So much I didn't know, mostly because I had never searched it out.

    I got a lot of clothes, but not much in the way of things to 'play' with. I wish I could stay home today too, but it's time to get a move on so I can get there before the snow starts and hopefully not be stranded at work tonight.

  2. Hi

    glad u had a nice christmas:)

    I saw "the hobbit":) and chilled with mom dad and hubby...

    now back to the grind..argh..everyone is off and i am stuck with a project i need help with:)

  3. We had a great Christmas. Little boy made an obscene haul. His words "I made out like a bandit". We all kind of picked up stuff for him a piece at a time and didn't realize just how much he ended up with until it was wrapping time. His little face when he came out and saw the tree was absolutely priceless. He got some stuff he really wanted, and some stuff he didn't even know he wanted. Hubby got mainly practical things from me, but then some fun stuff from my folks. I'm typing this on a brand new laptop from my folks so I think I'd have to say I "won" Christmas. Yes, I know Christmas isn't a competition, but I'm really really happy about it.

  4. Hubby got me a fitbit, and some sapphire earrings. I got a bunch of clothes from family, because I'm headed to London on the 3rd for school, and some baking stuffs. My brother, scoped me out on the facebook, and ordered me a signed copy of Young House Love from a bookstore in virginia, which I thought was really awesome and thoughtful!

  5. You got some great books. I bet Rod Stewart's life story will be quite an adventure! Hubby got me a Pandora bracelet with a Statue of Liberty charm to remember our trip to NYC last month. I love it. And it's so wonderful that a regular sized bracelet now fits my wrist!

  6. I am glad you had a great day! I felt really spoiled this year! Most xmases after we got relatives, friends and our kids gifts, there would be no money left for us to get things for each other. I've often saved gift cards people give me for birthdays or xmas to give to other people. Well, this year my husband has worked a ton of overtime training for a new route (he's a railroad conductor) so I got a lot of gifts. He bought me a sapphire and diamond ring, which I love and if it were all I had gotten I'd have been happy. He also got me a nightie, some lotions, some earrings and a necklace from Kohl's that I'd eyeballed when I was there, a board game, and a purse I'd wanted. I was very surprised! My in laws, (who always give me a lot stuff because I guess they feel bad for me not usually getting much since my family consists of only my mom and brother who have no money), gave me some perfume I've wanted for the longest time, but never bought for myself because it was pricey. They also got me some fleece pjs, a cute apron with cupcakes on it, some gifts cards to places I like, a few kitchen gadgets, some new shampoo and some candy. My best friend gave me this really cute tea set from Pier 1 and my SIL gave me an air popcorn popper and bird ornaments (I collect things with birds) I saw you got The Big Year! I loved that movie! I am really into birds and would love to spend a year doing what those people did, if only I could afford it.

  7. Nice haul! I got way more for Christmas than I expected; hubby went a little overboard and got me a Kindle Fire, some crafting gear, and a spinning wheel that I've been wanting for a long time. The last was self defense, though; I have a bunch of fiber in the garage that I was given that would have taken f-o-r-e-v-e-r to spin with my drop spindle. (Yes, I am one of those crazy people who enjoys things like spinning yarn, crocheting, scrapbooking, and making cards.}

  8. and I forgot - your eggnog cookies were a huge hit, totally the favorite this year.

  9. I'm pretty exhausted right now and at first, I read kitchen stuff as kitten stuff. So I was all ready to leave a "SQUEE! YOU GOT A KITTEN!" comment. :) But kitchen stuff is awesome too! I have a marble cheeseboard on my wishlist too.

  10. Ours was a nice Christmas all things considered. The hubs was thrilled with his stash of gift cards, video games, funny tshirts, and practical stocking stuffers. The pooches were thrilled with the plethora of toys and treats. And I was thrilled with my Blackhawks slippers and socks, jewelry organizers, kitchenware, and ornaments. And the biggie...the laptop the hubs bought me!! Yes, ma'am! I think he realized I was about ready to drop kick our old computer out the window as I attempted to pay bills, so he decided to get me a laptop and a wireless mouse to boot (he knows I don't navigate well with the laptop mousey). So I'm sitting her in my living room typing this to you as my first official use of the 'puter. I'm still in shock over it, but over the moon happy!


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