Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 6: Grasshopper Fudge

Am I the only one that thinks of Mr. Miyagi when I hear the word grasshopper?  Yes?  Sorry.

Did you know that if you're a thin mints fan that you don't have to wait for the girl scouts to come a-knockin' at your door to enjoy them?  Grasshopper cookies by Keebler are quite awesome and quite minty and I lurve them!  Know what I love more?

Oh yeah babe!  This is the easiest, most tasty mint fudge you can make.  The Mr loves Thin Mints and Melt Away Mints so this is definitely a winner in his book!  Mine too.  Let's get to making this delectable dish.

Grasshopper Fudge
(Makes 36 squares)

12 oz fat free sweetened condensed milk
Keebler Grasshopper Cookies (8 servings)
1 bag Andes Mint Baking Chips

Hi guys!

Take HALF of your grasshopper cookies and break them down in your blender or food processor.

Line an 8x8 pan with foil and spray with cooking spray.

Add your grasshopper crumbs.

Press the crumbs into the bottom of the pan and give another light coat of cooking spray on top and press down again.

Add the Andes baking chips to a microwave safe dish.

Add your sweetened condensed milk.  Microwave the fudge for 2 minutes.

While the fudge is warming, cut the rest of the grasshopper cookies into small pieces.

Stir the melted mint chocolate and milk together until just combined.  It begins to set quickly so make fast work of it.

Add half of the cut up cookie pieces to the fudge and stir.

Pour into the 8x8 pan.

Add the rest of the cut up cookie pieces to the top and press down into the fudge.  Flip the ends of the foil up to cover it and put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours or until set.

When it's set, remove the foil from the pan and cut into 36 pieces.

They make the perfect gift!  (After you sneak a piece or two for yourself, of course!)

Nutritional Information per square:  Calories 98  Total Fat 4g  Sat Fat 3g  Cholesterol 1g  Sodium 33mg  Total Carbs 14g  Sugars 12g  Protein 1g  Calcium 3%

This recipe is linked up with Crazy for Crust52 Mantels and The Shabby Creek Cottage.

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  1. Yes indeed I LOVE this! Only problem is it's all gone!?!

    If you love thin mints at all then this is a no brainer. People will love you for it!

    1. I know, it was SO yummy! But we got our few pieces before sending it off to the dingos! :)

  2. These look yummy and so easy. I don't know that I could stop at one tiny piece though.

    1. It can be a challenge, I think we took two, then I boxed them up and they went into the car. Outta sight, outta mind!

  3. OMG...thats awesome..I love love thin mints...yummmy....I need to make this!! I NEED to...

  4. Somewhere in the middle of the recipe I forgot it was supposed to be fudge, and I was thinking it was a pan of brownies. I thought, "When do we put it into the oven?" Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, it's fudge." I absolutely love Thin Mints. I think they are my favorite girl scout cookie. I have found some store brands that I think are very good as well, but I will have to give this one a try. When I do, I'll let you know how it turns out.

    1. LOL...I know, they do look like brownies and they're not a traditional fudge. If you're looking to cut back on the crunch and keep it more fudge like instead of cookie like with fudge accents then I wouldn't mix the cookies inside the mixture.

  5. Oh.my. Uh, no, I cannot make these--the whole pan would be gone before anyone else knew I made them...YUM!!!!

  6. I am doing a grasshopper recipe for Christmas too! My hair stylist was telling me that grasshopper isn't Christmas-y, but thank you for the confirmation that it is. :) I loooooove fudge!

    1. Your hair stylist is wrong. Mint is mint. If it makes her feel better, crush up some candy canes to whatever dish and throw it on top. HA!

  7. Yum! I'm glad there's a chocolate/mint dessert in here! My fiance and I decided that the oreo truffles would also be awesome with a couple drops mint extract mixed into the middle. (I made them last night without the ornament topping and they were very tasty but slightly crunchier than excepted. More milk?)

    1. Maybe try adding 1/2 TSP of milk and pulse to see if that helps and keeping adding until you get it to a consistency you like. Just remember not to put too much in or it'll kind of be a gloppy mess.

  8. I would lurve this too!!! Thanks for posting!!!

  9. There is no way I'm making these...that pan would be gone in 3 pt 5 seconds flat.

  10. This will be filed away to make later; you have the most drool worthy recipes.

    I am hip to Keebler and all their little elves. I think one of those elves used to be a girl scout or something. I have never ever seen a girl scout in my life so I rely on others who actually have seen them to buy the cookies for me. Anyway, I love these grasshopper cookies and *drumroll* the Coconut Dream (my fav)taste just like Samoas! I love all things coconut so I looked like a gluttonious lunatic when I took my first bite; heaven!


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