Friday, December 2, 2011

You spoke, I'm listening

There will be a 12(ish) Days of Treats countdown.  We'll start it up Monday (which means I'll be baking my buns off this weekend to get ahead so brace yourself old folks home down the street, holiday treats are coming your way!)

I made the first recipe last night and The Mr's work folks loved 'em.  One dude ate four.  And he's thin.  Jerk.

Here's a wee little teaser:

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  1. Yay! Can't wait. Have a great weekend. Mine is starting early as of today. ;)
    Is the teaser a mini Belgium waffle with nutella and a dash of holiday sprinkles?

  2. Yippee, I'll get the grocery list started!!

  3. I'm soooo looking forward to this!!

  4. Oh yum! Your recipes are always so fun and inventive. Feel free to pop on by and cook up some treats for me...of course, it's several hundred miles away, but you know... =o)

  5. I, too, am looking forward to your recipes with baited breath - well, with printer and keyboard handy, it just didn't sound as suspenseful. (Is that a word?)

  6. Man, I hate those people who are skinny and seemingly eat whatever they want. But then I realize, what you see them doing probably isn't representative of their behavior all the time.
    I'm just saying that those skinny people are eating fewer calories over-all than us fatties. We can lie to ourselves and say that's not true, but at least for the most part, we know it is.

    I would still like to indulge in an occasional holiday treat without worrying, "Is this going to set me off, am I going to regain all that weight instantaneously?" Even now, when I have a bad day, I think are my pants still going to button/snap? So far--so good. But this maintenance deal is tricky, it's not like when you're losing and clothes keep getting bigger and bigger on you! And now that I hae a closet full of size 8's & 10's and mediums, I don't want to have to go back to those size 14's, and even worse, those 5X's I used to squeeze into.

    I sometimes think about people with addictions--to drugs, to alcohol, to smoking. I have never had a problem with these things. I used to wonder why those addicts were so weak--couldn't they control themselves? But I realize now that I am an addict too. Food is on my mind all the time now that I'm not eating anything and everything I want, and controlling my portion size. I obsess over food and I don't want to be like this forever. I suppose I have always obsessed over food, even when I didn't try to control my calories, but since I could have anyting I wanted, it never bothered me before. Now I want to be like that skinny guy at your husband's office who can eat 2 or 3of some high-fat item and not worry about his pants fitting tomorrow. Or not worry that a minor binge like that will set him off and he'll regain EVERYTHING!
    It's a tight, narrow road we walk, and I LOVE your blog. It shows me that a life of moderation is possible. My brother told me that he has a cheat day once a week. He lost 50-60 pounds some 25 years ago and has kept it off, although he told me everyday is a struggle. I lost 185 lbs. and he is right--everyday IS a struggle. I know you and Mr. have a cheat day too. I'm toying with that idea, because right now I'm feeling like everyday is a cheat day and I know that has to stop RIGHT NOW!


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