Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days Recipes? Yay or Nay?

I know lots of sites like to do the whole 12 days of Christmas treat recipes.  Is that something you'd like to see here?  What if I got lazy and only posted 6?  Okay we'll pretend I didn't give myself the out.  (But I did)

I really am on the fence about doing one but I'm interested in trying other recipes in addition to the ones that are tried and true in my house and I just need to know if when I'm trying these out (and trying to lighten a few up if I can) would you be interested in seeing it or is it overkill for you?

Obviously we all know I'm going to do what I want (HA!) but I just wanted to see if I should be making sure the camera is charged up and keep the folding table on hand when I do them.

Should I do a 12 Days of Cmas treats recipe dohicker here?
 Sure! I love new recipes to try this time of year!
 No. The pics would be too tempting.
 Do what you want, you know you will anyway. free polls 

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  1. I could like to see the recipes 12 or 6 either way ;) I truly enjoy reading new recipes and trying them out in my own kitchen.

  2. I'd look at anything you posted; one, six or twenty-five!

  3. Wanted to vote for #3 because it was funny...and true...but of course I'd read 12 or 6 days of anything....and photos are always a bonus.

  4. I always like your photos, and so far the recipes of yours that I've tried have been real hits. I guess I'd have to vote for #3 because it's the truest - but I'll enjoy seeing however many recipes you choose to share.

  5. I didn't even know about people doing these 12 days things and I read a LOT of healthy living/eating blogs. I say no pressure... especially since it sounds like it could be a PITA.

  6. I also chose number 3 because it was funny. And the truth.

    I love recipes though, so if you want to post 1 or 12 or 50, I'd love it.

  7. I couldn't help voting for #3...but I completely agree with #1 too! We went bonkers on your pumpkin recipes for Thanksgiving and Halloween, so hell yeah I want to go bonkers for Christmas too! :-) Besides, we have an annual cookie day, and honestly, I need something to freshen it up a bit. So yeah - it's all completely selfish and about me. :-D

  8. Your blog, your rules! I'm always up for new recipes. Just, please, no brussels sprouts. :)

  9. I'm all in for whatever you come up with! :D


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