Saturday, December 17, 2011

Greetings from the Bakery- Weigh In

Um yeah, I don't know what to say.  Down 4 lbs this week which means I'm one pound from 200 lbs lost.  Let me tell you why this is hilariously funny.

1)  The house has been full of temptation and I lost not gained.  Score.

2)  IF I lose a pound next week do you know what it will be in time for?  A mini culinary vacation we have planned for NYE in which I will need to spend 2 weeks getting back to my previous weight.  So I *might* hit it long enough to have it taken away.  Fate is a funny bitch, ain't she?

So honestly, if I do hit it, I don't know that I'll say anything because I don't want a bunch of congrats for something that's going to be gone 4 days later and I'll be danged if I'm giving up Sprinkles cupcakes which I got screwed out of in San Fran for our anniversary so it'll be a mini celebration then back to business so it can be a permanent one.

I hope everyone's been enjoying the 12 Days of Treats posts!  I've gotten some great feedback from it and there are 2 more recipes left and I think they're pretty dang good.  The last one is my favorite...okay one of my favorites.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. Congrats! Feels good to have that loss, I am sure. Enjoy your NYE! (Man, I didn't realize I had not checked in here in a while!)

  2. The very fact that you'll be dancing with 200 pounds lost is AMAZING, and you KNOW that if it's a temporary thing at first, you'll definitely be seeing it again.

  3. That is SO awesome, congratulations! I don't blame you not wanting to say anything about the 200 lost until it's "real." I lost 100 and the then gained because I celebrated ; ) Way to go Mrs! Still lovin' the cookie posts!

  4. Congrats Mrs. It is always a great feeling to lose on weight in day but it is especially meaningful during this high baking seasons. I am ashame to ask this but what is or where is:NYE (new years eve?) Have a good weekend and you know I am very much looking forward to the remaining recipes.

  5. 200lbs is just crazy. So fantastic! It makes me believe that everything I have to lose .... that it's actually possible! It's possible!!!

    You rock!

  6. Showing a loss like that on a week where you have been baking like mad is crazy but wonderful. Congrats, that 200 mark is so yours, whether the number sticks around without an uptick or not.

  7. This is a testament to your willpower. You had more temptations around than any human being should ever be tempted by and yet you lost 4 lbs. You are amazing!

  8. Congrats on those 4 lbs!! What a super accomplishment, especially with all those goodies around. I've so enjoyed seeing the recipes and have them printed out. I decided not to do any baking this year, but I have them integrated for my January and February menus. I'll be celebrating with you on those 200 lbs, sweet thing!!

  9. Congratulations on the 200 lbs lost! That is an effort worth posting, I say!
    You are an inspiration and I wish you well on your trip to NYE!

  10. Enjoy the milestone, however long or short the duration, and have a GREAT trip!!


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