Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yawn - Weigh In

I'm down 2.5 lbs which is still 1/2 lb up from my lowest but I'll take it because Aunt Flo is bloatin' my big arse like nobody's business today!  Between that and sleeping hard from being up until 2:15am baking cookies (see how much I love you all?), I look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow woman!  Hope I didn't want to get my ring off today.

We have been making rather merry lately and attended a Christmas symphony last night and it was amazing!  One problem though is you shouldn't attend a moving musical piece when it's that time of the month because I was tearing up at every little thing.  Luckily I caught a stray tear but jeez man!  Why does menopause have to suck!?  I mean your hoo-ha is designed to squeeze out another human being, go through monthly hysteria and they take it away when you're older and you think you can celebrate but you still have to pay with hot flashes, night sweats and crap?  Sheesh.

Welp, off to make more merry on our annual road trip to a Victorian village for some Christmas cheer.  Thank God I don't have to be up early tomorrow but I will be a baking fiend so no rest for the wicked!

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  1. Congrats on losing most of the vacation weight off so quickly. I do good to lose that much in a month for the last few month (actually most of 2011). Extremely frustrating as I am still in mid 250 but now (was not in my past weight lost attempts) I am patient and consistent. Have a good weekend and I am looking forward to our first holiday Monday cookie recipe just in time for my first neighborhood cookie swap (still not sure I am going to it- I'm still socially awkward but never know with me might go last mn).

  2. Congrats on being down! Especially with the cycle going. Mine started yesterday and egads the craps are bad today! The symphony sounded fantastic. And today a Victorian Village? That just puts a big smile on my mug. =o) Enjoy it and your weekend of baking up some fabulous treats!

  3. Having a lott with Aunt Flo here is GREAT! Well done. :) I dread menopause because of looking what it did to the other women in my family. I have really bad genes. ;)

  4. Baking fiend? That sounds familiar, just don't have too many nibbles of the goodies as you prepare them.

  5. Nice, nice rebound!

    I'm 53 and *still* haven't hit menopause. Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough? :)

  6. You're not the only one who gets emotional during great musical experiences. I tear up whenever people REALLY sing the National Anthem. (Crying at a baseball game; it's hard to explain to the neighbors!)

    Menopause is the greatest!!

  7. The symphony and the village sound like SO much fun. We went looking at Christmas lights with the kids last night. Such a great time of year!

  8. Music just does that. When we attended the Celtic Woman concert I didn't even understand the words they were singing and I was crying for my heart to break. Go figure? lol So glad you are having fun!!


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