Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Guest Post from The Mr

I just thought I would stop by and let everyone know what a great job The Mrs. did the past week and a half baking her butt off and making some of the best treats that my co-workers and I have ever enjoyed. The most amazing thing is that she did all of this baking and somehow managed to avoid eating all of it. She showed tremendous willpower and I have to say kudos to her for a job well done, for keeping her cool, properly tracking her food, getting all the workouts in and still managing to research, bake and photograph all of the wonderful treats that you’ve enjoyed seeing here. She took on quite a challenge and I am extremely proud of her and hope that everyone is able to benefit from all of her hard work.

My favorite treat out of the bunch is the cookie-dough fudge but I have to say there is also nothing quite like one of those choco-rolo’s while they’re still warm. My co-workers really loved the 7 layer bars, which is funny because we honestly thought people would steer clear of the coconut since it is not one of our favorites. Yet when I tried a small bite of one I could understand why my co-workers were so crazy for them.

My co-workers weren’t the only ones who were able to benefit from all of the baked goods. We also made some staff and patients at a local retirement home very happy and it was heartwarming to see the smiles on their faces as we delivered two large containers full of brownies, raspberry tarts and snickerdoodles. Not a bad way to break the ice with complete strangers too, as it turns out.

Thanks to everyone for commenting and enjoying the wonderful pictures and I hope that you are able to share some of these amazing goodies with your family and friends at Christmastime. I know I will be hoping that she will make some more of that cookie-dough fudge! “Eatin’ dough is the way to go” – within reason of course! Which just goes to show that you can still indulge in some wonderful things as long as you balance it with a good workout and some sensible choices along the way, er, uh weigh. Merry Christmas everyone!

-The Mr
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  1. Very sweet and very true. Last week I made 2 of the recipes and lost the most weight that week than I had in months. Funny, you mention the fudge...I will be making that tonight after work for a party tomorrow evening. I will be using the mrs recipe and combining it with another recipe I saw on yahoo yesterday (shaping the fudge in a round pan to make it look like a wreath). Merry Christmas to the whole Mr and Mrs family.

  2. I really enjoyed all the recipes and the photos. I especially liked the idea of sharing the wealth with the nursing home. What a generous gesture!!

    I've said this before but it bears repeating: you two are awesome!

  3. These recipes were so good and the photos we're great! The chocolate crinkle cookies we're tons of fun to make with my daughter. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the blog Mr.! Merry Christmas to you and the Mrs.

  4. Merry Christmas to you, Mr!! Thanks for dropping by. Your Mrs. rocks!!

  5. I've really enjoyed the recipes and photos, they are in my 'keep' pile to use on special occasions for sure. Merry Christmas to you both--you are an awesome team!

  6. Hey Mrs. - thanks for letting the Mr. crash your blog! It was great to hear from him and I too applaud you for what you've accomplished! Thank you for sharing it with us and I, in turn, cannot wait to share some of those delicious treats with my family and friends!

    Hopefully with the Mr. doing the post today that means you are soaking in a tub or sitting on the couch with your feet up! You've earned it for sure. :-)

    Merry Christmas to you both!!!!

  7. You have the best Mrs.! (Except for my husband, of course.).

    Well done on not snacking on your goodies - they looked to die for, all of them!

  8. Thank you for sharing your bounty with us vicariously! I didn't gain a pound! :)

  9. I missed most of the 12 days posts but They all looked so delicious my stomach started growling.. Can't wait to try the truffles, I'm buying the ingredients tomorrow :)

  10. Oh, this is releasethestars from SP;)

  11. No doubt about it. You have a Mrs to be proud of, dear Mr, on many different levels. I think it's so awesome that y'all blessed the old folks and their staff. I know how happy my mother in law and her friends are when people take time from their busy schedules to pop in for a visit at their assisted living center. It brightens their day in SUCH a big way. You're both awesome and I am so happy that you're my friends. *hugs*


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