Friday, December 30, 2011

Is this where I'm supposed to recap and set goals?

Stuff That Sticks Out from 2011

I started the year trying cross country skiing.  The Mr loved it, me?  Not so much.  BUT I did like snowshoeing and burned comparable calories so it's all good.  Now if it would just freakin' snow so we could actually do it, we'd be good!

We played our version of tennis which should be renamed "one ball chase" for an hour.

We went on a hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley.

Added some pretty hard workouts that we actually were able to do and they're ones fit people groan about so we're pretty proud of that.

Honestly, those were the highlights.  2011 was a year of frustration on the weight loss front.  We're looking to not repeat that.

Stuff we're implementing for 2012

When we take vacations, big or small, no high cal day the Saturday after we get back.  We eat what we want on vacation every day and if we want to get back to pre-vacation weight a donut or pizza isn't going to speed that up so, new rule.  Period.

We'd like to incorporate yoga.  I got a yoga DVD for Christmas that I asked for, we watched it and he fell asleep and I fast forwarded out of boredom.  That's a good sign.  *rolling eyes*  So while I was tempted to say yoga every Friday (which is usually our rest day) but I know with certainty we won't so instead I'll say, we'll do it if we feel like it which will be at least once a month.

I want to make more homemade items.  Whether its soups, pasta sauce, tortillas or cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, I want to know what's going into my foods.  I'm not saying I'm going to buy a cow to keep on the lanai and churn my own butter and shuck my own wheat from the field or stop going to Trader Joe's or big box grocery stores but there is pride in being able to make your own food and I want that for us.

As for the rest?  We'll just tweak as we go.  I'll always be on the lookout for new workouts to challenge us, I'll always track my food and I'll always cook awesome meals that make this lifestyle seem like people who gorge on crap are the ones missing out.

Anything in particular you are going to add/do differently for 2012?

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  1. Oh yes. I'm working on a plan, and will blog over at SP to get everything straight in my head. This was a rough year, and the year end result is bad news. It's time to take back control.

  2. I am still figuring this out myself. I will definitely have it done by Saturday.

    Why are you adding yoga? I have to admit I never quite understood the fascination some people have for it. Am I missing something?

  3. Debbie- flexibility is the only reason we're adding yoga. Between the calming effect it's supposed to have and lengthening muscles after a week of bunging them up we figure it can't hurt. You know if I think it's a crock I'll stop. Namaste. :)

  4. Yes. This year has been a very big disappointment as far as weight loss. Despite me thinking about it daily and working out a min of 3 times a week throughout the year. This yr I lost a whopping 25 pds. I have been gaining and losing an extra 10 pds for the last 3 months. The problem is food. Between vacation, never ending work stress and holidays I have allowed myself too many cheat days for no good reason, thinking I could bounce right back but I am NOT. I feel the slippery slop near and I do not like that feeling.
    Ps: I have been doing hot yogA and Pilates for about 6 months now. I started yoga as a coping tool to combat work stress. I truly enjoy yoga and I love the gain flexibility and the more tone arms. I sweat like crazy after yoga. Of course, I am not as flexible as most so I have to modify but I am much more flexible now then 6 months ago.

  5. You and the Mr. inspire me. Thank you. As for my family, we are going to eat more clean. Less packaging more chopping. Like you I want to know what I am eating. Even the simplest meal at home is at least half the calories of the same meal eaten out. And, it usually taste better. We just get lazy. I think we'll do better if I plan the meals ahead also. It's too easy to go get a pastrami and fries or pizza when a meal isn't planned.

  6. I like the "tweak as we go" mentality.. I have goals, but I'm all for tweaking (except when it's an excuse, but you know what I mean!) :)

  7. If your yoga tape bored you, try Ashtanga, power yoga or hot yoga. You don't need to turn up the temp. It's more of a cardio workout but you still get a lot if stretching. I've recommended it to people who took a general class and insisted they didn't like yoga. They changed their minds after trying the more active type.

  8. Looks like you had a pretty good year to me!

    The hot air balloon ride is definitely on my list of things to do someday. I'm hoping to make it to Albuquerque again and go up there.

    I'm mostly keeping things the same in 2012, but I'm going to work more on flexibility and balance. Oh and as always, try more new recipes. :)

    Happy New Year to you and the Mr.!

  9. The Roommate (My Mr.) is getting on board so that's a new thing for me this year. He's been cool with all of the nutritional changes I've foisted upon him and now he's getting into the fitness side too. I'm ramping up the cardio to shoot for at least 60 minutes per session so that I can start dropping weight instead of maintaining.

  10. I'm a new reader of your blog, on and off as I remember- but you are so inspiring you'll be getting a bookmark! Keep posting you have some great ideas.


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