Friday, July 15, 2011

Tennis Anyone?

Holy God am I sore!  We were granted a day under 90 with less humidity and that was our cue to break out the racquets and tennis balls and head to the only city park that will contain the madness that is our "tennis" game.  We really can't even call it tennis.  We call it "one ball pick up" or "one ball chase" because the chances of us volleying back and forth is about 1 in 15 attempts.  We have no control over our returns though my serve is pretty accurate.  It makes me giggle to think my mom tried to force me to do tennis my freshman year because I showed an interest in tennis.  She was mistaken.  I had an interest in tennis stud at the time, Boris Becker.  He was the shiz when I was entering the big house so of course mom thought this could be something I could do or more to the point she could attend.  Sorry mom, I'm no joiner!  Hopes dashed.  :-)

I should probably not engage in running or outdoor sports when Aunt Flo is settling in for her visit.  I found myself getting irritated with his antics.  When the ball bounces back, he likes to catch it on the racquet.  That's fine but last night he discovered he could roll it onto the racquet and then chuck it into the air and serve it.  It was cute the first time.  Then I realize everytime he does it, it goes rogue and my butt has to chase it to the other side of the court.  I finally told him to give it a rest because he took to lollygagging and my heart rate was going too low for my liking waiting for Houdini to do his tricks.  Another lovely aspect of this sport is I have to wear sucker pants (Spanx) so that I don't go thundersmacking all over the courts.  When it's "that time" there is nothing worse than taking your already crampy abdomen and putting it into a super tight sausage casing.  Oh yeah, did you catch I said courts.  We take up what would be 3 courts if this was set up correctly.  It's this fenced in court area, no net (we'd never hit it over), no real markings except a big center line and if there were other people there, there is no way we could play because we would be constantly assaulting them with our balls.  I go rogue sometimes and whip it over the fence into the racquetball court.  Lest you think he's the better player, he does it too, just not last night. 

When all was said and done, I burned 875 calories which was good but the joints took a beating.  I forgot how much they usually hurt afterward.  So today is a welcome rest day.  The Mr is my co-worker today as he's working from home which will be the case every Friday until someone screws it up.  (I can almost bet I'll know who)

Tomorrow we're going to a farmers market and maybe an antique store or two that are having sidewalk sales.

Have you done anything outdoors this week?  Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. I played tennis a lot when I was much younger. I'd play now but my friends all claim they're too old or out of shape. (I live next to a tennis court, apparently I need some new friends) I took a tennis class in college for an easy credit; I remember laughing A LOT.

    I hope you were laughing too, it sounds like you had fun! I had fun reading!!

  2. My fiance and I recently got into geocaching. It's a LOT of fun and a really great excuse to get outside. I can give you some more details on it if you're interested. Or, there's some good videos on their site where you can get the jist of it.

    The only downside of geocaching that I've found so far is the woodticks. Though, if you do urban geocaching that shouldn't be an issue.

    We still need to get out this summer and play some tennis. Just yesterday I was saying I'd like to do that.

    P.S. mngirlie from sp btw :)

  3. Tennis would be fun, but like Kathi above I apparently need some new friends.

    We are going cabin camping at a great fishing lake in the mountains this weekend. Leaving in a few hours as soon as hubby gets off work.
    No phone, no internet, no tv, and I don't fish.
    The upside is that it's usually about 20 degrees cooler there than here and we're predicted to break 100 everyday in the foreseeable future. Plus it's beautiful and there's a great walking loop if I can get some time to myself to use it.
    Have a great weekend all!

  4. Kathi- HA! We don't know anyone who would play tennis with us and honestly, if they wanted to I'd advise against it if they wanted to stay concussion free!

    Lola- We've been geocaching is 2002 but have like 85 finds so we're not exactly what you'd call active at it. We kind of got disinterested when people started placing them in stupid places (ie- by UPS boxes) and they discontinued virtuals which were really appealing to find and hide. We have 2 grandfathered in and people LOVE them.

    AL- Have a great time camping! Maybe take a book or two you've been meaning to read.

  5. my tennis ability is about on par with yours, lol. I have tried it a few ties, and it is great for cardio - I was dating a fellow who was an AVID tennis player - so he tried to tteach me - we never progressed to game level, but I will say he never yelled at me at least for how much I sucked.

    This summer - anything cardio related is not happening right now - still recovering from surgery - so no bouncing, jiggling, jarring, overhead stretching - have started to do lunges and squats and I can do crunches at least so ahve started those again.

    AnitaWpg from Sparks

  6. I haven't played tennis Since High School, and that only because a friend of mine lived in a fancy neighborhood and they had all the amenities... pool, court, sauna, blah, blah, blah.

    I've been out all week enjoying the sun with the kids. It doesn't lend to a "great" workout, but running around in the back yard is a lot of fun.

    Going to the beach this weekend, so it's about building sandcastles and keeping the kids from drowning. Although my heart rate will be up once I have to stuff myself into that swim suit.

  7. I can't remember the last time I played tennis, probably in high school. Somehow, with all the running around it sounds like you had fun anyway.

    My weekend doesn't sound anywhere as fun as AL's camping or HM's beach expedition. Just mowing the "lawn" (read as 'uneven patch of ground/field') and doing some other projects around the house.

  8. The closest I ever came to tennis was pingpong or badminton and I loved both. I fear tennis would cost me a broken ankle. Suddenly turning left with no little toe is tricky business, so I'm gonna leave that one alone. Bravo for you doing it. I am proud of you!! Enjoy your Fridays, both of you! I hope Mr. Blowitforeveryone takes his time before messing this up. You always have such fun stuff to do on the weekends. Wanna be our social coordinator? lol

  9. The last time I played tennis was in high school and from the sounds of how you two play, that's how I played. It sounds like you still had fun though. Don't have any specific plans this weekend but maybe I can get talk hubby into going over to one of the natural springs not too far from here. Maybe there would be a little bit of hiking to do there too.

  10. Good lord woman you are braver than I! I know tennis would kill me so its not even going to be attempted. My poor PF and motorcycle dropped upon knee would not co-operate. Hmmm my weekend...well Friday night we laid more concrete until about 8:30pm, Saturday I was at the outdoor concert at our HD dealer from noon til 7:30ish (Jackyl)and then yesterday I decided to mainly stay indoors. We have highs in the high 90s all week with Thursday bein the kicker at a 100. When its that hot and humid I find it hard to breath even with the singular so other than a dog walk at 4:30 or 5am my butt is going to limit my outside time as to and from the car, lol.

  11. I would like to play tennis, just haven't gotten there yet...but every time I have tried I know exactly what you is more like chase the ball than anything else!

    I actually headed out with Mom, Sis and another Sparker for a hike this weekend. It was perfect and I felt it in my calves the next day! :-)


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