Friday, July 22, 2011

Old School Lessons

I'mma bust out some old school knowledge on y'all that you Gen X'ers have known for years.  You are what you eat.  Have some sunshine on a stick.  It's okay to hanker fer a hunka cheese.  Oh yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about, it's...

We've been taught the basics of good eating for years. Of course there are so many different camps of food thought so if the thought of meat or cheese offends you, picture your favorite faux version and play along.

Hanker Fer A Hunk-a Cheese

Sunshine on a Stick

You Are What You Eat

Nutritious Dishes

Even Timer needed some time off so here are some other old school Saturday morning PSA's!

Make a Saturdae

Don't Drown Your Food

Nutty Gritty (?)

How fun was that for a Friday "dork off from what you should be doing" session? 

Did you remember many of these?  Do you think bringing back similar PSA's would help kids learn better eating habits?

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  1. OMG, you just totally made my day! I haven't seen those in years, it made me so happy! I think those WOULD help kids better understand healthy foods. They see so many fast food commercials, I think they should bring back some of those PSA's. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. I never watched much tv as a kid so I don't remember any of these. I clicked on the Saturdae one and it looked kinda neat, but a little obscene too. I don't know if PSA's would work or not, Kids are so constantly bombarded by propaganda that I'm not sure they can pick out the "good" stuff from the "bad". I'm afraid the PSA messages might get lost under the avalanche of toy commercials.
    I watch A LOT of kids' programming, and some of it models good behaviour (nutrition and otherwise) but even those shows are interrupted by toy/food commercials. Even PBS has Chuck E Cheese ads in between shows.
    I think the only way to teach kids is to put it out there in a wide variety of mediums, and hope that something sticks.

  3. They still make PSA's about nutrition and exercise. Most feature sports stars and/or cartoon characters (sometimes both together). Sadly they don't have memorable jingles like "hanker for a hunk of cheese" or lines like "IT'S A WAGON WHEEL!" (he's just so excited about it!).

    The problem continues to be, so much junk food is directly marketed to kids AND parents don't know how to say "NO!". They want to be their kids friend, not their parent. (so says the person who's mother freely told her "no" to a lot of garbage food yet I still ate a ton--and I played outside as a kid but still became a big old fatty as an adult).

  4. It surely couldn't hurt if they did. I wish parents (my own included) had had a clue and taught us better eating habits, nutrition, and fitness.

  5. Oh my stars!! I could sing almost all the words--what fun! I always loved "Hanker for a hunk of cheese"!! I agree with "heybutt" that it's the jingles that make kids remember the info--they need to do more of it and less cruddy commercials. I don't let my girls watch a lot of t.v. but when they do, they are singing ad jingles for days--point made.

  6. Oh my gosh - what a blast from the past! I will admit that I had completely forgotten about these little gems, but as soon as I started reading they came flooding back to me. What an awesome concept that was and why in the world did they get rid of these things? I think I probably learned as much from these and SchoolHouse Rock as I did in school because what kid wasn't glued to the TV set every Saturday morning.

    I say bring them back - it couldn't hurt to teach a new generation of kids some little healthy diddies...because what they are doing now obviously is NOT working!

    Thanks for this post - absolutely awesome and I'll be smiling all day from it!


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