Thursday, July 28, 2011

Memphis: Take 2

I'm an Elvis fan and was so excited when we finally made our first trip there last April.  I was happy with my weight loss progress at that time but I remember that I couldn't go to Arcade Restaurant because they're primarily all booths or some close counter chairs. I am excited to be able to put that on the roster for one breakfast this time since I'm pretty confident in my booth fitting abilities now.  (People who don't fit into booths know what a big deal that is)  We're going to try to split things as much as possible except the Lacy Special at The Little Tea Shop, that is just too good but we're learning from last time and trying to plan our meals out as much as possible.  We're staying at a condo essentially so we're bringing healthy cereal and grabbing some eggs to cook in the mornings so we know that at least one meal per day will be healthy.  (And no, I'm not going to Memphis and skipping BBQ or soul food.  I don't get it where I am so we're doing as much as we can between splitting, water only to drink (except for 1 sweet tea at BB Kings) and taking advantage of the fitness center to trying to minimize damage)

So food is pretty much covered, now it's the attractions I need help with.  We've done Graceland (but we're doing it again because we're going when they're dudded up for Christmas), Sun Studios, The Peabody Ducks, Beale St and the Gibson Guitar factory.  So we've hit the major things.  Those things that no longer allow me to hear the song Walkin' in Memphis without tearing up.  *ween!*

Other than the things listed above, anyone have any suggestions on other worthwhile sights?  I know Mud Island will be closed so that's not an option.  I'd like to do a carriage ride but that doesn't take long.  So you travelers or locals out there, what other attractions are worth hitting up in Memphis?

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  1. It's not in Memphis proper (it's in Mississippi--but that's not that far off) but it's worth going to just for the stories it will generate.

    Graceland Too. (

    In a word, it's nuts. But fun nuts. I went with my hubby and sister in-law and we still crack each other up with quotes from the curator (or favorite being "Stand back, I don't want to get you pregnant!").

  2. That stinks that Mud Island will be closed - that was my very favorite thing in Memphis.

    I don't know if you guys are museum people, but the National Civil Rights museum at the Lorraine hotel was interesting. Depressing, but interesting and definitely worthwhile.

  3. I live only an hour from Memphis and frequently visit. You might look at the zoo or Memphis Botanical Gardens and see what special events they have during the time frame you'll be there. Both are beautiful places. Pink Palace Museum might also be something you'd like. It's geared toward children, but still neat. There's an IMAX theater inside too! Shelby Farms has an awesome drive through Christmas lights display (again depending on when you'll be there).

    Consider Felicia Suzanne's for some upscale dining. She used to be Emeril Lagasse's girlfriend and has an awesome restaraunt downtown. Also, Blues City Cafe on Beale has food a million times better than BB Kings.

    If you are into gambling, casinos are only about 30 minutes from Memphis in Tunica. Lots of concerts always going on there and Paula Deen has a buffet there.

    You might also see what types of shows/concerts will be at the Orpheum during your stay. They've had lots of awesome Broadway productions this past year.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions so far! Keep 'em coming!

  5. I'm no help to you on this one, having never been there. How exciting the booth thing is! I have managed to fit into a handful but some places are still impossible for me. I'm gonna get there, though. You are SUCH an inspiration!

  6. I'm definitely looking forward to going back and it looks like we've got some great suggestions here. Thanks everyone!


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