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Friday, July 29, 2011

Fairly sure it’ll be interesting

After close to 10 years of avoiding the local fairs, we’re biting the bullet (and an occasional deep fried whatever the rage is) and going to one tomorrow.  I spied a few fairs in our area and decided we should go for it.  It’s high cal day and we’re going to split whatever we want to try and agree if we don’t like it, we throw it away.  I know there is an elephant ear in my future, I haven’t had one in years and they were always my favorite.  I’m hoping I can find a kiddie size one because the hubby doesn’t care for them and I don’t like funnel cakes so those will be all us.  But the beauty about eating in moderation means I don’t have to eat the whole thing just because it’s there!  How novel!  I also know there will be much more walking than we typically get on Saturdays so I’m hoping between that and water being the beverage of choice, we won’t feel the effects too much.
I don’t know that we’re able to fit/ride all of the carnival rides just yet but I’m thinking we could maybe do something like the tilt a whirl and I don’t know maybe the Round Up?  I know there are people bigger than us who don’t care what the weight limits are but I don’t care to end up on YouTube or the 11 o’ clock news!  I know next year we’ll be in a much better position to not have to worry about it.  (Man I can’t wait for that day!)  I don’t anticipate we’ll be there too long since it’s going to be hot and humid as a mofo out there and I am NOT a fan!  55 days til Fall but who’s counting?
Are you a fair goer?  What are your favorite treats that you can only get at a fair?  Favorite rides?


  1. I am not a fair-goer. I don't like the food at all and the rides make me nauseous! How fun am I?

  2. I always liked fairs as a kid, but now I'm not such a fan. I do go to our local one every year, but it's small and tolerable if we go on a weeknight instead of the weekend. I love me some funnel cake and fresh lemon/limeade. I just can't see my way clear to pay $6+ for those treats. The little one LOVES it though, he's been asking since last August when we can go back. He wants to ride the dragon (kiddie) roller coaster again in the worst way.

  3. I am about 90% sure that you said this line a long time ago and it stuck with me forever: NOTHING is going to taste as good as the first bite of a treat. So DON'T eat the whole thing. Just take a bite! Maybe it wasn't you, but your resolve to not eat all of something simply because it's there brought it to mind. You are SMART, lady. You truly are. And I love you. I hope you can ride every ride you wanna do. You would so hate it here. I love the French Quarter with all my heart. It is HOME for me. The mere thought of going down there in this heat and humidity makes me twitch. Fall for us arrives in about November. Ugh. lol

  4. Cat- That's okay. I haven't been to one in forever and hate crowds so I don't anticipate being there more than 2 hours...well between that and the heat!

    AL- If weigh in wasn't on a Saturday, I would be all for going during the week! The Mr will be getting a lemon shake up I'm sure! Love the kiddie dragon, the kids always look so thrilled. (Except for the one that's always screaming bloody murder!) ;)

    Missy- Yep, I said it. That's why we're splitting stuff. Most of it equates to 3 bites so we should be good to go. Ugh, no Fall until November? I'd go insane! I love the colors, the smells, the crisp night air, wearing sweatshirts, big cozy socks. Ahhh...*looks out window at crunchy grass*...Sigh.

  5. I LOVE the fair! I absolutely ADORE it! Our state has the fair every October and come August (or July!) I'm like, "When is the fair??? Why can't it be nooowww?"

    I seriously love the fair. The state fair is HUGE. I love to walk around and look at all the adorable animals and fruits and crafts that get judged. And of course I love the food! I love fried snickers bars and red candy apples! Hmm....fair food.

    I'm not a ride person. I went a few years ago with a boyfriend-at-the-time and his parents gave him a whole bunch of ride tickets I didn't want to ride anything! I felt like such a bum, but that's okay! To each her own!

    I like how you brought up that you don't have to eat the whole thing! That's definitely something I will have to keep in mind when eating at the fair this year!

  6. I really like going to the fair mostly to take pictures and listen to music. I am lucky to live in an area where they are conscientious about what goes into the fair. They are eco friendly and as weird as it sounds they actually have food vendors that make raw foods, vegan and vegetarian and other healthy food choices. They also have the fried foods/sweets etc in a small section next to the carnival rides but the temptation isn't there. This year I had (through out a span of eight hours) A black bean and corn veggie burger with a side salad, an orange and a chicken gyro. It's the local ales and lagers that get me though. I love a good beer! If I had to pick a typical fair food it would be a turkey leg and roasted corn (without butter..don't like it on corn).

    Have fun!!

  7. Bob- Your attitude toward the fair is infectious! :) We thought we might try some kind of deep fried candy since we've never had it. I love caramel apples (no nuts) but I basically have it everyday so I'm going to be selective and maybe let my nose be my guide! LOL It'll be interesting to see how my body tolerates rides now. I hope I don't need dramamine now that I'm a little older! HA!

    Jinx- That sounds like a great way to make sure everyone is able to enjoy the fair. In looking at the vendors, I noticed we have plenty of healthy choices (though not as much as yours it sounds like) so that's good that people who want that option have it!

  8. I love love love fairs--my hubby took me to the LA County Fair on our third date and ASKED if he could hold my hand (honest, even 32 years ago it was unusual!), so we usually go to more than one fair and multiple times. We used to really scarf down the fair food, but since we've been losing weight, we are a lot more selective and always share things. Haven't been on the rides in quite awhile but we might do some this year--if the prices aren't too outrageous. Have fun!

  9. Fairs are the best. I don't do rides (especially not fair ones since they seem so rickety no matter what size you may be) but I do enjoy the fair food.

    I love the spiral fries (the ones that are cut the thinckness of potato chips but all hooked together) and deep fried oreos (though you only need a bite of one of those and it's more than enough). I agree with the elephant ear (but only if it's cinnamon and granulated sugar from the shaker you have to chase wasps away from to use it).

  10. I haven't been to a Fair in years and years. For many of those years I mostly wasn't interested in going, but somewhere along the way I avoided them more out of anxiety than anything else. I'm looking forward time when I can choose to go, simply because I want to or not. :)

  11. I also enjoy fairs and some fair food - caramel/candy apples (the normal kind that aren't also dipped in chocolate and other candy) and elephant ears. I'm from the Northeast, and we just had 'fried dough', which is exactly like an elephant ear except smaller in size but slightly thicker - and you sugar/butter it yourself.

  12. I have not been to the fair in FOREVER! But I grew up going to a really large one (the LA County Fair) and then a much smaller one, but with the hometown flair to it (the Farmer's Fair). But once they moved the Farmer's Fair to a location in Perris, CA (a really ghetto city IMHO) I haven't been back. Maybe it's time to revisit it though! :-)

  13. I think I forgot to say we didn't go on rides partly for lack of time, we only had a couple of horus - LONG LINEUPS, and partly hubbie is not a ride guy, it bothers his inner ear and I was still in surgery recovery mode

    But next time I might just find me a ride or two that I want to go on and will wave to him


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