Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finger gesture - Weigh in

What is up with these 2 oz weigh in's?  I know there were some high impact exercises this week but not that bad!  (Says the woman dreading walking at the fair today with this sore body and can't wait to take ibuprofen!)  So I don't count 2 oz losses which means a zero for today.

I'm happy with what I've lost this month which is 6 lbs. but the 8 lb losses per month that were so constant during the first 100 lbs are eluding me.  I know some would be tempted to say "you weigh less than you did then" and I'd have to remind them yes, but I'm still over 300 lbs!  Whatever.  I've got an exercise schedule to make out this weekend so I'll do that tomorrow and try to plan intelligently.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. I know the 2oz is frustrating, especially with the effort you and the Mr put in, you track calories in, you track calories used, if you lost weight simply by planning you would be have double digit losses

    congrats on the 6 pounds for the months

  2. Those kind of weigh-ins are downright maddening. Hope that next week the scale makes it up to you!

  3. I ended up with a 2 pound gain for the month.


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