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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ultra sound and movie night

Yesterday, I had my ultrasound treatment at the chiro.  He told me to let him know if there was any discomfort.  I thought ultrasounds were supposed to pain free?  He said they are but some people are super sensitive to them and can't take them.  He zapped both legs but the left one extra long to break through all of the crap that is trapping my muscles.  The only thing I felt was a super high pitched whirring bouncing between my ears.  He said some people can't take it but I was willing to listen to anything to break up that schtuff!  

The other day, I was looking up stuff about The 1975 and saw a picture of drummer, George Daniel with some tape on his shoulder for tendinitis.  The caption said something about him still wearing his kinetic tape so I decided to do some research to see if it was something I should ask the chiro about.  Looks promising so I asked him about it.  He explained that it lifts the skin off the fascia allowing lymphatic drainage.  He said that literally that morning his staff put some on his desk asking if he wanted it.  Now is that meant to be or what?  I get my massage this morning so he wants me to pop back up and get my leg taped up afterward.  Thanks George!  

After I got home, my legs started tingling really bad.  It didn't hurt but for 20 minutes it was tingling away.  I hope it did something!  I asked what I was allowed to do and he said probably nothing using the legs for the next 12 hours.  Hmm, and on a cardio night.  Given the fact doing Walk Away the Pounds felt about the same as doing Tae Bo, I decided to back off.  We did a nice 30 minute stretch session.  I obviously couldn't extend my left leg but I opened the hips and such and stretched what I could.  My Achilles did feel sore afterward so I iced it down while we ate dinner.

Mahi tacos and Brussels.

Then it was movie night...Mother's Day and Meet The Blacks (affiliate links)  We had to watch one of Garry Marshall's last flicks and Mother's Day was pretty good.  There were a few cheesy parts but it was a good representation with a fantastic nod to Pretty Woman.  Heck, rent it just for shall make you squee.  Meet the Blacks.  Sigh.  We were totally trailer duped.  We RARELY fast forward through a movie but all of these actors were horrible.  We loved spoof movies but this was just painful and actually made the Mr angry.  If they said "they don't purge in neighborhoods like this" one more time, I was going to scream.  Sigh...I should've gone with the crappy looking Nic Cage movie the Mr thought looked good.  I'm guessing that'll be my punishment for this one.  Oy.

What was the last truly horrible movie you saw?

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  1. That movie (Meet the Blacks) is my #1 all time worst movie ever now. Whoever decided to green light that movie should be fired by their studio and the director needs to go back to his day job. Talk about trailer duped!


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