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Monday, August 29, 2016

Mondays are AWESOME!

Did I convince you?  :-)

If not, perhaps many of you will be happy to know that this time next week, your Monday will be a holiday.  For those who don't have that, my condolences and I will have to work as well here and there so I'll commiserate with you.

This weekend was all work and a minuscule amount of play...for work.  So yeah, the most we were able to muster was lunch.  We looked at the menu ahead of time and ordered our food with our drinks because chop chop puddin' pop...I got crap to do!

We headed off to World Market to pick up a few supplies and I fell in love a little.

I thought my friend who lives close to the beach now would love these but she probably already has plates.  This isn't even the right color, there's more of a green hue in there but this looks robin egg blue for some reason.  Still pretty though.  Fun fact:  Did you know eating off of a blue plate is supposed to reduce your appetite?  I can say that any time I try to photograph something on a blue plate, I don't find it half as tempting so there may be something to that.  On the flip side, red plates are supposed to stimulate appetite.  There's your useless piece of knowledge for the day.  :-)

I also thought these were adorable!

I really like the "you are my cup of tea" because I only drink sweet tea if I'm in the south and even then, I get my fill after once or twice.  I used to drink it religiously as a kid.  My aunt taught me that a tupperware pitcher full should have like 1 1/2 cups of sugar.  CUPS!  How I've never had cavities is beyond me.  But case someone *cough* Mr. *cough* should need a stocking stuffer idea for Christmas, this would be a good one!!

After putting in a back leg breaking day and ending it with dropping off some goodies to our local firefighter station that have helped with grandma on some calls, we grabbed dinner and worked some more.  By midnight, I was done and the Mr played his game past 3am.  No thanks.

The next morning, I had quite a load of dishes to do.  To reward the Mr for all of the stuff he's put up with and help he's giving me, I made him his favorite dish for brunch...

He loves the Huevos Rancheros.  He said he'd drive to Chicago to get a meal that good.  (Eggsperience)  Luckily we can save money and gas and I'll make it right here!

Lots more work and clean up was how we spent Sunday before heading down to do strength.  Unfortunately that will be my only form of exercise this week.   I'll go into that tomorrow.

What did y'all get into this weekend?

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  1. Oh man that Huevos Rancheros truly broke da mouth! I couldn't have asked for a better brunch. Thank you! Happy Monday everybody!

  2. The weekend just flew by. I can't believe how short it felt. Saturday night I went to see "Bad Moms". So many of the cast members are my favorites (seriously, it's like someone went into my head and pulled out my favorite actresses and cast them all in a movie) that I had really high expectations. It was still pretty good, and I'd see it again, but it wasn't as great as I was expecting. I did enjoy the points the movie made though, and I enjoyed seeing things I've thought put out there on the screen.

  3. When I saw your headline I thought, what does she know about Mondays that I don't know??? LOL. I really don't care for Mondays at all. To prove my point, the secretary called in today so I'm trying to appease 7 attorneys and run the office and do the billing....ugh. Is it 5 o'clock yet?? P.S. I LOVE those dishes!

  4. The huevos look great, but dem potatoes! Beautiful!

  5. You sure did have a crazy busy weekend! You need a weekend from your weekend. =o) Mine was so-so. Really good day Saturday and an okay day yesterday. Glad to be starting a new week to start fresh. And yepper doodles poodles, it IS a good Monday because I was able to go to the apple orchard with a friend of mine and bought a few items along with some yummy new apples that are very similar to honeycrisps called "zeststars" which are fantastic. I thought of you because they have another kind that is similar to a gala called a "Santa". It was mighty warm out there today but it was still nice to look around and my friend sampled a lot of the offerings they had (they had a lot more out than they do on the weekends so that was cool). And of course I got my apple donuts which are the best of anywhere I've ever gotten them. So light and fluffy and they melt in your mouth. I had one so I'm good now until I go again. Playtime is over now, so I'm back to doing laundry. Snore....


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