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Monday, August 22, 2016

Copper love, working weekend and mediums

Monday huh?  Wow that weekend went by quickly!

It was a working weekend for me so I didn't see much of the light of day.  Well, I take that back, it was grocery weekend so we had to brave the crowds.  We went to this restaurant and I changed my mind on my order and got chicken and waffles.  The texture of the waffle was probably the best I've ever had but there was no flavor.  The chicken was juicy and well cooked but again, no flavor in the breading so it was kind of a big fail.  I still ate it of course but there's just nothing worse than when you take that chance on a dish you say you're going to get every time and when you finally do, it's a crapper.

We went to Williams Sonoma because I've been heavily crushing on these measuring cups...

They are weighty and high quality but mama's gonna have to wait for a sale.  They're not a need, they're a want and I have things I need to be saving money for right now so yeah.  They are in my future but at $40, a 20% sale is going to need to happen first!  We hit up Pottery Barn too and the associate was saying something about the couch in front of us and I said we already bought it 2 years ago.  She said she was considering buying it and asked our opinion.  I told her the aesthetics are beautiful but there is this slight tilt to it that makes it a little uncomfortable and it's not a great napping couch either.  HA!  I told her we like it but I don't know that we'd recommend it if she's looking for a nice, relaxing couch to kick back on.  I did note though that pretty much all of PB's couches have that tilt so we're definitely going to think long and hard before making that purchase again...but damn it looks good.  I saw Sur La Table had their Fall stuff out and dammit, when that pumpkin loaf pan  (affiliate link) I've been frothing over for like 2 years goes on clearance for $10 like it does every season, I'm GETTING IT dammit!  I can't pay $30 for it but $10 is right up my alley.  So we did get to have a little shopping fun (for me) before tackling Trader Joe's and Target.

The Mr spent his evenings playing No Man's Sky again.  At one point, he was on some planet and I was up there and there were animals walking around that looked like Donkey from Shrek so I made him name them Eddie Murphy in the database so if other people land there, they'll see him.  I returned my mom's phone call and we talked until the battery died.  That has NEVER happened to me before!  It was good to catch up and just talk about life.  Like so many of us these days, our conversations happen via social media so it's nice to hear people's voices from time to time.  Too bad the call ended at like 2am!  I was dead on my feet and can't believe I didn't fall asleep.  Well past my bedtime.

Sunday I got a lot of business crap knocked out with a lot more to go but felt like there was some progress.  I feel so lucky to have a hubby that is talented and supportive of the stuff I choose to do and can help me out in ways that are foreign to me.  Then come 5pm he reminded me it was time for one more grocery store so we had to go out and finish up the produce run.  The Mr cut my fruits and veggies for the week while I got dinner together.  Because I needed some serious freezer room, I pulled out the Boudin Bakery sourdough bowls I Food Saved and we ate an obscene amount of sodium in the form of this deliciousness...

Their clam chowder in their sourdough bowls are heaven and I wanted to save this for September or October but they were taking up too much real estate in the freezer so they had to go straight in our bellys.

Then it was settling down for the night so I could write y'all and we could catch up on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.  Hey, I've gotta record a couple guilty pleasure shows to watch, right?

What did you guys do this weekend?  Do you watch Tyler Henry?  Any experiences with mediums?

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  1. It was yet another fly by weekend but still a good mix of everything we needed to do with some of what we wanted to do so that's cool. I will be interested to see what people's answers are for your question on this one. That stuff fascinates me!

  2. Took the boy and his friend to the fair on Saturday, plus all the weekly household chores. Sunday was grocery shopping, and cooking a huge batch of breakfast burritos for easy breakfasts. Then I read and relaxed and tried to enjoy my last day off.

  3. I had to clean my house up this weekend. My son is coming home on leave for a couple weeks (squee!). We also had to clean out the basement because we are getting a new furnace. Old one had the blower motor go and replacement on a 26 year old furnace was NOT feasible. I would love to see an honest reputable medium with my mom because she never knew her birth mom, she passed away when my mom was only a few months old. I would like to know her too. I always thought Theresa Caputo -Long Island Medium would be our go to person.

  4. Those measuring cups are darling and that soup looks delicious! Glad you had a good weekend, albeit a very busy one. Mine was very good despite the PF pain in my foot. It definitely got better, but it's still quite sore. I was able to thoroughly enjoy yesterday with the windows open and a wonderful breeze coming through the whole house. Did a little grocery shopping, and then went for a looooong drive with the pooches. They were spoiled well yesterday -- ride with the hubs, walk with the hubs, ride with me. You know they are tired when you step over them on the stair landing and they don't even raise their heads. LOL


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