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Monday, March 9, 2015

Christmas in March, nostalgia and grocery refuel

Good Monday mornin' to you lovely people!

In case you missed it, I checked in Saturday with a weigh in.  I lost five pounds (three of my antihistamine gain from last week plus two) and the Mr lost four.  We were very encouraged by this so onward.

We had company over the weekend and I feel like we did really well.  We knew we were getting a few different kinds of pizza from a place they hadn't been before so I told myself I'd have three pieces (two of the pizzas were small) and only if I wanted more would I go back for any.  I had my three pieces and even though I wanted another piece, I could tell our guests wanted more so I held out and I ended up just downing myself with water so I never got more.  I usually make a big dessert and sometimes they eat it, sometimes they pick at it, sometimes I can tell they're eating to be nice when they later mention they're trying to watch it.  So I just grabbed a half a bag of Hershey kisses I wanted to get rid of, put them in a bowl and pre-planned to have a serving (nine) and that's what I had.  I sent the rest home with them (a serving for them to split).  I think in the future I may make healthier desserts so they can see those can actually taste good.  We chilled out listening to Hawaiian music and catching up.  We exchanged Christmas gifts finally and they seemed to love theirs and we loved ours (I asked for a French manicure "marker" and clear coat to seal it in and the Mr got the new Pink Floyd album)  We watched a bunch of old school commercials on YouTube and got all nostalgic.

(via)  Anyone remember Baby Come Back?  (Not the Player song)  I can still visualize her in my baby doll crib

Yesterday was big time grocery refuel day.  We basically spent all day doing it, adding Whole Foods and another grocery store in the city to our route...and maybe an open house.  I saw this place on and it looked like the dream house but $50K over our budget but I still wanted to see it.  When we walked in, the realtor informed us that there were multiple offers and they'd consider them all this morning.  When I walked into the kitchen, I realized I was duped by someone who knew how to take pictures and spruced them up.  The kitchen looked like crap with cracking cabinets and crown molding, basically no storage and the spacious looking basement was the result of someone squatting low to give the illusion of tall ceilings.  It wouldn't even pass the tricep extension test!  We didn't even bother looking upstairs and left.  Good luck to the suckers who are putting in their bids.  I think they're going to regret that decision.

Last night we did an upper body/ab combo from Fitness Blender then the Mr cut all my veggies for the week and I made dinner...spicy orange BBQ pork chop and brussels.  We caught up on the DVR and laundry and are now ready to move on to another successful week!

What did you guys get into this weekend?  What one thing are you going to do this week to help reach your goals?

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  1. It was nice to finally get to see our friends after all the missed opportunities. I am also very encouraged by the way we handled the cheat day and of course pleased with the first weigh in under new rules. Let's keep it up!

    1. Yes it was! It was nice to just have a hang out night. I am super encouraged by our high cal day and we kept to our promise to ourselves. Let's hope that continues to reward us as we go forward.

  2. I love that you tested the basement like that! It's cute.

    I moved! And my basement is *just* tall enough to have my power rack set up.
    When I get any larger plates on the bar for overhead presses, I'll have to sit down lol but otherwise I'm good.

    And to reach my goals this week, I'm going to start logging my food again, starting tomorrow. I have to move all of my stuff out of the work fridge and back home tonight which is why I'm not starting today lol.

    (my old apartment flooded, almost 2 weeks ago. and I moved out over the weekend. the landlord didn't have anyone there working on Friday when I was moving (he's unaware I'm moving) so the likelihood of me not living in the hotel for long was low... Through all of the move/flood/living in a hotel, I did manage to lose weight... I'm somewhat of a stress non-eater but I was also packing almost everynight and I was so tired by 9pm, I didn't want to eat but new I had to... plus I ended up stressing myself sick on Wednesday lol)

    1. LOL...that is the first thing we do when we go into a basement in a place is a faux tricep extension to see if the weight would knock. If we have to sit that's fine but anything with too low of a ceiling for us tall peeps is a dealbreaker.

      Congrats on your move but sorry for the circumstance. Great job on the weight loss but no stressing yourself sick anymore, ya hear? ;-)

  3. Different people have different needs from a house, so maybe whoever gets that house will be perfectly happy with it while you obviously would not. At least I hope so for their sake.

    I went to dinner with a friend from work Saturday night. It was nice, but a little awkward as she and I haven't really socialized very much outside of work. Sunday I got grading and lesson planning and the house done. Not great for excitement, but at least I got stuff done.

    This week - if I can manage to not cough out my lungs I'll be going back to zumba and back to tracking calories now that I'm off the steroids and my appetite will normalize some. If I can't manage zumba yet, then I'll just stick with tracking.

    1. Well this neighborhood can't keep homes in stock quick enough for demand so people will buy piece of crap homes not caring if it "needs work" (and not just cosmetic) and then it ends up on the market a year later because they got in over their head. I want to move to that neighborhood but not enough to deal with the shotty workmanship. (You should've seen the hack job they did on the fireplace built in. YIKE!) I hope whomever's offer got accepted today gets an inspection.

      Well even if it was a little awkward, probably nice to get out a bit and focus on other things.

      Hope you feel better soon and do what you can. LOTS of water.

  4. I'm really hoping that reading your daily blogs about working hard to get to goal weight, will inspire me to get back there as well. My biggest problem? Snacking between meals. So I'm trying to get back to fruit for snacks instead of carbs, which I seem to crave, and which seem to put the pounds on quickly. (Surprise surprise....NOT!) LET'S DO THIS!!!

    1. Snacking can be a bugger. Buy some clementines or small apples. If you want something that taste like pecan pie, those pecan date bites I posted a 'recipe' for really satisfy a sweet tooth. I hope our changes can inspire you too. No pressure! HA!

  5. We went bowling this weekend at a really old alley, like 50-60's type. Manual ball return, long curved wood benches and you better know how to keep score cause its on paper. It was awesome. The hubby was sweet and attentive and I was loving it.
    My only stress this week is next week. I am going on a business trip (my first) and spending a week in a hotel. I am so afraid of gaining a bunch back and not needing a belt again. I went from a size 2x to a 1x and that feels good.

    1. Ooh how fun! I can't remember the last time I went bowling.

      Congrats on the downsizing. ;-) Make sure you pack some good snacks, pre-portioned. Maybe a serving of almonds, a little dark chocolate and/or raisins, goji berries, etc. If your place has a kitchenette with a microwave, you can add 1/4 cup of unpopped popcorn in a brown lunch bag and fold it over twice at the end and microwave it for a goodly amount for not a lot of calories. Oatmeal is a good one too because it can fill you up for a while and just use hot water from a coffee pot most rooms have. Nanas travel well. I hope that helped a little.

  6. I ran errands, got that upstairs bathroom cleaned, grocery shopped, and did some laundry. And went for a walk on Saturday with the hubs and pups. My one thing this week I'm concentrating on is walking, walking, walking. My I.T. bands are KILLING me and I notice how short my stride is. But we went all the way around the park in 35 minutes which was pretty good. I need to get the roller for my I.T. bands and really start working those kinks out. From 2:30 - 5:30 I was on the go. After we got home I went straight to the dishes, chopping veggies for dinner, marinating the chicken, then preparing dinner. I'm now sitting down waiting for the timer to go off. Since I had to get up at 4am, I know I'll be hitting the sack right after watching Scorpion. Tomorrow I'm sleeping in until 5am and am very excited! Told my boss today I'm not coming in early any more since management keeps adding to my duties (she's not, but the higher ups are). So now they can see what can actually get done and what cannot. And because I have to cover for another person on Wed and Fri for 10 hour days my Tues and Thurs I'll be leaving by 1:30 and 2pm those days! Yippee!! More time to get to that park!


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