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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In the books, old school friend and remodel progress

Welp, another month in the books.

There's something kind of satisfying both about looking at the month of exercise under your belt and the blank calendar waiting to be filled.  Tonight's probably going to be a Fitness Blender strength workout.

Last night we did a workout with an old friend, Billy Blanks.  I've been wanting to do a Tae Bo  (affiliate link) workout for a week or so and boy was it hard.  The night before we did the Total Trainer and when we got up yesterday morning, we were ridiculously sore.  I always dread that first cardio workout after a soreness inducing strength session...add painting an armoire on that and I was like the Tin Man rusted in the forest.  As we were doing the warm up and a good 15 minutes in, I was a wincing fool.  But I also knew it was the best way to loosen things up so I pressed on.  I can't say I'm not still sore but you know, them's the breaks.  But there's something about breaking out an old workout that's like working out with a friend.  He was with us through our first attempt back in 1999 and he's still there waiting on the shelf when we need a little old school workout to shake things up.

Dinner was stuffed flounder over thai lime rice and peas n' carrots.

Sorry for the crappy pic...our lighting at the table is horrible and dinner was late.

Progress was made on the TV armoire yesterday.  I got two coats on the outside sides and the top as well as one of the doors done.  I also painted both shelves and they're all sanded and some parts are ready for poly but I need to get the bottom of the armoire painted and the inside painted the accent color before I do because I want to poly all at once.  I think while the Mr was enjoying the minimalist look, he's ready for the TV armoire to be done so he can test out the new, more compact, surround sound speakers I let him get.  The other ones we had were just WAY too big to go with the look I wanted to have when we were done.  I'm not going to say when I want it done by so as not to put a day in his head but I want it done just as much as he does.

What are some of your favorite workouts that are considered "old school?"

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  1. Another month in the can. Hard to believe it's July already. Tae Bo was definitely the right workout to loosen up after the soreness-inducing Total Trainer workout the night before. It is also neat to do what is now considered an old school workout. I remember when Tae Bo was new and everyone was talking about how tough it is and how there has never been a workout this tough, etc. Now it looks tame compared to some of the stuff we have available to us today, such as TRX, Crossfit, etc. I can only imagine what people will be doing for exercise once today's tough workouts look tame. Ugh!

    1. Yes it is, this year is flying by. I wish I wasn't feeling as sore as I did yesterday, maybe more? Ouch! I remember when we could only do half and had to build up to getting to the end. But some of those cues are burned into your memory. I don't know how these workouts could get tougher as far as coming up with new stuff (I noticed how slow TB felt compared to say Turbo Fire) but I know I'm not pushing myself much further than the stuff we have now. I don't need to break a hip! :)

  2. I guess I favor the oldest school workout out there - a nice long walk (or hike). Sounds like you've made good progress on the armoire. Today is the little guy's 8th birthday, time really does fly.

    1. Happy birthday to the little guy! He won't be little much longer, enjoy this time!

  3. Believe it or not, one of my favorite "oldies" is so old I don't think there are DVD's for it, only VHS tapes. And that would be Susan Powter. She turned very bizarre but back in the day I loved her common sense viewpoint and always had people in all sizes on her videos. There would always be a couple of heavy people in the group that I would follow along with because my pace was about the same as theirs. I used the stepper with it and those workouts always kicked my butt.

    1. I think you're right. I have a friend who still does her workouts and I think she backed them up on DVD's because her tapes were going to disintegrate from use and age. I liked her too before she got those weird extensions and seemed like she had a bit of a mental 'break!' LOL


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