Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweathogs, master class and Kacy inspires

Happy Tuesday all!

Yesterday I worked on touch up painting some parts of the armoire, painting some planks and freshening up some old picture frames that are now not matching with the new motif.  I still need to do some white washing, then gluing and then waxing the whole thing.  The weather is supposed to cooperate so I should be able to be in the garage without turning into a sweathog.


Now I want to watch Welcome Back, Kotter (affiliate link)  but it occurs to me I don't own it.  Okay, just added it to my wish list.

Does anyone else watch Oprah's Master Class?  Now I'm not an Oprah nut, matter of fact, she drives me a little crazy but I started recording it because she said Justin Timberlake was going to be on.  Well, I've yet to see Justin pop up but a handful of other celebs have been on and I must say, the Mr and I love the series.  The one last night was Vanessa Williams and she isn't someone I would've normally cared to watch one way or the other but after seeing Robin Roberts class, I learned to give any celeb a chance to "teach" us.  I always like to learn more about people than what media speculation serves up.  I think it's why we like CBS Sunday Morning too, you know...the one with the famous trumpet opening?

Yes, we're settling in to middle age quite nicely.

Did anyone catch American Ninja Warrior last night?  I'm about to spoil it so look away...


Kacy Catanzaro is going to the big show!  At 5' tall and 100 lbs, she beat so many dudes to get there and is the first woman to get this far!  She is so inspiring and my eyes welled up when she hit that button.  If you want to see her in the previous qualifier, watch here.

I must say my body is already thanking me for doing an active recovery week.  My IT band on my left side was starting to really stiffen up so we headed over to Do Yoga With Me.com and did the IT band video.  Oh my Lord, it hurt so bad at the beginning for both of us but by the end, I was feeling so much more loose and my IT band was happy.  I will definitely be putting that one in regular rotation, particularly after we do a walk on asphalt which seems to irritate my legs the most the following day.

We're supposed to have cooler temps over the next few days so I'm thinking a walk in the park is in order for tonight's workout.  I'm just a little relieved to be taking it easy this week.

What's your favorite throwback show?  What's your favorite show that teaches you something?  

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  1. I cringe when I hear that trumpet song for the Sunday Morning show. I do like the show it's just that I know that show was always my grandparents' show and that kind of thing. It's like I hear that and think "So this is how it begins, eh?"

    I am amazed by what Kacy has done especially with her height disadvantage on some of the obstacles. It just goes to show that you can train for anything and she certainly has put the work in where it counts! Cannot wait to see her at the finals!

    So glad it is an active recovery week. I had that cold last week and my body just needs to recover from everything.

  2. I know what you mean but I also feel like it also signifies we're past the crap. I would much rather say I watch that that whatever lame relationship reality show is on just to try to stay relevant. I think they are trying to "hip it up" a bit with Mo Rocca's segments and stuff so I think they're aiming for our demographic but still, I know.

    Kacy is amazing. I can't believe her skill but am so glad she's paving the way for women in that genre.

    Yeah, the scale may not thank me but I've gotta listen to the body this week so the scale can suck it.

  3. As a kid I grew up listening to Paul Harvey so I'm pre-programmed to liking old broadcasters. But Mo Rocca is awesome no matter what your age. He's on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me from time to time and cracks me up.

    I'll have to check out Master Class when we get cable again. I love those kind of shows. The truth is that most people that are successful and maintain that success for a decade have something worth sharing, even if we don't really like their public persona. I can't watch Nancy Grace but really enjoyed hearing her speak in person. I think I'd enjoy that show.

    1. I can only take Mo in small doses and one segment is good for me during that show. LOL

      Yes, you're right, people do have stories to tell and things to teach that can benefit us. Like I was definitely NOT a Rob Lowe fan back in the day (or any day, really) but I kept hearing rave reviews about his first book and I put it on my wish list and ended up loving it. He really had a lot of interesting stories and perspective that made me actually like him. :-)

  4. I love Gilligan's Island and Land of the Lost and my favorite old show is MASH. I don't really watch anything that's socially redeemable so I can't say I learn stuff from tv. Maybe how to (and not to) act in a zombie apocalypse from Walking Dead.

    I hope the weather cooperates for you to finish your projects.

    i watched the video and that lady is truly impressive.

    1. "I don't really watch anything that's socially redeemable"...can't stop laughing. Apparently zombie apocalypse preparedness is a good thing since I keep hearing about it. I'll go down in the first round, I'm sure.

      Isn't she? She's a peppy lil thing! So proud of her!

  5. LOVE CBS Sunday Morning! We have it set to record so we can watch it no matter what time I get up (Du is always up super early every morning!), while we read the Sunday paper at the kitchen table. Wynton Marsalis really rocks that opening, doesn't he? I think it used to be Doc Severinson, but the last I saw, it is now Marsalis. Really wakes me up!!

    John Travolta in his youth was just yummy! But I'm not sure how well Welcome Back Kotter held up over the years. I haven't watched it lately, but some shows just don't age well. I was a big fan back when it was on the air, however.

    1. Yep, we record it too! We're usually getting ready or out for the day before it ends so we'll either watch the first half then leave or just wait until later to watch the whole thing. It's rare but sometimes we'll have Sunday brunch and get the whole show in!

      I don't think Travolta looked any better than he did in Stayin' Alive...the much maligned and underrated sequel to Saturday Night Fever. Man, what a hottie. We're looking to make a playlist of all of our favorite shows from back in the day so if someone else buys it for me and I don't like it as much, I'm not out anything. :-)

  6. I'm so glad she made it! I didn't get a chance to watch last night. It's an interesting show...I have a quick thought about training for it and then I remember I can't, and don't ever want to, do a pull up. Maybe I should find another show....maybe they'll do something about extreme slow walking or something. lol.

    1. I can't do a pull up either...well, I don't think I can. I have no real way of testing that but the way those people dangle over water, I might as well just dive in. They talk about dudes being 225 and being "so big" for that competition and we always laugh. We want to run the course once with no cameras or people around. They could totally make money doing that...after they have people sign waivers, of course.

  7. I am all about American Ninja Warriors!! Matt Eisman is such a good host and he is fascinating because has quite the bio: he's an Internal Med physician (keeps his license active even though he doesn't practice), he's adopted, he has rheumatoid arthritis and he's a comedian (that's where I first saw him). I really like him and Akbar. And yep, I was cheering for Kacy the whole way! I was stunned when she made it because she's so short I didn't know how she's reach some of the bars/poles, but she did! I thought for sure her boyfriend was going to propose to her when he climbed up after her. I so enjoy every part of that show!

    1. Okay, we weren't the only ones who thought he was going to propose too! We literally booed at the TV when he didn't!!! Maybe he's waiting for her conquer Mt. Madoriyama? (sp)


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