Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer walk, TJ's walking a thin line and movie night

Last night we were compelled to walk for our workout.  73 degrees in July with little humidity?  Yes please.  

You've gotta snap that stuff up at every opportunity!

We got in 2.65 miles and strolled by waterfalls...

...and a duck feeding frenzy.

Dinner was BBQ chicken naan pizza and corn on the cob.

I will longingly stare at this picture as it appears Trader Joe's has stopped carrying our absolute favorite lacey marble swiss.  Curse you, Trader Joe.  Your discontinuing of everything we love is going to make us abandon you if you're not careful.

Then it was movie night.

We rented Transcendence (affiliate link)  with Johnny Depp despite bad reviews and The Other Woman (affiliate link)  with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.  We went with Johnny first and while I don't think it was as bad as we both read, it was just kind of...mmm...draggy?  The concept was good, the ending could've been better.

The Other Woman started out being seriously irritating but it thankfully got funny.  I like the nod to the infamous Jeff Daniels scene from Dumb and Dumber.  It was also nice to see Don Johnson again. It was not nice to see whatever trollop played Diaz' secretary.  She was seriously annoying but thankfully not in the movie too much.   It's one of those ones I'd say if the trailer looked good to you, rent it.  If it didn't, it probably wouldn't necessarily win you over.  I know, glowing review.  HA!

What have you rented lately?

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  1. Had a great walk. It was so amazingly pleasant outside. So unlike July but I'll take it! Movie night was a bit of a miss but that's okay. I liked some parts of Transcendence but they definitely could have edited it down a bit and they did go overboard with some of the things he was able to do. The Other Woman just didn't quite capture my interest as much but there were some funny parts. I've certainly seen worse.

    1. Yeah when it's that nice outside any time of year much less July, you get out and soak it up!

      Yes we most certainly have seen MUCH worse.

  2. Replies
    1. I love the way it sounds. We walked in a park last week that had a nice babbling brook (man made) and I thought "man, I'd love to have that in the back yard and listen to that all day!" So soothing!

  3. It's been a much wetter cooler summer here. That's been nice, but it means the hot days are more humid that usual and my swamp cooler does nothing. The drier it is outside, the more effective the thing is - but after years of drought I won't complain.

    I've been wanting to see Transcendence, and I will probably rent despite your "glowing" review. The other one I'm not real interested in. I tried to rent Winter's Tale last weekend because I really liked the book when I read it years ago, but they didn't have it on dvd and I haven't upgraded to a BluRay yet.

    I'm feeling some of your remodel pain. The tile wall in our bathroom split at a seam so hubby is tearing it out to put in a tub surround. We have another bathroom, but not another shower so he's tearing out one wall a night and then cleaning it up so we can bathe (but no showers until he's done). We found out last night that we even have to replace the insulation because it was soaked through too. We get the sheetrock and tub surround on Friday so hopefully by the end of the weekend it'll be done. The we'll have to repaint the bathroom to seal any exposed sheetrock and make everything match. Ick.

    1. It's the hot, humid days that'll get ya. We walked earlier in the day after the rain and it cooled off for like 10 minutes and then the moisture started to rise out of the ground. Ugh.

      Winters Tale was far better than either of the ones we rented last night but everyone seems to hate that one too for some reason.

      Ugh, the bathroom is the worst because it's the one room everyone uses regularly! Hopefully it's done soon for you guys!

  4. Love the waterfalls! That looks so peaceful to walk and sit by. And the duckies are so stinking cute! We just rented Ride Along over the weekend and that was pretty funny. It wasn't knee-slapping funny, but for someone like me who doesn't have a good attention span, I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it. I heard someone at the store say that they rented Tammy and were so disappointed with it, so that kind of bummed me out. I thought about watching it, but the trailer didn't look that spectacular, so I took a pass.

    1. Yeah one lone duck further down thought we had food and came swimming up then saw the frenzy and flew over us to get to them. "Screw you people!"

      I have no expectations for Tammy but I'm sure we'll rent it. I'll have to look up Ride Along.


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