Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Day weekend recap

We took it easy this weekend for the most part.  I did get some stuff I needed to finish off the armoire because living like this is getting a little old.

We had to make a stop by Hobby Lobby and I hate that the one closest to us now has a girl I went to school with working there.  Thankfully we've already done the how to catch up on 20 years in 90 seconds thing but it's like when you're looking for crafting projects, you don't want to have to worry about running into someone you weren't close to acting like you were closer than you were.  I can't be the only one to have had a similar incident since high school, am I?

So I think I have about all I need to get started on armoire #2 which has it's own unique challenge that I brought upon myself.  But should it turn out the way it is in my head, it should look pretty awesome.  Now I have a deadline looming.  Our couches are supposed to be delivered by the 24th but I know they could come earlier depending on how things go so I've gotta get the furniture done and I'm sure the Mr would love to park in the garage some time this millennium.

The Mr has been battling a minor cold this week.  I think it's been minor because we've been assaulting it with Emergen-C Acai Berry.  (affiliate link) I'm not one of those people who puts stock in the whole preventative meds but I got this stuff as a sample and when we both started getting sick at different times, we took it and it kicked the crud to the curb.  That sold me!  So I've been taking it because there's nothing worse than a summer cold and couple that with an upcoming road trip I do not want to be sick for and I've got incentive to stay well.  I knew given his mouth breather status he wouldn't be able to handle a big ol formal workout so I decided we'd walk our route before the trip and enjoy the neighbors gardens.

Love this garden!
The size of my head!

I don't know how they got that tree to go flat against that building but it's pretty dang cool!  It was about 76 degrees out with an occasional breeze so it was perfect walking weather.  We also got to check out a friend's son's new store on the route and I LOVE some of the stuff I saw so I'm going to have to go back when I have some money burning a hole in my pocket.  Of course, we walked the super long trek which is what we built up to and I think my hips and the balls of my feet were cursing us by the last 1/4 mile.  But you've gotta take advantage of those rare cooler days of summer when the swamp ass ones smack you with humidity and the urge to stay in the A/C.

It was nice to have our workout done by 5pm and we came home and readied ourselves to move the armoire back inside.  All I was concerned with was not scratching all the hard work I just put in on it and not scratching the floors.  There were of course speaker issues and I was so tired by the time we were going to watch Twister (yes, we love that movie and it's the perfect movie to test speakers with so...).

I'm just glad 4th of July festivities are over.  2am yard rockets brings out the 'get off my damn lawn' curmudgeon and when it falls on a weekend, it just gets stretched out far too long for my liking.

So that about covers our weekend.

What did you guys do over the holiday weekend?

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  1. It was a nice weekend. Unfortunately this cold continues to fight me every step of the way but I do believe the Emergen-C has made it easier to handle and shortened it a lot. Just want to make sure you don't get this because it is not fun!

    1. I'm glad I pushed you into taking one of your bazillion sick days today. Don't be one of those people that goes to work sick and then spreads the 'love.' It does seem to have taken hold a bit more than we'd like but the best thing to do is rest. I'm about to make us some green tea so get ready to chug a lug for the day!

  2. It was busy busy busy. Had a group of family and friends out for the 4th, and that required two weeks of prep/cleaning and a long day of hosting, after which we had a day of clean-up, but we do it every year, so we must enjoy it, right? Newest grandson was baptized Sunday, and that preceded another family gathering, which was lovely, since this time it was at my son's house. All in all, a lovely weekend. Our annual Fourth of July party is fun to plan for, but always a relief when it's all over.

    1. Wow, you were a busy little bee this weekend! I know what you mean though, gearing up for a big shindig can be both stressful but fun because of how much fun everyone is having. Wonderful memories you can't replace!

  3. I swear by Emergen-C - that stuff has knocked the wind out of my colds in the past and it also seems to help during allergy season, too.

    We had a backyard BBQ/pool party with a bunch of our friends and then rested the remainder of the weekend. We had plans to go to the beach on Saturday, but I didn't feel like fighting the hoards of people that would be there. I'd rather go when it's not so crowded and crazy so I can relax and not be so stressed out by the people around me.

    Oh, and we spent an inordinate amount of time all weekend trying to extricate our dogs out from underneath the furniture. Every time a neighbor set off fireworks, they took cover like they were taking artillery fire on a battlefield. I'm always glad when New Year's and July 4th are over so the dogs will stop freaking out.

    1. That stuff is the shizz, isn't it!? I never would've take it before if it hadn't been for that sample so I'm glad I got it!

      Sounds like you had a good weekend! I don't blame you for not going to the beach, it would've been like that Huey Lewis video "If This Is It" where the people are wandering the beach all day for a spot. LOL

      Poor pups! Our neighbor, whose dog completely loses her mind during the 4th, has thankfully taken it elsewhere the past few years. Our dog used to sit on our laps and shake to death. Just when you thought it was over, some jerk would set off another one and we'd have to calm her down all over again. Sigh. I saw our shelter has about 50 dogs that ran away during fireworks and every year they say only half of them are picked up before being put up for adoption. I don't get that!? How could you leave a furry family member for someone else to adopt!? :-(

  4. My weekend was pretty good. Saturday we ran a bunch of errands and enjoyed the day together. Saturday we went to mom's to help her with her tv issues and got lunch from my very favorite hot dog/beef place (Portillo's) that I only get to have every few years because they are in the city and the suburbs and I live a good 50 miles away from the nearest one now. Sunday was spent clearing out more donation stuff. Seven bags, 4 boxes and a scale went to the Salvation Army. We then dragged the queen bed down the stairs and out onto the lawn by the curb along with the frame and mattress pad and within an hour and a half it was gone! The hubs kept saying someone would take it before garbage day today but I didn't believe it. Sure enough, it was gone! Now there is a lot more room in the spare room and it'll be so much easier to paint it. Still too many bins, but I figure six of the seven bags were clothes, so I did pretty dang well. I was pooped after that and knew I wouldn't sleep well knowing I had to go back to work tomorrow, so I just finished reading a book and started a new one. I'm supposed to work this Saturday so if that's the case, then I'll get a 1/2 day during the week so I'm uber excited about that--have no plans, but I'm away from work! =o)

    1. Ooh Portillo's! They make a mighty fine Maxwell Street Polish and good fries! You are a donation machine! Once I get the furniture done, I need to start doing that too. Too much crapola. Yeah, people will always snatch something out front of your house. We need to figure out what we're doing with our couch and loveseat before the others are delivered. I figure if we can schedule a charity pick up, we'd be good but slapping a free sign on it and sitting it out front would work too. LOL

  5. We spent a couple days at my folks house and joined them at a party a friend of theirs hosts every year. These friends live adjacent to a golf course, and there is a fireworks show over the course so we have a front and center view. So awesome!

    One of my dogs is totally freaked out by fireworks. I had no idea since we've only had her a year and last year it was so dry they were banned. Someone vandalized our back fence twice so she got out, and then when we fixed those holes she started at the chain link in the front and got out more times. We ended up having to board her at the vet's office while we were gone instead of having our neighbor take care of her. Some jerk was setting off fireworks still last night so she tore up the fence again to get out. I'm so tired of it all.


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