Friday, July 18, 2014

I need sleep and what I'm reading this week

I'm so sad it's Friday.

Said no one ever.

I think I'm going to wear my sleep mask so I can try to sleep as long as possible.  This whole getting up at 7am on the weekend stuff stinks.  Why can't I sleep like I'm 16 and my mom had to come up, wake me and ask "you gonna sleep the day away?"  

Yes...I'm a teenager.  That's what I do did.

Enough mourning the sleeping patterns of my youth, let's get to...

What Is Gluten? Everything You Need to Know in 2 Minutes  (In case you cared)

Your $8.9 Million Chance To Live Like Meg Ryan  (Hand me the

10 Beaches That Will Make You Want To Plan A Trip To The Great Lakes Immediately  (Like I need more enticing to get to upper Michigan)

12 Things You Never Knew About Home Alone  (I'm getting a serious itch to watch again.  I'll wait until the Mr is at work)

30 Dumbbell Exercises Missing From Your Routine  (Get on it)

31 Easy DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look More Expensive  (I'm down with that!)

Pop Quiz: Can You Identify These ’90s Hits by Just Their First Second?  (I crushed it)

Colbie Caillat Goes Makeup-Free, Embraces Natural Beauty in "Try" Music Video  (Beautiful!)

My Fitness Band is Making Me Fat:  Users complain of weight gain with trackers  (Rut-roh!)

How Domino's Pizza Lost Its Mascot  (I guess they wanted to avoid the Noid as well)

Praise Be to the Jetway Jesus: Confessions of a Fed-Up Flight Attendant   (I've seen this too.  People just suck)

The 8 Essential Stretches to Open Up Tight Hips   (I'm doing this asap, come to the floor...join me!)

Should California Be Split Into Six States? Voters Will Get To Decide  (What say you Californians?)

Six Home-Buying Deal Breakers (and How to Troubleshoot Them)  (Good to know!)

Weird Al’s New Video Actually Turned "Blurred Lines" Into Something Worthwhile  (It's like Schoolhouse Rock for the whatever they hell they call this.  The 10's?)

The Ingredients You Should Have in Your Pantry for Quicker Cooking  (Interesting suggestions in the comments!)

Spying on Your Kids’ Phones, for Their Own Good  (This would be us.  Our kids we're not having would hate us so we're saving ourselves the headache of them buying burner phones to attempt to trick us)

Hot Cop Of Castro Speaks!  (Why couldn't they have sent this dude when we had to call 911 in San Francisco!?)

Wonder Years Alum Fred Savage Is Directing an Episode of The Goldbergs  (As if this show couldn't get any better)

Turns Out Ghost-Hunting Is WAY Less Glamorous In The Suburbs  (I cannot WAIT to see this!  I love Matthew Gray Gubler!  (Reid from Criminal Minds))

Watch One Woman Shatter All Expectations   (Get it, girl!)

One Size Doesn't Fit All: How to Find the Best Health and Fitness Routine for You  (Preach it yo!)

No real plans for the weekend.  It's supposed to be nice so I'd like to get out at some point to enjoy the weather for a little bit.  

Anything on tap for you guys?

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  1. I would love to sleep right now too. But at least all your links will help me stay awake today. Definitely looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!

    1. I think I got almost 7 hours last night and I still woke up tired. A delicate balance between too little and too much. :-\

  2. I loved that 90's song link. I got 12 out of 16. The other day at the pool they had on the "easy listening" radio station and both Smells Like Teen Spirit and Jeremy were played on it. While enjoyable to listen to, it reminded me that I am there hanging with my kids with my other parent friends, rather than just hanging at the pool with my friends.

    1. Wasn't that fun?! The Mr just did it and got 10 out of 16. LOL...nothing like reminders that we're not teens anymore, eh? :-)

  3. Loved your morning play on words. ;)

  4. My mom grew up a stone's throw from St. Mary's River and her folks had a cabin on the shore of Lake Superior. We used to go visiting when I was a kid (and I hated it because I was a kid) but the crystal clear water is so soothing.

    I definitely need to do some of those stretches. I tried a new video last night and my legs feel like they're been through the wringer this morning.

    It's been much cooler this week, but it's going to start warming up again today and then be truly hot again by tomorrow or Sunday. I've enjoyed the break.

    Today is our anniversary, and tomorrow is the boy's birthday party (his actual birthday was the 1st but this is the date we chose for the party). Not sure what we have planned for our anniversary, hubby has some dental work today so it'll depend a lot on what he feels up to.

    1. Isn't it funny how trips of our youth totally induced eye rolling but now you can appreciate them? I'm going to be doing those stretches later, I can't wait.

      Happy Anniversary! I hope the weekend is a fun one!

  5. "I really enjoyed that Weird Al Yankowich parody" is one sentence I did not expect to type today.

  6. The one size doesn't fit all article was very good! I hear you about the sleep thing. I average between 3-4 hours a night and am up between 4am-5am every single day. It drives me crazy because I can't will myself to sleep longer. I think that's why I look so forward to an afternoon nap on the weekends. I've tried going without naps thinking I'll sleep better. Nope. My mind won't shut off and my body can't relax, so I've been this way for the past couple of decades. Not sure of the weekend plans other than my meeting tomorrow morning and house cleaning. I've been in a really rough funk this week and it occurred to me that I'm filled with rage, depression, and anxiety all in equal measure. wonder I can't sleep! LOL


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