Wednesday, July 16, 2014

100 Happy Days completed

Remember when I told you I was doing the 100 Happy Days project back in April?  Well, I actually completed it!  I know, you might be thinking "how hard is it to write down at least one thing that made you happy that day?"  But some days are just one poo log after another being thrown your way and you really have to search for the happiness.

Some things were with the Mr...

(Day 4)  4/8- Looking through 1980 Christmas Wish Book online listening to Christmas music with Mr

(Day 5)  4/9-  Singing the Muppets "Ain't Got No Room For Boring" song with Mr while making dinner.

(Day 10)  4/14-  Got card and flowers from Mr

(Day 46)  5/20- Surprising Mr with Godzilla, lunch at favorite restaurant and fro-yo for the last day of vacation.

(Day 82)  6/25- Got mushy with the Mr over our first love note

Some things were remodel related...

(Day 9)  4/13-  Ordered new couch/loveseat

(Day 60)  6/3- Starting the painting spree (the end result will make me happy)  We got far

(Day 61)  6/4- All walls painted!

(Day 66)  6/9- Bought flooring

(Day 71)  6/14- Floor and baseboards laid

(Day 76)  6/19- Started staining the side table

(Day 94)  7/7- Started on 2nd armoire

Some things were family oriented...

(Day 16)  4/20- Sidewalk chalk at Easter/stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's on the way home (haven't seen them in years)

(Day 50)  5/24- Grandma saying "WHAT!?" when we said we dropped $75 for lunch at Sutro's at Cliff House.  Shows she's still able to understand some situations.

(Day 52)  5/26- Cookout with mom

(Day 59)  6/2-  Talking with aunt on the patio

(Day 75)  6/18- When grandpa gave me a check, Grandma said "I'll take one!"/When she "danced"  to the cell ringtone

Some things were vacation/road trip highlights...

(Day 1)  4/5-  Favorite restaurants in Mr's hometown

(Day 30)  5/4- 18 year anniversary...17 Mile Drive/Mission Ranch dinner

(Day 32)  5/6-  Big Sur!/Seeing whales

(Day 35)  5/9- Brenda's pecan sauce French Toast!  HOLY SH*T!

(Day 38)  5/12- 12 MILE WALK OF THE CITY!  (Pac Heights to Ferry Bldg to Ghirardelli Sq to Pac Heights) 

(Day 40)  5/14- Sutro Bath ruins hike

(Day 41)  5/15- Lafayette Park

(Day 83)  6/26- Hooky day!  (Animals, picnic, antiquing)

(Day 99)  7/12- Indy with Chicago friends

Some things were mundane...

(Day 7)  4/11- Got address painted on curb

(Day 21)  4/25-  Got dishwasher parts FINALLY

(Day 48)  5/22- Getting flowers planted

(Day 92)  7/5-  Sitting for an hour between errands with no TV or noise on

Some things were reaching because the day wasn't so hot...

(Day 18)  4/22-  Migraine was finally gone

(Day 22)  4/26- Seriously crappy day but at least lunch was almost free with gift card

(Day 84)  6/27-  Early workout! 

(Day 85)  6/28-  Woke up which means I'm alive, so...there's that.

I'll admit there were times I was a few days behind so I really had to keep on top of it but ultimately I think it was a good thing to do.  It forces you to look at each day and find the happiness even if by normal standards you would say the day is a flusher.  

Each day above ground is a gift and we should all appreciate the things that make us happy whether it's something big like seeing Big Sur or a shining moment of clarity from your ailing grandma to the little things we take for granted like getting dishwasher parts and being blessed enough to afford them when needed to sitting in quiet without all the noise of the boob tube or even music.

I might just keep this up!  

Did you do the 100 Happy Days project?  Would you start now, if you didn't?

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  1. That was really neat to read through. A good way to remember each day and now you have a keepsake of it all which is a nice bonus. I am also honored to have been a part of some of those days, so thank you for the privilege!

    1. Yeah...would've been cool to read through yours. ;-) It is nice to look back because each day seems like the same as the day before but if you do this, you can see that it's not. Thank YOU for making me happy!

  2. This is really cool! I think I missed the post where you kicked off this project, but I'm glad I got to read the results. I think I am going to start doing this, starting today. It will help me stay sane over the next few months (I have some big projects on the horizon at work and two classes coming up in the fall semester that are going to kick my butt!) As always, thank you for sharing your terrific ideas - they are always helpful.

    1. It really does help! You always hear to have gratitude every day and so on but when you have to sit down and go over your day, it forces you to find the good. I think you'll find it particularly helpful with the busy time you have coming up!

  3. I thought about doing this when another friend of mine started it, and I thought about it again when you started it, but ultimately that all I did - think about it. I've had some pretty crap days of late so maybe digging deep to find something good about it would help. I'd probably do it for like 3 days and then forget about it though.

    1. Set a reminder on your phone/computer, etc for about 9pm and encourage yourself to find the happiness. I think this project could be just what you need right now. :-)

  4. Interesting project. I guess it had slipped my mind that you were doing it. I can see the value it doing this but I don't know if it's the right strategy for me. I might pick another method to focus on the good. Thanks for sharing!

  5. :-) I type that emoticon with all sincerity. This made me smile. and the Muppets? Well come on, too easy! Is there anything the Muppets CAN'T make better?........ok probably a pap smear! well now I've made myself laugh, picturing me smacking a muppet during a pap smear, so there you go. They keep on giving.

    1. I think if I was having a pap done and Animal popped up from between my legs, I'd probably shoot the speculum out! LOL

  6. I am on Day 97 of my 100 Happy Days! I have enjoyed it, and only found it stressful a few times when I struggled to find something. I tried to take a picture or find one of my "Happy" and posted it to FB every day. Like yours, mine ranged from mundane (flowers in my yard) to wonderful (birth of Grandson), to ecstatic (good scan reports for Du's cancer). I probably was happy about my Juno (Bulldog) and Neymar (kitty cat) more than non-pet people consider normal, but I do love my pets and they make me awfully happy. I almost hate see this challenge coming to an end and am seriously considering starting it all over again, or changing the name of it to '200 Happy Days,' or maybe even 'ONE HAPPY YEAR?' It seemed to help keep me upbeat, finding the joy in the every day. Sometimes I would find myself dwelling on Du's cancer and his prognosis, and get depressed, but thinking about something to post on FB that I was happy about, really helped to lift my spirits.

    1. That's wonderful! So happy to hear it helped you and I think that'll be my happy thing for today! :-D


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