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Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Journal Friday 4/2-4/6

It's been a yummy week in our household!  Let's eat!

Monday was lemon pepper alfredo with roasted asparagus.  Boy THAT sure made for an interesting trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  You know what they say about asparagus and wee wee.  Sorry, not very appetizing food post fodder!  Calories:  531

Tuesday was chili with 3/4 oz of chipotle gouda and oyster crackers with a Hawaiian sweet roll (not pictured b/c I forgot it until the end of the meal...der!)  I loooove me a good bowl of chili!  Calories:  643

I love it so much we had it Wednesday with a King's Hawaiian dinner roll.  Thankfully my taste buds had somewhat healed from burning them the night before.  Calories:  643

Thursday was mango salmon over a bed of TJ's Spinach and Carrot polenta.  Gotta get more fish in.  I was aiming for at least twice this week but failed.  Boo.  Calories: 655

Tonight was BBQ Chicken naan pizza with russet potato fries.  1 tbsp of ketchup on the side. Yum!  The Mr was a happy boy since this is his favorite meal.  Calories:  651

Calorie average for the week:  2218
Calories burned this week:  4925

Even though it was a desperately needed rest day, we took a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon.  I love it when he teleworks!

Did you eat anything delicious this past week?  What are you plans for this weekend?

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  1. I'm traveling and didn't have anything too adventurous. I did find a great hamburger joint in Birmingham, though, which will be handy to know next trip. :)

  2. Ooh, that chili sure jumped off the page! Today is cooking day, gotta go to the store! (Although I'll bet I can't find chipotle gouda here, YUM!)

  3. Yum! I am a happy girl now that asparagus is in season. Stinky pee or not, it's delicious and one of my favorite veggies!

  4. I can see why the naan pizza is a favorite of the Mr.'s. It looks fantastic! Last time I looked for naan I couldn't find it, but I'll have another look or maybe get some in a few weeks when I'm up at my folks' house. Where they have stores with actual food instead of pseudo-groceries. I also need to stock up on chicken sausage, coffee, whatever produce is on sale that week, and get some of that better than peanut butter stuff you use.

    This week - I was so sick all week I barely ate solid food. I did drink gallons of orange juice though. Hopefully tomorrow's dinner will redeem my woeful week.

  5. LOVE these pictures. You make me so hungry! :D

  6. I tried a pasta & asparagus dish yesterday and it did not turn out nearly as well as yours--that alfredo sounds SO good!

  7. On two blogs today I found a spicy basil chicken dish. I'm going to make it tonight adding pea pods, mushrooms and bean sprouts over brown rice. So good! Shrimp with angel hair pasta and asparagus is next. Can't wait to have veggies all around.

  8. The salmon day jumped out at me! :raises hand for more fish nights, too:
    I wonder what spinach and carrot polenta are? I shall google polenta but will put out a general guess - corn-based?
    Googled! it is cornmeal. Do I just mix in spinach and carrots to the basic polenta recipe? (Staring at the first entry - Giada de Laurentil recipe)

    Always LOVE your FFJs!!!

  9. Melly- The polenta is in Trader Joe's Frozen Food section. It's a quick fix, 6 minutes in the microwave!


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