Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Food Journal 4/9-4/13

What a long week.  I have been killing myself on workouts and today's peek at the scale says "I'm gonna gift you with another gain you lucky wench!"  I have been hobbling around and my calories are slipping back about 100 calories average.  I also notice the past 2 weeks I've gained that my calories have been almost exactly the same everyday (2200) but when I was staggering, I was losing.  So I guess I'll be going back to that and really micromanaging things.  I seriously can't wait for vacation when I can take a break from that crap.  But that's not why you stopped by, let's eat!

Monday was whole wheat spaghetti with half and half mix of meat sauce and low sodium marinara, a spinkle of parmesan cheese and a light garlic bread.  It was quite yummy.  It came after a hard workout so it was gobbled up.  Calories:  682

Tuesday was a harder cardio day so I wanted muscle repairing foods.  I made an awesome crusted salmon (recipe in the near future) and roasted asparagus.  I think my fridge is going to start looking like the forest from Once Upon a Time if I have my druthers.  Druthers.  Funny word.  Calories:  519

Wednesday I was dying for breakfast for dinner.  We'll pretend my dumb ass skillet didn't overheat despite having it on 6 and burn my freakin' pumpkin pancakes.  One apple sausage link and a lacy cheese omelette with 2 whites and 1 whole egg and 2 tbsp of light syrup.  I think I actually like the store brand syrup better than Mrs Butterworth (no I don't like "real" maple syrup).  Mrs. B had somethin' funky going on with her taste.  I might just have the Mr take it to work for the toaster waffle crowd and get the other stuff.  Also had a glass of light chocolate skim milk. My calories were low so I could afford more at dinner.  Calories: 836

Thursday I was so spent.  My joints ached and I couldn't even do Power 90 the way I wanted to so I wanted to make something extra yummy to reward us for getting through the week.  I made BBQ chicken paninis with 3 1/2 oz of chicken, 1 tbsp BBQ sauce, spinach and a slice of lacy cheese on TJ's Italian Loaf with baked potato wedges with Mrs Dash seasoning and 1 tbsp ketchup.  Calories: 670

Friday was a celebration of being able to walk after the workouts from hell week 2.  We had chicken tacos and brussels sprouts.  Where in the heck have these been all my life?!  I'm so glad I gave them a try and if I had an endless supply of grocery money, I'd eat them every day.  The Mr would not because while he likes them now he said water tastes sulfury to him for a day after he eats them.  Anyone else have this problem?  He also doesn't have stinky wee after eating asparagus but I do.  I think he's a freak of culinary nature.  I also made sure I snuck some pineapple in the tacos (which was WONDERFUL by the way) so I could get in a little more anti-inflammatory properties.  Calories: 550

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Got anything on tap for the weekend?  Eat anything particularly delish this week?

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  1. I find it easier to lose if the totals (calories and exercise) bounce around a little. I don't do so badly with the exercise variation, but I get stuck on my total calories for the day.

    I'm not a Mrs. B fan either--it's bitter or something. For sugar free syrup, I like Cary something-or-other, which I sometimes mix with a little real syrup. (Gotta vary those calories! LOL)

    Happy weekend to you and the Mr.!

  2. Love your food choices!! Yum!!!

  3. sprouts.
    They are seriously one of my all time favorite foods. They are like candy to me! Did you roast them, by chance? That is by far the best way to eat them! Cut them in half, add a smidgen of olive oil, salt & pepper, throw them in a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes until they caramelize.

  4. Thanks y'all!

    Amber- I usually roast them if I'm doing something else in the oven like fish or chicken but I did the 'lazy ladies' version. 90 seconds in the microwave, covered then a toss of garlic and pepper and on the stove top grill pan for the perfect char. Yum!!

  5. I'll be going to the rec center to work off the second cake ball Easter egg I just ate, throwing caution to the winds. I have to stop making your recipes! lol

  6. YUM!!! I'm definitely going to try your version next time I make them!

  7. Love the Brussels sprouts--my favorite! I've never had the issue with water tasting like sulfur after eating them. Maybe that's why you and I like them and your husband not as much. :)

    Did you make the garlic bread yourself? It's making me hooooongry!

  8. I wish I could take credit for the garlic bread but it's pre-made light garlic bread by New York brand. When I do it myself I usually do it on baguette or ciabatta half with real roasted garlic. But I've gotta be really motivated! HA!


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