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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Calendar couple

Most of you know I do my workout schedule a month ahead of time.  The last of the month, I'm usually perusing the list of workouts that still burn some calories for us and trying to arrange them to make sure we're getting a good balance of strength and cardio.

For those thinking we slacked the Friday with no sticker, it was rest day.  ;-)
For some reason, I slacked in March.  Only the 2nd time in 3 years I didn't make a calendar for that month.  I have no idea why I didn't and then after the first week it became more like an experiment to see how it felt with having a schedule vs. not.  Every night we would go down and ask what we felt like doing and we still chose wisely and even switched workouts in the middle of one or two if we weren't "feelin' it."  It didn't throw us off or make us not work as hard but at the end of the month I sent a chat message to the Mr at work asking "April- Calendar or no calendar?"
"I agree."

A few days into the new month with a new calendar (and a kick ass first week that is physically draining us) we both feel much more on track because the night before we tend to look and say "what's on the agenda for tomorrow?" and kind of mentally prepare for it.  There's no having to decide on the spot what to do and think about what have we already done that week or did we get enough strength in or whatever.  That's all been thought out for us when we have the calendar to follow and while it may seem a little anal to some, it really helps keep us a little more stress free knowing that decision is already made for us.  So experiment done.  We're a calendar couple and we're not going to fix something that's not broken.

Do you pre-plan your workouts or fly by the seat of your pants?

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  1. I'm glad we had the chance to try it out without the schedule but I definitely prefer to know what to expect each day. Plus there is still something so rewarding about putting a sticker on the completed day/workout. I had the feeling that if we kept going without a schedule then it would have been only a matter of time before we would start skipping. Maybe not right away but in the long run.

  2. I used to pre-plan when like 90% of my exercise was indoors.. But now, I'm pretty much driven by the weather. I live in a city that has a lot of it, and so whenever the sun is out I need to get moving.. I just have a set number of exercises to do in a week, and try to make that happen. Love the smiley stickers though!

  3. I have to have a plan otherwise I just change directions too many times:) I am in the process of tweeking my schedule so wish me luck this month:)


  4. Over the past six months or so I've tended to fly by the seat of my pants, other than knowing there would be a hike at least one day a week. But I can sure see the value in what you do...maybe when I have re-established some normalcy after going to work outside my home, I'll follow your lead!

    PS, those Easter-egg cake balls are evil! I can hear them calling me from the freezer and it's only 8:30 a.m.! Maybe I shouldn't have substituted chocolate cake and frosting?

  5. What a fun calendar! Nowadays, unless I'm training for a distance run, I don't do calendars anymore. But when my workouts consisted of mainly videos, I did them all the time so I wouldn't be stuck staring at my massive collection with no clue how to proceed. I always have a general idea in my head of what the next day's workout will be. I just don't write it down for the most part (unless it affects my husband too; e.g., spinning class on Saturday or hiking with him.

  6. I almost always pre-plan, but sometimes my plans change. Even more so recently since the injuries have taken things away from me that I used to enjoy. I tend to work better with a calendar too.

  7. I am in awe of you and Mr., you do not fail by failing to plan! I should do this--make a calendar of workout plans--maybe that would make me more motivated to get out there and walk every day.

    I wanted to ask you something kind of personal. You never mention your job, so I'm guessing you're a work-at-home person. I plan to retire in the next year or so. I worry some about having too much free time and getting bored and over-eating from that boredom. I know you stay super busy with your home improvement projects, and I also note that those meals you make must take some preparation time. Do you have other suggestions as to ways to spend my time when I have LOTS more of it? Don't get me wrong--I am really looking forward to this phase of my life, but I also know I cannot go out and shop (like I've been doing too much of lately), because the income is going to drop some and I also don't want to be constantly wandering into the kitchen and snacking. I want to get my 20+ years of retirement and if I return to my state of morbid obesity, I will either shorten that time or make it much less active or both. Any ideas for a soon to be stay-at-homer?

  8. I love your little stickers! Lately I've een a fly by the seat of my pants exerciser but now that I just quit my job I think I should structure my days a little bit more :) Where do you print out that calenders?!?

  9. I think it's really awesome that you mix up your workouts so much that you can make a calendar for it. I do the same thing everyday (riding my exercise bike while I work--so for 4 hours, when I actually do it) & I really need to mix it up. But I think if I was doing as much as you two do, I'd want it scheduled on a calendar too!

  10. The calendar is a great idea.! I never thought of that. I wog and bike., so mostly I do outside stuff. I really need to start doing more actual workouts for the coordination and flexibility, so a calendar would be great for that.

    Thanks for the great idea. Btw., I finally broke down & got a google account so that I could comment on your blogs.

  11. Thanks everyone! I like hearing how people approach their routines. We did the 'wing it approach' before we were serious but found it was too easy to talk ourselves out of.

    Cheri- I put mine in the freezer and haven't thought about them but I do need to set up a reminder to yank them out of there a day before so they don't sweat!

    Chetney- The calendar is a Word document my old boss set up for me like 10 years ago. I have no clue how to upload it to here but if you want to email me at mrs{at}successalongtheweigh{dot}comI can email you a copy.

    LuckyDogFarm- So glad to see you aboard! YAY!

  12. I added this post to my "Friday Finds" post, hope that's okay! :)

  13. This is such a great idea! I've been kind of doing weekly plans, but I always forget to make it more balanced and add the workouts that I want to do.

    I've been seeing other bloggers post their monthly schedules and am inspired to give it a try!

  14. My workouts don't change much, so no need for a calendar. This time of year I do try to fit in extra exercise outside.

  15. Love the calendar idea! It's so easy NOT to do it, isn't it?
    I've been on a pretty good streak for several months now, getting a minimum of 30 minutes in every day, more when I have the time.
    Thinking of trying the calendar though.


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