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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It's "that week"...I'm just gonna warn you.  So my attitude is in the crapper right now.  I am convinced men have their own 'cycles' as well where they do things that they don't do any other time than around your 'ladies days' (to quote Marie Barone) to annoy you.  I was really relying on my workout to speed some of those feel good endorphins everyone touts so much and something was distracting me.  Or I should say someone.  The Mr decides he's going to do Turbo Fire as though someone has put burning embers into his shorts which was completely distracting.  On a good day when I go down to workout and am focused, I am still easily distracted.  I mean seriously, I can't even let my mind wander or I miss a move or two or zone out and get uncoordinated so I really need very little distraction.  Believe me when I tell you seeing a pogo stick in your peripheral vision is dis-trac-ting!  I threatened to leave and/or workout without him the rest of the week because he being a little over the top.  HISS!

Then I swear I have this super sonic hearing that kicks in 'that week' and makes my already "super sonic hearing" (to quote an ear, nose and throat specialist) some kind of uber hearing that I could hear an ant fart if I listened hard enough.  So I'm punching and doing these twists and all I can hear is the sound of my arm fat slapping during transitions.  It was like an insult with every slap and I wanted to just hack off my arm fat, sew myself up and continue on.  HISS!

I went online to see what new releases were out at the DVD rental store.  (Yes, we go to a video store because Netflix sucks and Redbox releases movies 1 month after they actually come out.)  I don't want to get into a big debate about movie services but I got highly irritated that nothing good was out and hasn't been for a few weeks.  The last thing we rented was "We Bought a Zoo" and we really liked it but jeez man, there was a time when we would get several new releases to watch in one night.  Those days are apparently gone.  Thanks a lot Hollywood.  HISS!

The Biggest Loser.  Don't get me started.  I only watch so I can drool over Dolvett and see his gleaming white teeth, bulging muscles and rock solid boo-tay that I would like to bounce quarters off of.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, I don't know why we watch it.  This probably the worst season in history and what happened last night made me want to throw dog poo at the TV.  I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it.  But it didn't add to my cheerful mood.  HISS!

Let's hope today is a better day!

What are/were your PMS symptoms?  How do/did you deal with them...legally?

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  1. I'm sorry, I had to laugh when yo were talking about your arm fat. The first time I heard those bat wings flapping I was running and I literally looked around to see what that noise was, lol! I've had dreams where I've cut them off and sewn them up. Can we say too many horror movies?!? Thanks for the update on TBL. This season is awful! I don't know why I watch, the show gets worse every year, and I don't like any of the contestants. I hope your week gets better!

  2. Ahaha! This post made me chuckle! I'm the same way with exercise when it comes to space & focus.

  3. You're right, loser sucked. I find myself surfing or reading while its on and then just paying attention for the weigh ins. what a bunch of babies

  4. One pogo-sticks one's way through Turbo Fire? Shoot me now!!!

    I do have fond memories of pogo sticking (and the "hippity hop" just popped into my mind - before your time, you young thing?)

    The big C took care of my uterus for me so I don't have to go through a 'ladies' time' anymore, but I had that super sonic hearing thing, too! Wild! And YES. Stuff Bugged Me. Everyone's chewing got louder, for Pete's sake! I remember that....

  5. I hope you're not looking for sympathy because this blog made me laugh and I need to laugh these days! (I am reminded of the sound my flapping gut makes if I'm not wearing the right underwear when I run; makes me want to run on home!)

    What's happened to TBL? I still watch it but I'm usually doing something else at the same time; it's on for the noise. There have been moments this season but last night really bugged me.

    Thanks for a happy start to my day; hope yours is better than yesterday!!

  6. I hope you're better today. I'm one of the lucky ones that - I don't have much in the way of PMS aside from a higher than usual junk food craving. That's not to say I don't have days like that, mine are just scattered at random throughout the month. I don't know if the super sonic hearing thing is a PMS thing or an irritation thing. I know when I'm already pissed off everything bugs me, including sounds that I otherwise hear but barely notice.

  7. HAHA! Glad to know I'm not the only one. First off, I start "nesting" like a mother. Everything HAS to be cleaned or in order or else I will FIXATE on it and can't relax until it's done. Then, my poor lil son (I'm a single mom. It's always the ones closest to you that get it the worst. Don't worry he's a teen) always seems to do or say something that just rubs me and I tend to reply very snippy. He'll also get these crazy out of the blue cleaning instructions from me. "Why didn't you take out the recycling??" His reply "Um, because it's NOT FULL. Fine. I will take the five pieces of paper out to the recycling bin."

    The good thing is that the further you go along in your pursuit of health the better the symptoms get. But for me, the cleaning thing has never changed.

  8. Thanks for commiserating guys! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with the hearing thing. I'm glad I could give y'all a laugh, my PMS rants do end up rather humorous at times. There is that shock the first time you hear a "fat slap" and I wish you could just clothespin it back while working out. Perhaps a full body compression suit? HA!

    And TBL...pssht, that show is about to get kicked off of my DVR. I fast forward long enough to see Dolvett and the weigh ins.

  9. I'm new to your blog...but have seen you commenting on many of the same blogs I read!! So I decided to come check you out :-)

    Good timing, too, as I am dealing with the mother of all hormone madness, perimenopause. My only tip is to acknowledge that I'm feeling prickly and grouchy, preferably out loud. I tell my hub not to take it personally when I need to snarl!

    Exercise ALWAYS helps!

  10. hahaha.

    I hate when im working out and my skin slaps together. It makes me cringe because all i associate with it is two people bumping uglies and then I get paranoid other people are associating my thighs with sexytime and having their own personal imagefest in their brains. it sounds silly (or crazy even), but thats literally what goes on in my mind.

    I used to have that supersonic hearing problem when i actually had a cycle. But, since ive stopped BC I havent gotten one (thanks PCOS).. the dr told me to lose weight and not come back until its been 5 months. (yeah, ive been working on that first part since birth doc...)

  11. Oh, don't even get me started on TBL--what a bunch of whiny babies!!!! HELLO, you signed a contract, you've watched the show--you know there are twists! Get over yourselves and get to work. So glad we DVR it so I can speed through the junk. Hope your day is better today--I hate PMS weeks!

  12. Sorry about your "Boo Hiss" day. I have to admit, however, you made me smile here and there. I don't have those "lady days" anymore, and even thugh there's plenty of problems associated with old age that took its place--I sure don't miss that about being younger!
    Sometimes when the girls weigh in on Biggest Loser and don't have much of a loss I always think, "I betr thedy're having their period." That just doens't seem fair! I haven't watched this week's episode yet--maybe I can catch it on-line today at work. Shhh.....don't tell anybody!
    ARM FAT--I hate it! The loose skin there bothers me more than any place else, and I've got it all over. I can't wear anything that is shorter than elbow length, which really limits your selections in the spring & summer. I guess it's the price I pay for abusing my body with excess food all those years.

  13. My, oh my, someone's hormones are on speed dial! Don't I know the feeling well?! You have my complete sympathies!

    I have the supersonic hearing for odd, out-of-place noises, like ice crunching, gum-popping, crunching--stuff like that. I no longer go to a movie theater for that very reason.

  14. Aww honey! I'm sorry you are having hissy week! Just know that it happens to the best of us! On a brighter note, you.are.hilarious. I about died when I read about your super sonic hearing. Too funny! (Even though I know it's not funny to you right now). Stay strong!

  15. I am hormonal now too. Blech. It's amazing how the world seems to conspire to irritate you at this time of the month. (Because it's the world, right? Definitely not you!)

    I hope you feel better soon!

  16. I just have hugs and no clever words!

  17. bahahahaha! I recently told my Mr. he was dancing like a pogo stick! LOVE IT~) feel better soon

  18. Lets see, pms taken care with an IUD and Midol complete when its just being over the top. I hate hate hate Conda and am seriously peeved she is still in the race. And now when she said what she did about Kim really sealed the I Hate Conda thing for me. Arm fat flap no, but the belly or thigh (or the belly boucing off the thigh fat slap) very embarrassing and does make me look around for the noise.

  19. OMG I know the feeling. I am enjoying my cycle right now, yeah right. I had to weigh in Tuesday and there was NOT a loss, actually a slight gain, but just a few ounces which pretty much ruins my mood for the whole week. I need to stop being so negative!

  20. Man, watch out for those ant farts and pogo sticks!

    I was just trying to get a good burn in but I guess it was a bit over the top :-)

  21. we're cycle sistahs!!!

    Man I HATED TBL, it was such a let down and I'm so mad about it. This is the first time in history that I haven't wanted ANY of them to win.

  22. I know you weren't in a good mood when you wrote this, but oh how I chuckled. Skin slaps, I know about that. One night while trying to be cute (was wearing a little night tee dress), I crawled into bed to be next to my boyfriend and there was this "slap slap" sound. He goes, "what is that?" I said, "Um yea, that would be the sound of my stomach slapping the tops of my thighs." *face palm of embarrassment*


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