Monday, April 16, 2012

Hamster wheel

This week is going to be watched like a hawk.  A hawk I tell you!  (Insert hawk noise here)

This gaining bull crap is enough!  Last night we did Supreme 90's Back and Bi's.  Lord am I feeling it today.  To feed our muscles afterward we had salmon and asparagus for dinner.  I also bought some light Silk chocolate milk for a little protein boost right after strength workouts while waiting for the protein packed salmon to be done.  I want to really look at how to optimize when we eat to compliment our workouts and see if that makes a difference.  This week is going to be more pure cardio not the whole "hey, lets break our bodies until we must hobble instead of walk."  While that is challenging and sometimes fun, it's not doing me much good if I'm exhausted and feel broken.  I mean when 2 rest days in a row still don't give you enough time to heal up, there's a problem.  You need to be smart about your program even if it's not the path you were hoping to take.  As much as I want to be a plyo warrior right now, the bod is saying no so I'm going to listen instead of trying to beat it into submission.  Obviously I'm keeping my calorie burn at the normal 4200-4600 calories per week and I need to focus on staggering the calories.

Tonight is Turbo Fire and I'm looking forward to it.  I need to remember to get my water in because I wasn't great at it over the weekend.  I really do hate having to analyze every single move I make and piece of food going into my pie hole right now but I'm going to have to suck it up and go with it.  I'm just so damn tired of  all of this and I feel like a hamster in a wheel going nowhere.  I've got too much I want to do to stay stagnant.

When your program stalls, how do you shake it up?

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  1. Usually for me it's an easy fix - I'm eating too much again. I say easy, but the knowing is different from the follow through.

  2. I hate to say this, but I would cut back on my eating EVEN MORE to get the scale moving downward again! It sucked, but in my experience, the weight came off when I ate less.

  3. I get frustrated and overeat. Which could explain why I have been losing the same 10 pds for 14 months now. I am beyond frustrated , confused and desperate to find a winning formula. But fall 8 times get up 9 right!? Good luck... I will be sending u positive vibes ur way Plz do the same by way. ;).

  4. Sounds like you have a plan and I think at this point that is all you can do. I hate that you have to be so frustrated because you are working so hard. But I know it will come together. I know it :)


  5. I'm halting the weight-balloon myself this week. :) I know what I need to do, and how to do it, it's just a matter of... well, really, just giving in to the whole process, and working on looking outside of my food/fitness/body to make sure I'm participating in my life, instead of (possibly) hiding out in the chocolate. ;)

  6. Hey there,

    Discovered your blog like 3 weeks ago. I've tried to leave a gushing "OMG! You're so awesome/amazing/inspiring!" comment several times, but I was working from someone else's desk and her Google user comment verification page is defaulted to CHINESE. LOL

    ANYWAY--now that I'm back at my desk--OMG you're so awesome/amazing/inspiring! :-) And I love your writing style and humorous voice.

    I've cut my healthy living blog reading waaaay down. You know, so I can spend more time actually LIVING healthy and not just reading about it :-). Your blog is now one of only 3 that I read on a daily basis.

    Thank you for your positive contribution to my mornings.

  7. I get super frustrated all the time. It should be as simple as calories in v out, and it's not! If that was the case, I should have lost ALL the weight I needed to a year ago. To shake it up, I try different calorie ranges, different exercises, I just bought a bike, I hope that does something. We'll see I guess.

  8. Aww keep it up, plateaus can be soo frustrating but you're doing amazing! Try eating tons of healthy little snacks all throughout the day to spike your metabolism, that always helps me when I hit a plateau :) Best of luck and I need to seriously try this Turbo Fire!!

  9. Thanks so much for the comments guys! It stinks to know that people can relate but it's good to see what others do to help keep things lively.

    tigalilee- Thanks so much for the sweet comment! So glad to have you on board! I'm honored I make the cut!

    Kelly- You will LOVE Turbo Fire!

  10. I shake it up by actually doing something again instead of becoming a mashed potato. Cutting out the fast food is the hardest thing for me, especially the Hardees biscuit and gravy breakfast. The biscuit is so fluffy, the gravy so tasty and nothing beats a hash round dipped in gravy too. Curse you Hardees!

  11. Have you tried those new Silk protein drinks yet? I'm curious, but I always think of protein drinks as being chalky for some reason.

    On topic: I'm sorry you're feeling like a hamster on a wheel. That's not a good feeling! But if you look at the bigger picture, you have come so far--don't let yourself get stuck over this!

  12. I think this will help a lot. If we give it a little break then our body has a chance to heal and the healing process uses calories too!

  13. Love your blog! Sounds like you're doing pretty well with your program! Usually I try to mix between cardio and then strength training and do different exercises for each so I don't get bored.
    Oh, and looking at all those pictures of your food for last week is making me hungry- ha ha!

  14. I think you are doing all you can. If it's not just poor choices on my part- I try shaking it up. Now I'm even resorting to more veggies and that is desperation time for someone who doesn't like them a lot. We'll see if this helps...Hanging in there with you.

  15. Ohkeeka- I didn't know Silk had protein drinks/shakes! I'll have to see if I can find those. I'd like to try them for curiosity's sake.

    Mr- I hope so! You saw the meals planned for this week and I've tried to balance them a little more and hope it works.

    Aimee- Thanks! I'm doing the same thing. I think I need to start looking into some other stuff for variety. Glad my food choice are hunger inducing! :)

    Di- Girl, I'm hopping on the veggie train too. I'm trying to cut back on relying on grain carbs as sides and making veggies the priority side 2-3x a week now. We'll see how it works for us!

  16. I know it gets frustrating. But, you know, those hamsters just keep going and going and going. (And yet, no one gave them their own battery commercial. Personally, I think Enegizer Hamster has a nice ring to it.)

    For me there are three *controllable* things that play into weight loss: calories in, calories out, and stress. You're tinkering with the IN part--what about the calories OUT? Have you considered varying the exercise intensity/duration from day to day? I tend to shoot for 2 longer days, 2 shorter days, and 2 mediums. That means anywhere from 30 minutes (or so) to 45 minutes to an hour. With the weather turning nicer there will be a few longer bike rides interspersed there. I like to keep the body guessing. :)

  17. Thanks for getting back to me about the calorie intake amount! :)


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