Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meh - Weigh In

Down 1.

I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything but WTF scale dudes?  (I'm pretty sure my scale is a man)  You couldn't at least let me get down to my lowest?  You literally had to get me 2 oz away?  (So I guess technically it's more like a 1 3/4 lb loss but still)  Whatever.  I know, I know..."any loss is a good loss."  Not when I know I will have to re-lose it again.  This is our last weigh in for a while so I was just hoping to possibly tap into ONE new number before we went on a hiatus.  I was also worried about cutting my calories back a bit when I saw what I ended up averaging.  I don't know how I feel about all that and at this point I'm not in the mindset to care because I'm tired of analyzing it to death for now.

In other news, I hacked my thumb open making fruit salad last night.  Damn honeycrisp apple.  Damn knife.  Damn gusher that I thought stopped bleeding but didn't.  It's one of those wounds that is like a hair away from saying "you might need a stitch" but that ain't happening.  There's nothing to stitch because there is literally a chunk of skin missing.  I'm a real wiz in the kitchen, eh?  At least I wasn't cutting blood oranges or I never would've noticed!  ERRRRRRRRRRRRT!!!!  

It's a relatively poopie day weather wise but it's gonna be a great day.  We're road trippin' and I'm ready to kick back a bit.  I've loaded some albums on the MP3 player (I refuse to give Apple a shout out) and I'm ready to hit the Holiday Ro-oooooooh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhd, Holiday roooooooooooooooooad. just started raining...hard.  *palm to forehead*

Anything on the agenda for today?  Scale been a mofo to you or a fairy Godmother?

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  1. Little guy has a soccer game this morning. If the weather guys are right it should start raining shortly after. If they're wrong, I'll be doing yardwork. Blah. I was looking forward to it earlier in the week but now that the moment is upon my I just can't seem to bring myself to care.

  2. I have to work today. Ok, its only 3 hours but still. Then no plans. The scale has actually been pretty decent since I started actually working out and dieting. Who knew those two things together actually work? huh.
    Have a super special road trip!


  3. Have a great road trip! I really don't wish to talk about the scale today. (seriously I haven't got on it yet but I didn't like it yesterday so maybe boycott it today??)

  4. You posts make me smile :-)

    I love honeycrisp apples!

    I don't weigh myself, and haven't since mid-2009. It works for me.

    Nothing special on my agenda...

  5. Have a fun and safe trip! Nothing on my agenda this weekend except to attempt to motivate myself to give this house a good scrub-out. DH says he can't gain so much weight over the weekend as usual (he finally got below 250) so maybe I'll look up some great lower calorie recipes to keep his tastebuds happy without the usual indulgences.

    Scale has been GOOD to me--about the same pound-wise as yours, but I'm super grateful for it after being at a standstill for nearly a year.

  6. My wi was meh too. I know I 'should' be happy with 2 pounds, but I'm kicking butt on the food plan and it's week 2 for hells sake. At this point I'll be re-losing for years. Well not really, but you know. I'm working this weekend! woohoo? Hope you have a good one.

  7. First comment from a long time reader (and adoring fan). I feel like I am in the movie "Ground Hog Day." Only it is Ground Hog Week. I gain two pounds every weekend. By Friday I am finally back to what I was the previous Friday. is driving me bananas. I have tried everything I can think of to not gain on weekends. Talk about a living Hell. I am in the process of relosing the 20 pounds I lost last I can continue on my way of losing the rest. Thanks for being such an inspiration...and for keeping it real. I am thinking of having "it isn't about is about committment" tattooed somewhere.

  8. I'm a busy bee today but have a plan that I'm going to work hard to stick to. My scale is a mofo for sure. I don't care if it tells the truth, just gimme something!!!! Have a fun day!

  9. I bought new cookbooks last night - a vegetarian one, a vegan one, and a Hungry Girl cookbook. PLus "New Rules of Lifting for Women", I've heard amazing things about it and seen results of others using it so I bought it lol.

    I went to Trader Joes today and thought of you!!
    I still don't fully understand why everyone loves it, it doesn't have as many options. But I got a "seafood blend" that I'll use for my stir fry and I got mahi mahi =]

    Where are you guys going on your road trip??

  10. I was blasting that song today! :) BF and I were talking about National Lampoon movies, and I loaded it up on YouTube because I hadn't heard it in so long. I fell in love with that song when I was a kid, and I remember holding my little stereo up to the TV speaker so I could record the song when it came on HBO. Hahaha.

  11. Left for vacation Fri. Morning--weighed 152. It's weird not to get on the scale every morning like usual. Also kind of scary and a relief at the same time. Plan to be home in about a week and pray the scale isn't too angry--but been eating a lot of barbecue and it's so darned good!

  12. Thanks for the rally everyone! Hope your weekend ended up better than mine. It was nice but I ended up having to get a tetanus shot for the finger to be on the safe side. I'm going to get my strength workout in before the soreness has time to set in!

  13. Oh No, that sucks, a tetanus shot! Good for you jumping back into your workout. One of the many reasons I follow you to help inspire myself to be more disciplined. And one of the many reasons I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award:) Please check out my post for all the details:
    Evelyn @


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