Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Hump Day Poll: Which One Are You?

I bet you can't take a wild guess which one I am!  😆  

Now that doesn't mean I run around like a chicken with their head cut off...quite the opposite.  I push it to the last minute because procrastination is in my blood but I clock watch and count down how much longer I have.  

Which one are you?

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  1. Usually I am of the oh good mindset but if it's a new provider or if it's something more important than I tend to swing to the other mindset.

  2. I'm always thrilled when I know I have time before an appt. I'm the weirdo who will set my alarm early just to know I can take my time. When I do have to rush then my mood tanks and I don't like that. Makes me and others around me tense and I don't like tension, especially when I cause it.

  3. Oh good crowd here. I am always early or on time. Yes I even am up before the alarm goes off.


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