Friday, May 24, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #21

Well hello there!  I hope you're ready for a long weekend (hopefully).  It's been a week here.  First week back from vacation and I've had two vein procedures to welcome me back.  The first one did not go swimmingly as the doctor was 45 minutes late to start things off and my appointment was at 11am.  The Mr had a follow up appointment before me at 7:45am and she was late to that as well.  I was scheduled to have two procedures done and she didn't and then acted like she never said that.  Uh, I have a printout showing it scheduled and now she's pushing my schedule back by a month.  I'm not happy and just want it over with so I don't have to deal with her.  She and her staff are nice enough but there are some parts that are just insane to deal with including the amount of spam you get by phone, text and email.  I know this will be good for my legs in the long run but I think because my legs are much thicker than the Mr's, it's more painful than he encountered.  Good times!

Anyhoo, it's time to get to:

10 Science-Backed Tips for Healthier, More Mindful Eating  (Good tips and something we seem to have trouble mastering.)

4 Trauma Responses That May Be Hurting Your Relationships  (Do I get a prize for doing all four?!)

15 Nutritious Blue Zone Recipes For Every Meal Of The Day  (Always looking for new stuff to throw into rotation!)

Why car insurance costs are skyrocketing and leading to higher inflation  (Hope you like up to 27% increases according to our insurance person. 🙄)

Miss a post here this week?  Catch up below!

I don't know that we have much planned for the weekend.  I suppose we should do some patio maintenance, clean the umbrella and check to see if the cushions survived the winter.  You know, fun stuff as long as my legs can take it.  

If anyone has any ideas on how to cover up a radon pipe, I'm all ears.  It's kind of all I can see out there.  Beh.

Any plans for the weekend?  Grillin' and chillin'?

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  1. There are some weeds that need to be removed so patio maintenance is a great idea. Hopefully the umbrella is in good shape so we can do our work under some shade. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. We don't have any plans set. Hubs and pup will be resting and recuperating for sure. I need to go to Home Depot to buy our annual plant for the wood barrel out front. Grocery shopping this morning too, then work the rest of the day. The house needs some serious vacuuming so ill do that on Sunday when the hubs goes to work. It's amazing all the little yard clippings that make their way in to the house.
    I hope you guys have a great holiday weekend's enjoy the extra day off!


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