Friday, March 31, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #13

Finally we meet Friday, you elusive saucy beetch!  It has felt like Monday every stinking day this week.  A week of Mondays in every way.  Wednesday the plumbers came out and can I tell you something?  As someone who is chronically dehydrated and eats the same friggin' thing every day for the most part, I have never had to pee more than I did when they disconnected our toilet.  I mean I can easily go 10 hours without using the bathroom if I have to but no sir, not when there's no water in the house.  We had to go once when it was disconnected and just not flush and use hand sanitizer.  Then like 2 hours later any water I've held for days was like "I'm out" and the Mr was getting the urge to drop the kids off at the pool, we went to the clubhouse and thankfully no one was in there.  Might as well get some use out of it since we pay for it monthly. They showed us about a 7" snip of pipe.  It was hard as a rock but is supposed to be flexible.  This is the stage it gets to just before the major damage starts occurring. When they got to the shower, I guess it was almost completely blocked and they didn't know how we didn't have water pressure problems.  (We kind of did as far as draining but I just always chalked it up to my hair so I got one of those drain hair catchers and it seemed to improve it.)  So much cutting into drywall with the multitool which makes me cringe.  I loathe that tool from a noise perspective.  

Speaking of which, here's some perspective for you:

There's a special cut where he got to cut into both the ceiling AND the wall on the same part.

Oh, did you want to see the office?

Hello shower.

You know what else is fun?  Having a drywall repair guy come in and apparently think they can repipe an entire house and only make one hole because he recoiled in horror at the above.  Then having said guy look at the stuff you marked from the previous guy that you'd like fixed and declare you too picky saying you 'can't get much better than that.'  So I can't get better than 2 lumps and a seam?  I get that he thinks he's dealing with some person with unreasonable expectations where drywall is concerned after spouting off that 'drywall is not a perfect product' but the person installing it should know WTF they're doing, should they not?  He claims he will get the ceiling/walls to the point we won't know it was ever there but also he's got an impending grandkid so he'll maybe work on it today and Saturday.  The kicker?  $2100.  


I'm typing this through sobs.  You look at all of the progress we were making in the few days before and that felt like a huge backslide and we also get expectation shamed for the pleasure.  No, we don't have to hire him but he's literally the ONLY 5 star repair person in a huge metro area so we have to put our feelings aside on that for now even though I do not get a good feeling about this.  I am so tempted to do that one spot I know I can't live with but I SUCK at mudding/feathering it out and don't want to make a bad situation worse.  Honestly, I don't see how it could though but this mentally broke me.  How I wish I could drop kick the original drywaller in his tiny ball sack but he's not worth jail time and in two days we'll know if I get to add another drywaller to that figurative nut punch list or if he's going to flake on us in the name of a grandkid.  I get it, you're excited but tell me you can't start until Monday because now you're effing with my weekend and giving me wishy washy Charlie Brown vibes.

Now let's vibe with:

Want To Supercharge a HIIT Workout Without Jumping? Try Adding a Weight   (Hmm, might have to try this.  I would think adding ankle weights would work?)

12 common habits that secretly sabotage your happiness  (I medal in #1 like an Olympic sport)

Can Beauty Filters Damage Your Self-Esteem? (ABSOLUTELY.  I have this one lady I follow who is gorgeous and she uses a filter 99% of the time and the 1% of the time she doesn't, she apologizes profusely because people start messaging her like she looks sick or tired.  My friend posts pictures of herself with eye whites completely brightened and it's effin' CREEPY.)

Living room color mistakes: 7 common errors to avoid  (I'll tell you the biggest one I don't see here.  Trusting your computer monitor to pick out your color.  They look NOTHING alike.  Always do a color chip minimum, paint sample for best results.  I know that's not quite what the article is about but still- learn from me.)

20 Money-Saving Tips to Take the Pressure Off Your Wallet Right Now  (Good Lord, we need all the help we can get)

Getting Lilacs To Bloom! How To Fertilize, Prune & Care For Lilacs  (I've got one in the back with buds on it and I need to actually pay attention to it.)

How to Remove Listing Photos of Your Home from the Internet  (Not something I ever thought of but definitely do it.  It gives skeezers the layout to your new to you home.)

A History of Abandoned Movie Props and Sets  (Love stuff like this.  I'd buy a house just to buy movie props to put in it.  We were seriously considering Brandon Lee's costume from The Crow when it went up for auction.)

Rick Steves Just Told Us His Top Travel Mistakes to Avoid — and His Best Piece of Travel Advice  (ROFL...I'm not traveling anywhere with just a carry on bag.  First off, when you're fat, you've got two outfits with socks, undies and stuff that could fit in there so fine for a weekend but not for a month Rick ol' boy!  I look like Princess Vespa when I travel.)

Gen X Tries Not To Feel Old - 80s & 90s Childhood Crushes  (I don't feel old but fun to watch.)

Those of you on FB saw I ordered a sample for LVP for the bathroom.  I know.  😬  We know it needs done, it won't be within the month because we're tapped but if this sample matches the hardwood upstairs, it's literally the only waterproof option we'll have for the bathroom.  Given this unexpected expense, might have to hope for a Memorial Day sale or something.  Right now it's gray oak in there that we put in in 2017, I think.  Something told me that decision was going to bite us but it was a good way to cut our teeth on installation so I don't think it'll be nearly as big a deal as it was the first time.  Famous last words.  (I won't tell the Mr I was looking at herringbone patterns in there.  I know that will date quickly but thought with such a small space it might look nice but nothing matched.)  

So we'll either be cursing the newest member of our drywaller Hall of Shame or if it goes well, we'll be priming the patches/walls that are still gray and put the second coat of paint on the ceiling.  I won't hold my breath.  The hope for an Easter dinner in normalcy has swirled down the former calcium crusted drain and the Mr agrees.  Welp, there's hopefully next year. 🐇

You got something fun planned for this final day of March or April Fools Day tomorrow?  (I know who the March and April fools are in these parts. 😒)

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  1. It has felt like Monday all week. Hard to believe March is over and I can only hope April gives us some much needed progress towards getting the house back together. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Goodness gracious, so much work to be done! It does feel never ending for you without a doubt, and having a house torn up causes so much stress because it's everywhere. I would imagine once this is done you guys will give yourselves a big hearty break from all forms of project people because this is enough to tip anyone over the edge. Let's hope the drywaller can get in and do his part -- and do it well, and the pipes get completed today, so your weekend, while still very busy, will also just consist of the two of you with no pending rings on the doorbell. Hang in there as best you can!! xoxoxo


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