Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Clearing da Pipes Midweek Check In

Hello from the nuthouse!  (Can I still say that or do people get their panties in a wad?  Can I still say panties?  Or wad?  Oh well...said 'em all!)

We got the ceilings primed and painted since you're supposed to do that before the walls.  Can I just say smooth ceilings may be overrated?  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we don't have to stare at stippling anymore but then you just get to stare at more spots that make you twitch where the persons trowel dug in or roll marks and that's stuff you wouldn't see if you just repainted the dust catcher that is a stippled ceiling.  OMG, nothing will kink a neck, sear a shoulder and flare up the worst tendinitis of your life in your hands than painting the ceiling.  I just have to keep repeating "we're saving $4500.  We're saving $4500."  I will also have to just get in the habit of not looking up again.  When you're in ceiling painting mode, you're just hyper aware and see/curse everything.

Our pipes are getting redone today.  


I wish I could say I'm all jacked up about it but you know, at this point we're just hoping for the least invasive technique to be used while still doing a stellar job.  It is scheduled to be 10 hours.  TEN.  When?  Starting at 10AM.  Shouldn't you be starting that like around 8am?  That means if all goes well, we'll have strangers in the dreadstead until 8pm and that's IF they arrive and start on time.  (And since we are, after all, us, you know they'll be leaving at 10:35pm after likely flopping an unexpected dead fish of something we couldn't have seen coming in our laps.)  Let me rephrase that.  We are hopeful they shall start and end on time with no drama, exorbitant grunting and leave us with an utterly stunning home that makes us wonder if they were even here.  We are praying this is the last major thing and we can cool it on the money front.  Oh wait, that's right, we have to have a different drywall company out on Thursday to give us an estimate on the patch job that'll be needed for the office and wherever else the plumbers have to cut into.  😖  This is a place that is a family owned business and all they do is drywall patching because they're apparently that good at it and are done with the grind of actual hanging of drywall.  If they suck as well, that will be the THIRD drywall company in less than a year that I will have put a hex on.  (But this one gets 5 stars and you have to ask yourself does a true 5 star company exist anymore and I would be beyond gleeful to report back yes on that one.  🤞)

Then that SHOULD be the green light we need to get the walls painted and begin the path back to normalcy.  This assumes that my hand will cooperate.  I have a thumb compression sleeve for it while I paint that the Mr got me and a splint to wear on my left hand because that hand was already shot before painting and now it's practically non-functional.  Using a pole sander on the ceiling got real interesting trying not to completely lose it and I had to stir peanut butter for my breakfast oatmeal Monday and bawled because it hurt so bad.  I'm going to have to ice this lil lovely every night and pray for the best so maybe one day I can brush my hair without wincing.  I have hopefully one more week of pushing through this before we have to unload the basement. (Well, that's assuming the drywall people are able to get us in asap and not drag their feet on it.)  

It is always an "adventure" in these parts and I'm ready to hang up my cord and stop bungee-ing into projects that cause us nothing but grief.

Oh look...Amazon just delivered our replacement balusters.


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  1. Sounds like the end of the saga is near. Good luck with the plumber!

  2. Please let this go smoothly and then we can finally get on the road to finishing up some stuff. Still a lot of work to do but being past the bulk of the BS of dealing with the drywaller is helpful.

  3. I hope the pipes go smoothly today and they do a great job. It will be wonderful to have that part done so you can work on the painting. And hopefully the family owned place is super great and can come in and do an excellent job with the patching. You're in the home stretch now!!


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