Friday, March 17, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #11

Happy St Patrick's Day to my Irish peeps!  Erin Go Braghless or whatever they say.  🍀 🌈
I hope you've had a wonderful week and are ready for a relaxing or fun weekend depending on how things went.  I am listening to the most heinous remix of Take on Me by Aha on Amazon music.  I'm sure it's fine if I'm sitting on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean but not when I'm trying to listen to my soothing sounds of lost youth for comfort, thankyouverymuch.  


It's been another dusty week at the homestead.  The only thing not wrapped in plastic is us and I'm sure that's coming soon enough.  I just want this jackhole out of the house and apparently that might be tomorrow if he doesn't jerk around.  I don't know why the highly rated tradesmen we seem to hire are complete and utter mooks or why drywallers think they have free reign to not protect your stuff  where they are going to be working or even attempt to not leave it 100x worse than they found it.  The Mr attempted to remove the top of the hot water tank because there's something called an anode rod that you're supposed to change yearly.  Are we the last friggin' people on Earth to know this?  We'll just replace it and see if the dudes can loosen the factory bolt so we can do the 6 month check then the yearly replacement after that. 

Oh and then the Mr decides to throw an online search into my lap about how our 28 year old PolyB pipes need replaced.   (We did not find out about this atrocity until after a lawsuit time period had lapsed, of course.)  So any potential happiness I had about being able to move on to painting and priming is now smothered by the money we just wasted on frivolous drywall that isn't making any difference when our whole house needs repiped and I can't stop crying.  So we have a plumber coming out today to give us the figure which we read could run upwards of $10K.  

I feel like I should just stop this blog.  I never have anything good to report and I'm tired of writing about our well of endless crap as much as you're probably tired of reading about it, I can't imagine how you all stay invested.  Adulthood is vastly overrated and I want off please.  Clearly no vacations for us next year except maybe our three day marriage retreat if we're lucky and don't need the money from our cashback rewards to put toward pipe #12 and drywall repair.  😞

Now let's rate:

The Best Spices for Gut Health, from a Gastro  (Some good ones in there but a hard no on fennel.  RETCH)

Are protein powders safe? Read the label before you start taking them  (Does everything seem to be poison or is it just me?)

Does Your Nose Always Get Blocked on 1 Side? Here's Why  (Interesting to know!  A little squirt of Xlear Max always does the trick for me but obviously we have more floating around than usual around here!)

25 Tips for Organizing Small Closets That Will Double Your Storage Space  (I can vouch for several of these methods.  The over the door organizer has been a friggin' God send.  We've used multi shirt hangers that have worked well too and obviously our space bags.)

Can Ruptured Adult Sibling Relationships Be Healed?  (More importantly, would you want them to be or are they toxic AF?)

Here's Why Your House Is So Dusty and How to Fix It  (I know the source of my dust these days.  I can't wait until we can run our little robovac.  Right now he'd just be bumping into all of the crap we have upstairs out of site of drywall troll.)

Here’s why you look better in mirrors than you do in pictures  (Mirror:  Damn girl, you're looking goooood!  Picture:


I would say we're going to have a busy weekend but who knows what drywall dude is going to get done.  I just know the only respite I was looking forward to is gone now since he'll be here.  (I know both neighbors will be slamming around in retaliation (already are) and I had no intention of being here for that.  God laughs.)  So maybe another weekend of twitching.


What's on tap for you this weekend?  Basketball?  Drinking green beer?  Rocking in a dark corner?

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  1. Happy Friday! I have nothing planned this weekend. Still trying to recover from covid.
    Polyb pipes? I just learned something new there. My heart aches for you guys on the continual bullshit encountered as of late.
    Kinda reminds me of my own constant barrage of crap since Mom passed. Oftaa as they say.
    Onward we go.
    Happy St. Patricks

    1. Oh no! I hope you get to feeling better sooner than later. Take the time to rest as I'm sure your body needs it and get in all of those immune boosting whole foods. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. The last I spoke with you she was sick. Please accept our condolences and a big hug. Message me if you need to talk/vent. ❤️❤️

  2. Wish I had better news but you all read it up there and it's about as bleak as ever 'round these parts. I do think being proactive on the pipes is worth it but we are definitely in the "future us" point of that particular problem. We learned about these pipes and their recall too late to get in on it but too early to be able to afford to do anything about it but hope and wait. I guess if we replace everything and avoid disaster then it is a win but it sure doesn't feel that way in this particular moment anyway. Enjoy your weekend everyone! We will try to get some freedom from drywall dust and mooks when we can but hopefully will not have to see that guy again - ever!

    1. As we discussed on our walk last night, this is worse than the saga with the ceiling/paint/'help' stuff in July morale wise. I'm pretty sure we scared people into leaving the park with our raised conversation the first few laps! ROFL Now we just get to wait around until between now and 1pm to see what financial violation awaits us.

  3. Good grief, I responded to the wrong date! My mind is mush apparently. So this is the first time I'm seeing this! Repiping?!?!?! Oh sweet mother of pearl!!! That yurt is looking better and better! Home ownership isn't AT ALL what we're led to believe it will be in our teens, especially in the past twenty years. It's like the more work you do the more work you find. There is so much that needs fixing and or bettering in this house and it would require a never-ending open checkbook with unlimited funds, which certainly won't be happening. I am so sorry you're having to deal with all of this crap. There's very little escaping from it, but I hope somehow, some way you two can get even a brief respite from it to recharge your batteries a little bit. I sure hope the plumber is a nice, compassionate one who will do a great (and clean!) job for you guys, so it's one less mess you have to clean up after. My heart goes out to you both because this just plain sucks!!

    1. I really wish this would've been thought of before we just wasted the amount of money we need for all of that on walls we're less than impressed with. We always knew this was potentially "future us's" problem but were told by several plumbers who all laughed/cringed when they saw it if they didn't burst 15 years into the life of the pipe we were likely fine and could just replace them as they burst like any other pipe.

      Well, drywall dude mentions after our pipes are burping a lot of air after hydrant flushing that a lady in the same condos had her pipes burst after that so that put it at the front of the Mr's mind. An online search for him shows everyone urgently saying to replace them and my online search shows despite us having insurance, a leak that might happen and go into our neighbors could be denied claim wise!!! So now we're having to live with no living room until they cut up the house and we can get someone out to patch it all up and also can't paint until that stuff is done which will be a minimum of two weeks. So over it all.


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