Monday, August 1, 2022

Weekend in Gif's Recap

Happy Monday, Happy August and a happy first day of next trip around the sun for my bestie since yesterday was her birthday.  I got the bathroom as done as it's going to be.  I'm not posting pics yet because it's not back together so just picture a navy black hole of neverendingness until I take proper pics.  

(This is about accurate between the color and the white bits of the previous color peeking through.)  (Source)

I should've just done all surveying sitting on the toilet,  When I thought I was done painting, I went to the bathroom and while I corrected the craggy lines from the tape and it looked straight from above, from eye level on the pot it looked like I painted while drunk.  


So I got the office chair and painted the perimeter head-on Saturday night after a solid day of doing nothing.  If I never hear the high powered fan running again it'll be too soon.  (Trying not to acknowledge that will likely be this week in the bedroom.)  As I was sitting on the bed waiting for the Mr to do his thang in the bathroom, I could see the spots I just could not live with in the hall.  I had sanded them last week and the Mr painted it and I thought it was passable.  But sitting there looking out and the fact that it looked like this


just made me grab the spackle bucket of doom for the 50th time and attempt to see if I could fill in the valleys a bit and see what we had to work with in the morning.

Sunday morning the Mr headed to the grocery for a small pick up and I sanded the ceiling.  It looks okay but I knew I wouldn't be able to see the full scope of it until it was primed and painted, neither of which I was doing at that moment.  I made brunch and we watched a little boob tube.  (That is how you date yourself...boob tube.)  Oh and I have a recommendation for spicy food peeps.  The limited edition Los Calientes Pringles are


Highly recommended and I'd stock up because who knows how long their idea of limited edition is.  I'm sure I'll want some around Christmas and will be sad they aren't available.

Our trim arrived via FedEx and I'm surprised they didn't just javelin it across the street given how sh*tty they like to deliver packages.  Usually it's a toss from a good 3' away and if it hits the porch, it hits, if not...meh.


What trim, you ask?  

The transitions and stair nose for the hardwood.


We weren't super productive.  I got the ceiling primed so I can paint it today.  We did a HIIT 20 workout and then a kettlebell strength.  I made a skillet chicken pot pie because I'm ready for Fall, right this very minute.  The Mr painted a spot on the outside of the bathroom wall that needed it then it was time for Chateau DIY and cocoa.  

I wish I could say I got more done but I didn't so...


What did y'all do this weekend?

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  1. I think it was nice to not have to be super productive for a change. The work will always be there. Have a great week everyone!

  2. I think it's great you got to have some downtime and recuperate a little bit. You're on the tail end of the bathroom project, which is awesome! I know you have more waiting for you around the bend, but it will sure be nice to have this portion done after A LOT of stress and aggravation. Smallest rooms in the house are often the most problematic. Pfft.
    Weekend was good here. Took the pooch swimming on Saturday. Enjoyed a walk with him on Sunday morning and got a few pictures that didn't turn out great because he was a fidgety fella, but it was fun nonetheless. The hubs came home at noon and it was a nice relaxing afternoon after I got a ton accomplished in the kitchen finding homes for the piles that stacked up the past couple of months while helping our sick old girl. The weather actually was reasonably comfortable given the higher humidity, but that is all going to change starting tomorrow. We're looking at 100 on Wednesday so there will be no using the oven from Wed through the weekend. Ack.


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