Monday, August 8, 2022

One Step Forward Two Steps Back Weekend Recap

Good Monday to you all!  I hope you had a groovy weekend with a nice dash of tomfoolery.

Friday, after having sanded and primed the ceiling, I was ready for the first coat of paint in the bedroom.   This is the coat that would tell me if I was able to continue painting or had more work to do.  I had more work to do.  But not as much as I thought but then I saw other stuff and I just didn't care anymore so I trudged on.  I burned a nice 1400 calories doing two coats of paint on the ceiling.  I was hoping to get the ceiling fan up that night but I could tell it needed one more coat.  Any paint that tells you it's one coat is a LIE.  


The only problem was, come Saturday my hands were so crippled that when I gave something outside the middle finger, it hurt like a mother.  If I can't give one finger salutes, then painting the third coat was out of the question.  Thankfully the Mr offered to paint it and I took him up on it.  He did the majority of the ceiling and I hit the perimeter close to the wall with the small roller.  I didn't need to worry about keeping the walls clean since those are getting painted.  Before the end of Saturday night, we had a working ceiling fan and light!

Only been without it a month.  Jerks.

As I was showering off after sweating through two shirts on Friday, I noticed something as I peered over the shower door.  Dime and quarter sized bubbles in the paint.  Of course.  So then it was time to grab the steel putty knife and scrape them off.  This time I wasn't fooling around anymore.  The thing in common with all of these are they are where that effing joint compound was used.  I saw this trick we used for drywall paper sealing with wood glue.  I primed the spots and let them dry for 4 hours then applied waterproof wood glue.

I put down another layer of primer and I'll tackle the rest today.  

I swear man, two steps forward, one back.  

Then it was off to buy Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige for the rest of the walls.  I will not look at the receipt for the paint.  I will not look at the receipt for the paint.  I have never paid that much for paint in my life!!!!  (At least not for one gallon of it)  This stuff had better do our friggin' taxes for us for what we paid.  And if I don't like it....TOO BAD!!!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I was surprised by how expensive that paint is but hopefully it ends up being the best possible paint to get that room done without the hassle you have had to deal with in all the other rooms.

  2. I sure hope the new paint does the trick considering how expensive it was! Yikes!
    Weekend was very busy and productive, so I'm hoping for more of the same today.


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