Friday, April 22, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #16

Happy happy Friday to you sexy beasts!  Did you have a good week?  

We enjoyed the lower temps before this weekend came along which will be in the 80's and you all know the hate/hate relationship I have with anything over 75.  I do think it might give me a boost to pull dead plants from last year that aren't popping back up.  I'm always surprised by a few annuals that come back the next year like the ones hanging on one wall out there so I've learned not to pull them.  But I know mulching is happening soon so I've got to get to pulling weeds or they'll just dump it on top of them or skip it altogether and we'll have to call them back to do it and they'll purposely do a crappy job.

Now let's experience...

(oh hey!  Did you know that my overused ellipsis marks unnerve Gen Z because it makes them feel like "they're in trouble" according to the interwebs.  Look...we had ellipsis long before it meant someone was texting you back then decided not to and left you on read.  We also had the pound sign (#) before you called it a hashtag thinking you created something new.  Oops, I'm letting my Gen X show! 😇)

As I was saying...and now...let's experience...

Health Benefits of Einkorn, the ‘Mother of All Grains'  (I use this flour to bake our 'snack' muffins.  I've made carrot/banana/pineapple muffins and blueberry muffins and use a 1:1 ratio and have never had a problem with dryness.  Gluten sensitive people tolerate this very well because it hasn't been effed with like everything else they sell us.)

These 6 Calf Stretches Will Ease Tight Calves and Relieve Tension  (The second stretch is literally the most important stretch you can do for your body.  It connects EVERYTHING!  It doesn't hurt to have a yoga strap by your desk too to give a stretchy stretch during phone calls.)

The 18 Best Natural Remedies for Headaches  (We do a few of these especially the peppermint oil and this neck wrap is a life saver to the point we have one we take when we travel.  We always prefer natural remedies if possible.)

How Bad Is It to Never Deep Clean Your House?  (I suck at this.  This is for the others that suck at it too.  Actually the part about the dust mites is so gross, I immediately wiped down everything next to my bed the next morning.)

How to clean glass shower doors – so they are streak-free fast  (I should probably get on this.  Luckily I've got the ingredients on hand and you probably do too!)

How Much Can You Actually Save on Electricity by Unplugging Appliances?  (Isn't that potential $165 better in your pocket than someone else's?)

Nostalgic Photos Show Fashion Styles of Young People in the 1980s  (You know, when I was around 7 or 8, I couldn't wait until I was old enough to dress similarly to those in pic 10 in an angora sweater, jeans and pumps (because that was dressing up) to go to the bar at Brown Derby.  By the time I was old enough, the style was sloppy flannel, no makeup and straight ass hair.  Thanks a lot Seattle for ruining two things at once.)

We have so much to do this weekend and not a ton of time to do it.  


We need to clean the house in there somewhere too.  Where are elves or the correct cleaning genes from previous generations when you need them?  

What's on your plate this weekend?

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  1. We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there - we're gonnad do what they say can't be done! Kudos to anyone who knows what song that is from - you're a baller if you know it!

    But yeah we got some work to do and I am glad the garage painting is finally done after waiting out low temps there for a bit. We gained some space and shelf room so I consider it a success overall. Have a great weekend everybody!

    1. Well thanks for putting that in my head and you know I'm a baller!

      Thanks so much for the great job you did in the garage. I know we still have a little bit to go but at least we can pull the car in once Hyundai gets off their big asses and fixes our FIRE HAZARD RECALL!

  2. We have errands to do today both in the morning and the afternoon, and I'll need to get the laundry done in between. Tomorrow is a meeting for me, swimming for the dogs (with dad getting in the pool, which will be fun), and cleaning and cooking. Very warm here too, with rain today and most of the weekend. Have a good weekend getting things done!

    1. Get those errands done girl so you can kick up your feet and enjoy yourself! Try not to flop sweat this weekend. I can't believe its going to be in the 80's already. :-(

  3. Try the wet it and forget it for showers, you will never need to deep clean it again!

  4. Ooh, thanks for the tip! Do you know if they have a smaller spray bottle? The only thing I could find is a mondo RoundUp sized looking thing. (I suppose I could transfer it to a spray bottle though if not)

    1. I've never seen a smaller container. It works really good. The outdoors one is amazing too


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