Monday, April 25, 2022

Dis and Dat Weekend Recap

Last week after getting rid of the lamps in the bedroom and installing the new ceiling fan, we knew we needed to go with some wall lamps.  The ceiling fan is nice but we're used to boob lamps which while not very stylish anymore, did put out an even layer of lighting whereas the new one is more almost spotlight centric and doesn't radiate out too far.  Enter these wall lamps:

I know, a little hotel-y looking (and feeling) but they work perfectly in the space.  For under $65 (at time of publishing) I got two lamps for half the price of one that I had before so that already felt like a win.  Then having lamps not taking up valuable nightstand tops was a double win.  I was able to clean off and *gasp* potentially use the morning tea maker I put out two years ago.

Oh and fun fact:  we may have radon.  I would not in a million years have thought to check for it because our townhome was built in the late 90's and for some reason I just didn't think it was something we needed to worry about.  I only checked because I came across some rando's blog talking about buying and selling tips and to make sure you check for radon because two of their four houses had to have remediation.  I decided to get one of these home tests that you let go for a few days then send in and get the results emailed to you.  We got the email and it was 5.8.  The EPA standard for safe levels of radon is 2-4.  Research showed us sometimes the charcoal tests can be a little off so we got this radon monitor as a follow up measure as well and started the process of looking for potential remediation people with good reviews.  Initially, we put the monitor in the living room to see what it said for where we spend most of our time.  It came back around 2 for 18 hours of monitoring which we were relieved by.  Then I said we needed to put it downstairs where the original test was and of course it started going up.  At one point we were at 4 but then it started going back down again to mid 3's.  We're going to do a month long monitor of the area to see if we need to go ahead with remediation or not.  We'll likely have the company we're talking with come out to do a 'peace of mind' test if the levels are too close for our liking.  So if you've never done a radon test, I would seriously consider doing at least the charcoal one because radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  When you hear people talking about having it and never smoked in their life, they could've been exposed to radon.

The Mr kicked butt and got the garage basically finished up enough to put stuff back.  We haven't gone through and whittled down stuff on the shelves he just put back up but that'll come soon.  So the walls and ceiling are all painted.  I have to say, if you have an old garage with flat paint, use it as an excuse to take everything down and get some satin paint on the walls.  The paper from rolling the paint was rolling off in chunks and made for a lot of patchwork.  I dealt with it a little on the wall I did but he got a lot of it from the ceiling as if that wasn't awkward enough to deal with.   Future you will be very glad you did it.  We just have to hope that the new paint holds the sheetrock together.  😬  We'll probably get some floor paint for the garage to do in a few weeks since it's been about 15 years since we painted it.

After he finished that up Friday, we headed over to Grandma's and put yellow roses (her favorite) on her grave and did 2 laps around the cemetery.  We had to end the night giving each other mutual massages because the painting got to him and apparently walking gets to me.  

Saturday we tried a new to us place that actually had a good burger.  Holy crap that never happens!  So that was a good way to start the day.  We drove around a bit but everyone and their mother was out since it was going to be in the 80's.  We both hit a wall and it was time for a nappy nap and sadly, that really about did us in for the day.  Not interested in hanging out in blazing sun and while we should've been cleaning and doing other crap, the procrastination took hold as it always does.  

Random thought: do you ever social media peep people you were friends with in high school on occasion?   You see the crap they post about such as being "tired of other people's crap, disrespect and how people are always doing them wrong" for YEARS on their page.   Then you remember what they used to be like in school and wonder "have you ever thought potentially you're the problem?"  Man, sometimes you just think "I dodged a bullet letting that one fade out of my life!"  Just me?  As you were. 

Sunday we lazed around until we got our grocery delivery then time for lunch.  Then I got the message I've been dreading.  One of my good friends (the one I gave the bedroom lamps to) who has just about every co-morbidity you can list may have Covid after potentially being exposed either at his partner's Easter celebration (which he did NOT want to go to for that very reason but didn't want to be the 'bad guy' anymore) or the next day at his dentist who friggin' took of HER mask while working on him despite it saying everywhere that masks are required.  He's going in for testing today and will continue to home test since the newest strains can take up to three home tests after onset of symptoms to come up positive until there is a heavier viral load.  Now I get to sit here and pray that he makes it 1) not just through the infection but 2) that he has no long term effects that are immediate or pop up months from now since his body is basically walking inflammation.  If you're a praying bunch, please throw out a few for my other boo.  I've known him since I was 14 and would be devastated if anything happened to him especially this way.   (I know I don't have to say this for my regulars but anyone tempted to throw in an unempathetic BS comment on this subject and how I'm blowing it out of proportion after knowing of three people who died and others with life threatening long Covid, it will go straight to the spam folder.)

We got in a somewhat early workout while we whirled some laundry and watched the real Wonder Years from the 80's and that put a fork in our weekend.

Did you do anything fun/productive/relaxing this weekend?

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  1. Yeah I woke up feeling pretty much the way Bugs looks in that GIF. I am so glad the garage is painted and back in some sort of order. I know we can do even more to improve but I feel like we got ourselves some storage solutions that will help a lot as we organize things.

    I do hope we get some good news from our friend. Hopefully all goes well and he recovers quickly but it is terrible he was put into that position with people unwilling to respect his health needs.

    1. Yeah, that strength workout was no joke and thanks for the great job on the garage!

  2. It was a good weekend. Got the grocery shopping down Friday morning. Had a great meeting on Saturday, the dogs had a lot of fun swimming, and I finished the laundry. Yesterday I did some cooking for the hubs while he was at work and took care of some piddly things. This morning I was out in the yard at 7am with a muddy wet tarp that I now have spread out in the yard to dry before I can clean it and put it away. And since it's garbage day I got seven more pvc pipe pieces put in the recycle bin after I cleaned them off from the backyard. And I swept up more of the mini crab apples that will need to be done daily apparently. So very productive. Today I work on the office closet which is my gift wrap and handbag/duffle bag closet. I will have that thing cleaned and straightened and hopefully a lot thrown out by the end of the day! =o)

    1. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend! Kind of stinks the crabapple clean up is going to be a daily chore but it's the gift that keeps on giving!

  3. Completed basement flooring now time to decide on trim materials. Getting so close to done on basement reno!


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